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Hey! Thanks for checking out my Women’s Best Complex Weight Gainer Review. Gaining weight was always a problem for me, and I could never build that lean, sculpted body that I wanted.

I tried other weight gain supplements, but none seemed to work for me. In fact, most of them made me really bloated, and a few even made me physically sick.

Then, one of my gym friends told me about this Women’s Best Weight Gainer. She said that it helped her gain 10 lbs in about 3 months, which I thought was really good. 

The price wasn’t too expensive, so I decided to give it a go. One year on, here’s my Women’s Best Weight Gainer review. I really think it’s the best mass gainer for women who want to develop some muscles without drinking a load of sugar!

ideal for weight gain
Women’s Best Complex Weight Gainer
Two tubs of chocolate and Vanilla Women's Best Complex Weight Gainer positioned side by side
Taste: 9.5/10
Mixability: 9.8/10
Ingredient Quality: 10/10
Mass-Building Potential: 10/10
Overall Rating: 9.8/10
  • Each serving has 369 calories when you mix it with milk
  • There’s 28g of whey and milk protein per serving
  • You get 41g of clean carbs from oat flour
  • Mixes super easily in a shaker bottle
  • Tastes amazing and has a smooth consistency
  • Only 2 flavours are available

Overview of Women’s Best Complex Weight Gainer

The nutrition facts for Women's Best Complex Weight Gainer

I quickly learned that Women’s Best Complex Weight Gainer isn’t like your typical store-bought mass gainer. It mainly contains whey protein and oat flour, so the ingredients are really clean and healthy, which was a big deal for me.

I was wondering why all the other weight gain shakes made me feel so bloated and lethargic

Well, after looking at the nutrition label, it turns out that they’re full of sugar and maltodextrin, which is just a cheap filler carbohydrate. Yuck!

Back view of Women's Best Complex Weight Gainer

This chocolate Women’s Best Weight gainer is 63% oat flour, 15.5% whey protein, 10.8% milk protein, 6.5% cocoa powder, and only 2.7% maltodextrin. With ingredients like this, I can see why so many women are reporting such great gains!

Honestly, it’s so nice not to have a massive sugar crash after drinking a weight gainer. I think that’s definitely down to the oats, which are naturally high in fibre.

The vanilla version is very similar, the difference is that it has more milk protein than whey, meaning that it absorbs at a slower rate. More on the flavour differences in just sec.

How Does Women’s Best Complex Weight Gainer Work?

Women's Best Weight Gainer with a scoop and shaker bottle

Basically, Women’s Best Complex Weight Gainer helps to put your body in a calorie surplus so that you can gain weight and muscle mass.

I know that not all of us girls want to be really muscular, but having some muscle on your body is actually really healthy. Don’t worry; you won’t turn into a she-hulk!

Per 100g, Women’s Best Weight Gainer contains 372 calories, 45g of carbs, 29g of protein, and 7g of fat, so you’re getting really balanced macros, similar to Nature’s Best Mass Gainer.

I love that there’s only 2g of sugar! The carbs in this Women’s Best mass gainer are super clean, which defo gives me a clearer focus and more consistent energy during my workouts.

A front view of the vanilla Women's Best Complex Weight Gainer

It took me a few weeks to see results, but I’m glad I stayed consistent. I gained 5 lbs in 6 weeks while using Women’s Best Complex Weight Gainer. And since then, I’ve added an additional 9 lbs, so that’s 14 lbs in total (or a stone, as we’d say in Britain).

I’m super happy with my results and how my body looks. I definitely put in some serious gym time as well, but I’m so thankful that I had Women’s Best Complex Weight Gainer to give me the calorie boost I needed, unlike Promass Weight Gainer.

Women’s Best Weight Gainer Taste and Flavours

A mass gainer from Women's Best

Ok, so having stomached some pretty vile-tasting mass gainers in the past, I was a little apprehensive about trying Women’s Best Weight Gainer initially.

Thankfully, my fears were put to rest when I drank my first shake. This weight gainer tastes totally amazing with just water and like a legit milkshake with some milk!

I alternate between chocolate and vanilla because I really can’t pick a favourite 😂

I think at least part of the reason for these weight gain shakes being so tasty is that Women’s Best uses healthy, clean ingredients like oats, which don’t taste artificial.

Overhead view of the two Women's Best Complex Weight Gainer flavours: Chocolate and Vanilla

The chocolate and vanilla flavours have enough sweetness to satisfy my hard-to-please taste buds, but they’re not so overpowering that you feel sick or overwhelmed by sugar.

I just wish there was a strawberry option! I love mixing my Women’s Best Weight Gainer with cold milk, and I reckon the strawberry version would taste like strawberries and cream 😍

But honestly, chocolate and vanilla have been enough to keep my shakes interesting for the past 12 months! They’re so much nicer than the weight gainers I was taking before.

Women’s Best Weight Gainer Mixability

A person making a Women's Best Complex Weight Gainer shake

Buying a weight gainer or a protein shake and then having it clump to the side of your shaker bottle has to be one of the most frustrating gym-related experiences ever!

As someone who hates lumpy protein shakes, I was so happy and relieved that my Women’s Best Weight Gainer shakes mixed perfectly the first time.

The powder dissolves really easily in both water and milk, and the shakes have a super smooth consistency that makes drinking the weight gainer so easy. It’s much better than Protein World Weight Gainer.

It says to shake for 10 seconds, which I have found to be enough. But I always like to make doubly sure that my shakes are clump-free, so I usually shake up my Women’s Best Mass Gainer for about 20 seconds. My arms can handle the extra work these days!

10/10 ingredients
Women's Best Complex Weight Gainer in vanilla flavour with a shaker bottle beside the tub
Women’s Best Complex Weight Gainer

How To Take Women’s Best Weight Gainer

Women’s Best recommends mixing 2 heaped scoops (50g of powder) with 400 ml of cold milk, which is what I usually do.

The scoop size for Women's Best Complex Weight Gainer

They recommend having 1-3 shakes per day to fuel your body with the extra calories that it needs to put on healthy weight and muscle.

Typically, I’ll have one shake straight after my workout (which is usually in the evening) and another between my breakfast and lunch. This works out to an extra 738 calories each day, which has defo been enough for me to gain weight and see results.

You’ll gain weight faster by drinking three shakes per day, but I like to be a bit more cautious, so I think I’ll stick to two shakes per day for the time being.

Sometimes, I’ll actually use the powder to make smoothies in a blender. I love adding frozen berries and almond butter to my shakes to make them more calorie-dense and nutritious.

What Supplements Stack Well With Women’s Best Weight Gainer?

Personally, I like to take as few supplements as possible to keep things simple and healthy.

The two protein tubs for my Women's best weight gainer review

But I also like to get the most from all my efforts in the gym, so I do take a bit more than just a weight gainer.

I don’t bother with whey protein powder at the moment because I’m getting nearly 60g of extra protein per day from my Women’s Best Complex Weight Gainer.

However, I do use Women’s Best Creatine Powder every day, and I’ve noticed a big increase in my squat and hip thrust strength since taking it. Just make sure to stay really hydrated while you’re taking creatine!

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Will Women’s Best Complex Weight Gainer Help You Reach Your Goals?

A selection of Women's Best supplements in a cardboard box

I can definitely say that my Women’s Best Complex Weight Gainer review is super positive. I’ve honestly enjoyed the gym so much this year for the first time in my life, and a big reason for that is the muscle mass I’ve been able to gain by using Women’s Best Weight Gainer.

I’ve gained 14 lbs in total by drinking two shakes each day alongside my regular meals, and I know so many other women who’ve achieved similar results.

I love the taste of these easy-to-mix chocolate and vanilla shakes, which really help me to stay consistent with my nutrition and get the gains that I’m looking for!

So if you’re looking to gain weight and lean muscle mass without drinking sugar-laden shakes, I highly recommend giving Women’s Best Weight Gainer a try.

Our #1 Recommendation
Two tubs of chocolate and Vanilla Women's Best Complex Weight Gainer positioned side by side
Women’s Best Complex Weight Gainer
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