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If you’re based in the UK and are searching for a hardcore mass gainer that actually puts muscle on your body, then you’ve probably come across Warrior Lean Mass Gainer.

A bag of Warrior Lean Mass Gainer beside a large scoop and a shaker bottle

I first came across Warrior supplements about 10 years ago, and I’ve always been impressed by their ability to produce noticeable improvements in strength, size, and performance.

If you lift light weights a couple of times per week or just go jogging every now and again, then Warrior Lean Mass Gainer probably isn’t for you.

However, if training is a massive part of your life and you like to give your all in the gym, then I think you’re going to get a lot out of this underrated mass gainer. And in my Warrior Mass Gainer review, you’ll soon learn why this high-calorie supplement is so effective.

ideal for bulking
Warrior Lean Mass Gainer
A bag of Warrior Mass Gainer in Vanilla Cheesecake flavour
Taste: 8.5/10
Mixability: 9.5/10
Ingredient Quality: 9.8/10
Mass-Building Potential: 10/10
Overall Rating: 9.5/10
  • Provides 1059 quality calories for bulking up and getting strong
  • Fuels workouts and weight gain with 180g of carbs from oats, waxy maize starch, and maltodextrin
  • Supplies 61g of premium protein from whey and casein
  • GMO-free
  • Really affordable compared to most big-brand weight gainers
  • The flavours have mixed reviews
  • Not everyone needs 1000+ calories per shake

Warrior Lean Mass Gainer Nutrition Info

Although this supplement is branded as a lean gainer, it’s definitely not low in calories—nor is it a mega-calorie gainer either.

The nutrition facts for Warrior Mass Gainer

I think that lean is more in reference to the clean ingredients contained within this potent weight-gain formula. Unlike with other gainers, you’re not paying for any junk fillers when you get Warrior Mass Gainer.

With just over 1,000 calories of pure yet powerful ingredients, Warrior Lean Mass Gainer is ideal for those looking to bulk up and get strong, be it for bodybuilding, MMA, rugby, or any other sport or activity that requires appreciable amounts of muscle mass.

Here’s the macro breakdown per 2-scoop serving (280g of powder):

  • 1059 calories
  • 61g of protein
  • 180g of carbs
  • 47.5g of sugar
  • 4g of fibre
  • 9.3g of fat

As you can see, this creatine free weight gainer contains absolutely no fillers, meaning that you’re not paying for ingredients that you don’t need. It’s a win for your wallet as well as for your workouts.

Warrior Mass Gainer Ingredients

Back view of Warrior Weight Gainer

Warrior Lean Mass Gainer has some of the best ingredients that I’ve ever seen in a weight gainer, something that’s mildly surprising given its relatively low price point. I think I paid about 40 quid or thereabouts for a big 5kg bag.

My favourite feature of Warrior Mass Gainer is the combination of fast-acting and slow-digesting ingredients. This applies to both the protein and the carbs.

On the protein side of things, you get an optimal blend of whey and casein protein so that you can trigger maximum anabolism and achieve faster muscle growth.

While the whey protein is rapidly absorbed by your muscles—something that’s further accelerated by the fast-acting carbs—the casein protein provides a slower but more consistent amino acid supply to your muscles.

Closeup of the nutrition info for Warrior Mass Lean Mass Gainer

So you have the best of both worlds—fast protein delivery when your muscles really need the fuel and a slow amino acid release to keep your muscles repairing and growing over a longer period of time.

It’s the same story with Warrior’s Lean Carb Blend. You get waxy maize starch and maltodextrin for quick muscle fuel, which is useful for glycogen resynthesis after a hard workout.

Yet, you also get fine-milled Scottish oats for sustained energy and healthy calories, helping to make your muscles look full and pumped while providing you with a much-needed calorie surplus for your tough bulking workouts.

1059 clean calories
A big bag of Warrior mass gainer
Warrior Lean Mass Gainer

Warrior Mass Gainer Taste 

A man making a shake for his Warrior Mass Gainer review

Now for the most subjective part of my Warrior Mass Lean Mass Gainer review; taste.

As with any weight gainer, the Warrior Mass Gainer reviews are mixed with regard to taste.

I ordered the Vanilla Cheesecake flavour, and honestly, I wasn’t expecting the taste to be great, but to my pleasant surprise, I really enjoyed my shakes!

Maybe I just have a liking for mass gainers, having tested around 60 different ones, including Predator Mass. But I have to say that, for me, Warrior Lean Mass Gainer tastes better than your typical weight gainer, perhaps because of its clean ingredient profile.

Warrior Mass Gainer Mixing and Digestion

Now for mixing. Will Warrior Mass Gainer fail at the final hurdle?

A man making up a shake of Warrior Lean Mass Gainer in a blender

Not if you use enough water (or milk).

They recommend mixing 2 scoops (280g) with 300 ml of water, which is slightly odd. Usually, you want to use at least 40-50% more liquid than powder when making a mass gainer.

And while I can understand wanting your gainer to be thick, I got a more drinkable consistency when I used around 500 ml of liquid.

Once I gauged the right amount of liquid, I found that Warrior Lean Mass Gainer mixed really well in my shaker bottle. I didn’t need to use a blender, but you certainly could if you wanted to make 100% sure that your shakes are smooth.

As for digestion, this Warrior weight gainer didn’t seem to sit too heavy on my stomach, despite the fact that one serving contains 1059 calories.

Obviously, if you’ve never drank a mass gainer before (or one with high calories), then you might feel a bit bloated and full after drinking your shake. But honestly, it’s the same with any high-calorie shake or meal. Any quality nutrition takes time to digest.

Who Should Take Warrior Lean Mass Gainer?

Instructions on how to take Warrior Mass Gainer (2 scoops mixed with 300ml of water)

If you have a fast metabolism, train at a high intensity, or want to bulk up, then Warrior Lean Mass Gainer is a solid option.

Ideal for hardgainers and seasoned athletes alike, this Warrior weight gainer contains everything a quality mass gainer should—but without the empty fillers.

At 1059 calories, Warrior Mass Lean Mass Gainer has what many experts believe to be an optimal amount of calories for putting on muscle. 

The carb-to-protein ratio is excellent for gaining size and strength, and the ingredients are of a premium quality that you rarely find with gainers in this price range.

proven uk gainer
A bag of Warrior Lean Mass Gainer beside a large scoop and a shaker bottle
Warrior Lean Mass Gainer

Who Should Give Warrior Lean Mass Gainer A Miss?

The powder inside a bag of Warrior Mass Gainer 5kg

In the interest of keeping this Warrior Lean Mass Gainer review as honest and transparent as possible, let me now explain who should avoid taking this supplement.

If you’re already getting plenty of calories from whole foods and don’t really struggle to put on weight, then this gainer is probably not right for you. In this case, you’re probably better off with regular whey protein, which is much leaner.

Additionally, if you just work out for fun (there’s nothing wrong with that) and don’t really want to bulk up, then a hardcore gainer like Warrior Mass is probably overkill. Sure, it can help you recover from your training, but you’d be better able to utilise all those calories and partition them towards muscle growth if you were in the gym training hard on a near-daily basis.

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The verdict: Is Warrior Mass Gainer Worth Buying For UK Lifters?

The scoop size for Warrior Mass Gainer

I love it when I find a UK supplement brand that produces quality supplements at an affordable price because, like many of you, I want to maximise my results without spending a fortune (though I did spend a lot testing 60+ mass gainers for the British public!).

In terms of effectiveness, Warrior Lean Mass Gainer has a powerful formula with 61g of premium protein and 180g of quality carbs that’s capable of taking your physique and physical performance to the next level.

While not everyone enjoyed the taste, flavours, as we know, are very subjective. All you can do is give Warrior Lean Mass Gainer a try and see for yourself. It’s well worth trying for a month or so, considering that it costs less than a pair of trainers!

Overall, Warrior Mass gets my stamp of approval. I really hope that you enjoyed reading my Warrior mass Gainer review as much as I enjoyed writing it and testing the product out. If you’ve got any more questions, just let me know.

great price
A bag of Warrior Mass Gainer in Vanilla Cheesecake flavour
Warrior Lean Mass Gainer
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