USN Hyperbolic Mass Review: A Good Gainer?

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With 1148 calories per serving, I can see why USN Hyperbolic Mass gH is called an extreme mass gainer. If this calorie-loaded shake doesn’t help a hardgainer put on muscle mass, then I don’t know what will!

While I’m not a hardgainer (anymore), I decided that I’d order a tub of Hyperbolic Mass to check out the taste, mixability, and ingredient quality in more detail.

I’d already tried the other USN mass gainer and was really impressed by its effectiveness and flavour selection (see my Muscle Fuel Anabolic review for more details).

In my USN Hyperbolic Mass review, you’ll learn about the taste, mixability, benefits, and side effects of this extreme weight gainer. Let’s get into it.

ideal for hardcore bulking
USN Hyperbolic Mass
A tub of USN Hyperbolic Mass Gainer
Taste: 8.5/10
Mixability: 8.5/10
Ingredient Quality: 9/10
Mass-Building Potential: 9.5/10
Overall Rating: 8.9/10
  • Comes loaded with 1148 calories per serving—great for hardgainers
  • Contains 204g of carbs to fuel mass gains
  • Provides 60g of quality protein per shake
  • Includes 5.4g of creatine for more strength and enhanced explosiveness
  • Formulated with a selection of beneficial vitamins and minerals
  • Large serving size; you’ll need a blender or two shakers
  • Sugar content is quite high

USN Hyperbolic Mass Nutrition Facts

USN Hyperbolic Mass Gainer is an absolute calorie machine—enough to make a hardgainer go weak at the knees. Each 300g serving (6 scoops) is loaded with carbs and protein so that you can increase your body weight effectively and build the slabs of mass that you desire.

The USN Hyperbolic Mass nutrition facts

Here’s a quick nutrition breakdown:

  • 1148 calories
  • 204g of carbs
  • 120g of sugar
  • 4.2g of fibre
  • 60g of protein
  • 8.1g of fat
  • 5.4g of creatine
  • 60mg of avena sativa
  • A vitamin and mineral blend

As you can see, there are way more carbs than protein (although 60g is still a lot of protein). This is ideal for bulking because carbs are easy to consume and really help you to put on weight.

While fats are actually more calorie-dense than carbohydrates, they can sit quite heavy on the stomach, which isn’t what you want from a mass gainer.

Naturally, 120g of sugar might scare some people off. So I’ll talk more about the pros and cons of the sugar content in Hyperbolic Mass in just a sec.

USN Hyperbolic Mass Ingredient Quality

A tub of USN Hyperbolic Mass GH

It’s good to see that USN Hyperbolic Mass is both big on calories and big on quality.

Each serving provides 60g of premium protein from whey protein and skimmed milk powder. These highly bioavailable protein sources ensure that your muscles receive a complete spectrum of amino acids so that you can get great gains and make the most of your efforts in the gym.

If anything, you could argue that 60g is actually too much protein in one sitting for a hardgainer, so some people might want to split their Hyperbolic Mass shake in half. I’ll talk more about when to take Hyperbolic Mass later.

As for carbs, this USN weight gainer has 204g of carbohydrates per serving, which consists of maltodextrin and dextrose—two classic mass gainer carb sources.

As I noted earlier in my USN Hyperbolic Mass Gainer review, more than half the carbs come from sugar. But is this necessarily a bad thing?

The scoop size for USN Hyperbolic Mass

All the carbohydrates that you consume are ultimately broken down by your body into glucose. However, dextrose digests rapidly and causes a greater insulin spike than the likes of oats or brown rice.

You can use this to your advantage as a bodybuilder (or a recreational weight lifter) by timing your Hyperbolic Mass shake around your workout.

This way, you can get faster nutrient uptake (amino acids and glycogen) to your muscles so that you can start recovering quicker and get growing sooner.

Each serving of this USN gainer also includes 5.4g of creatine so that you can smash through strength plateaus and perform more training volume during your workouts, which leads to faster muscle growth.

USN Hyperbolic Mass Taste and Mixing

A person making a serving of USN Hyperbolic Mass to show the side effects

It’s amazing how the same mass gainer can have such a variety of opinions when it comes to taste and flavouring.

Most USN Hyperbolic Mass reviews, it has to be said, were positive with regard to the taste and mixability.

For example, I really enjoyed the chocolate flavour. While sweeter than your average weight gainer, I didn’t mind at all. If anything, it was a nice change from your typical bland protein shake that tastes like chalk.

Don’t get me wrong; I’ve definitely tried tastier mass gainers in my time. But, by the same token, I really can’t complain about the taste of Hyperbolic Mass.

A person making a shake of USN Hyperbolic Mass in a blender

Obviously, with 300g of powder per serving, you’re probably going to need a blender to take a full serving of Hyperbolic Mass by USN.

I used the full 300g with 900 ml of water, which resulted in a huge shake. Honestly, though, this is just part of taking mass gainers.

If you’re a beginner, new to mass gainers, have a lower calorie requirement, or just prefer to split up your shakes, then you can certainly just take half a serving at a time, which will easily fit in a blender. More on that in a sec.

How To Use And When To Take USN Hyperbolic Mass

USN recommends taking one serving of Hyperbolic Mass 1-2 times per day. They also advise using two shakers where necessary, which is a good tip.

There have been many a time when I’ve had to split my mass gainer between two shaker bottles!

A person making a shake for their USN Hyperbolic Mass review

Personally, I wouldn’t take Hyperbolic Mass more than once per day because I think weight gainers should be used as a supplement to your regular diet.

And obviously, Hyperbolic Mass has quite a lot of sugar, which is fine post-workout, but I don’t think it makes the best mid-day snack. Always try to get the majority of your calories from whole foods if you can, and use mass gainers to achieve a calorie surplus.

I recommend taking either one full Hyperbolic Mass serving after training or, for better digestibility, having half a serving pre-training and the other half after your workout. This way, you can get a quick pre-workout energy boost while still benefiting from the fast-acting post-training nutrition provided by Hyperbolic Mass.

Also, when you sandwich your workout between two shakes like this, you probably won’t need any kind of intra-workout supplement unless your session is really long.

USN Hyperbolic Mass Benefits

USN Hyperbolic Mass 6kg and 2kg contain plenty of calories for weight gain. So if you can’t seem to put on mass, this USN weight gainer is a great supplement to take because it contains plenty of protein and carbs for muscle growth.

A picture of USN Hyperbolic Mass next to a USN shaker bottle

Also, with over 5g of creatine per serving, this USN mass gainer is going to make your muscles look fuller because creatine draws water into your muscle cells. And that’s in addition to the strength gains that creatine has reliably been shown to produce for those who take it consistently.

But to get the fastest and best USN Hyperbolic Mass results possible, you need to drink your shakes consistently. Make it a routine, and always keep a tub spare in case you run out.

I recommend having a full serving on both training days and rest days because, regardless of whether you’re in the gym that day or not, your muscles are still growing and repairing and, as such, can benefit from quality nutrition.

As I’m fond of saying, you’re not doing the training side of the bodybuilding lifestyle on rest days, but you most certainly should be doing the nutrition side.

USN Hyperbolic Mass Side Effects

I think it’s important to discuss the side effects in any USN mass gainer review so that people know what to expect when they take the supplement.

Probably the biggest side effect (If you can call it that) that might occur when you take USN Hyperbolic Mass Builder is fat gain.

Closeup of USN Hyperbolic Mass Gainer

While some fat gain is normal during a bulk, you don’t want to get really fat for the sake of it. While Hyperbolic Mass in and of itself won’t make you fat, it will—with 1148 calories—heavily contribute towards your calorie surplus, which could lead to fat gain if it’s excessive.

Also, if you’re new to mass gainers or haven’t taken one with this many calories before, then you might experience some mild stomach discomfort and bloatedness. From my experience, these side effects tend to lessen considerably when your body gets used to the extra calories, carbs, and protein.

So, even though USN Hyperbolic Mass gH has a very hardcore-sounding name and aggressive, bodybuilding branding, the ingredients are very good quality and are backed by decades of scientific research.

Some people have lactose intolerance, making supplements like Hyperbolic Mass unsuitable. If this is you, then you’ll probably do better on a plant-based formula like USN Wholefood Gainer.

The Verdict: Does USN Hyperbolic Mass Work?

A tub of USN Hyperbolic Mass next to a blender jug and a scoop

So, does USN Hyperbolic Mass work? Well, it certainly contains the muscle-building nutrients that you need to gain weight. 

But if you actually want to put on quality muscle and not just a bunch of fat, then you need to train hard so that your body can partition these 1148 calories towards muscle growth rather than fat storage.

There are so many positive USN Hyperbolic Mass gainer reviews from people who’ve experienced big increases in muscle mass after taking this USN mass gainer consistently.

I hope that you enjoyed reading my own USN Hyperbolic Mass review. While there are comparable products on the market, Hyperbolic Mass has been a firm favourite in the UK for many years now, and I’d definitely recommend giving it a try if you want to gain size.

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