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Universal Real Gains Weight Gainer is a unique mass gainer because it’s extremely protein-dense while still being high in carbs and calories. 

So, if you’re really into bodybuilding and want to nourish your muscles with loads of quality amino acids, then this weight gainer by Universal Nutrition could be a great option.

In my Universal Nutrition Real Gains review, I’ll also talk about the taste, mixing, and when to take this supplement for the best results.

UPDATE: Universal Nutrition Real Gains has been discontinued (at least in the UK). Click Here To See The Best Alternative!

ideal for mass gain
Universal Nutrition Real Gains
A bag of Universal Real Gains
Taste: 8.6/10
Mixability: 8.7/10
Ingredient Quality: 9/10
Mass-Building Potential: 9/10
Overall Rating: 8.8/10
  • Provides over 600 calories per shake
  • Contains 84g of carbs for gaining weight
  • Supplies a sizeable 53g of protein per serving
  • Only has 7g of sugar
  • Great tasting supplement with easy mixability
  • Only uses maltodextrin for carbs
  • Contains artificial flavours
  • Quite expensive

Universal Nutrition Real Gains Ingredients

One thing that I’ve always admired about Universal Nutrition is that they go above and beyond with their ingredient quality and dosages.

Whereas many mass gainer manufacturers include perhaps 35g of protein and call it a day, Universal has included a whopping 53g of protein in Real Gains. Best of all, this protein consists of whey and casein, so your muscles will get a more consistent supply of quality amino acids, enabling them to grow bigger and stronger.

The Universal Nutrition Real Gains nutrition facts

And just look at the amino acid breakdown! 22g of BCAAs per 100g of protein! This really is an anabolic formula for spiking muscle protein synthesis and getting those gains.

For workout and weight gain fuel, there’s also 84g of carbs. Although these carbohydrates appear to be exclusively from maltodextrin—which isn’t ideal—they’re still really easy to consume and absorb, making them the perfect addition to any mass-building post-workout shake.

The fat content is kept reasonably low at 6g, which is a good thing because you want to get most of your fat from healthy wholefood sources.

Here’s the full ingredient breakdown for the chocolate flavour:

  • 602 calories
  • 84g of carbs
  • 53g of protein
  • 6g of fat
  • 7g of sugar
  • 5g of fibre

Universal Nutrition Real Gains Taste, Flavours, and Mixability

Hardcore bodybuilding supplements don’t really have the best reputation for taste and mixability, so I wasn’t expecting anything special from Universal Real Gains.

But to my surprise, Real Gains actually tastes great, which is especially impressive given that it contains over 600 calories per serving.

Ok, so these shakes do appear to use artificial (as well as natural) flavours, which may enhance the taste. Still, I didn’t find the taste artificial or overpowering, which is a testament to the decades that Universal Nutrition has spent refining and improving its flavours.

What I like is that Universal Real Gains Weight Gainer also mixes without any fuss. This makes a big difference when you’re drinking a shake every day, sometimes even twice a day. The last thing you want is powdery lumps that make you cough and gag.

So not only does Universal Nutrition Real Gains taste great, the mixing is top-notch as well, and I didn’t even have to use a blender.

How Effective Is Universal Nutrition Real Gains For Putting On Mass?

Let me start by saying that no supplement—regardless of the manufacturer's claims—will do the work for you.

A bodybuilder at the gym after taking Universal Real Gains

What mass gainers like Bodybuilding.com Signature Mass Gainer and Universal Nutrition Real Gains are is a convenient, high-protein calorie source that helps to provoke weight gain by putting your body in a calorie surplus.

So yes, if you keep eating your whole food meals and train hard in the gym, there’s a very good chance that you’ll bulk up while taking Universal Real Gains.

But if you think that the supplement will do the work for you and, as a result, start to slack off on your nutrition, then you might not get great results.

I can’t say how much weight you’ll gain because that depends on where you are in your bodybuilding and weight lifting journey, as well as how aggressively you’re bulking.

But if you take Universal Real Gains mass gainer alongside your regular meals, I believe you’ve got a very high chance of success.

How To Take Universal Nutrition Real Gains

To make a Universal Nutrition Real Gains shake, simply add 3.5 scoops (155g of powder) to between 350 and 500 ml of liquid, shake or blend for 20-30 seconds, and then enjoy.

How many shakes should you drink each day?

The Universal Nutrition Real Gains supplement facts

If you’re a real hard gainer, you might see benefits from drinking two Real Gains shakes each day rather than just one. However, if you’re aiming for a smaller calorie surplus, then the 600+ calories contained in each Universal Real gains serving could be more than enough to budge the scale upwards.

As a default, I recommend drinking your Universal Real Gains mass gainer shake after your workout so that your muscles can benefit from the huge influx of glycogen and amino acids.

If you’re having 2 shakes per day, take the second one between meals or as an extra meal.

And if you want a higher calorie shake, then you can check out my Universal Nutrition Gain Fast 3100 Reviews page to see this brand’s other gainer.

I always recommend sticking to your nutrition plan on rest days because your muscles are most definitely growing and repairing when you’re out of the gym, so they could really use the additional calories and protein that Universal Real Gains provides.

The Verdict: Is Real Gains By Universal Nutrition Worth The Price?

As you know from reading my Universal Nutrition Real Gains review, this high-calorie supplement is more than capable of increasing your body weight and muscle mass if you take it consistently.

And while it might not have quite as many calories as some other gainers, this could actually be a good thing, depending on your point of view. See my Ronnie Coleman King Mass XL Review if you’re looking for a higher-calorie gainer that doesn’t disappoint.

Although some hardgainers can benefit from 1000+ calories per shake, it’s often best to split your calorie intake into smaller servings so that your body can better utilise all the nutrients you’re feeding it.

Overall, I think that given its excellent carbs-to-protein ratio and reputation, Universal Nutrition Real Gains is a great option for those looking to put on quality muscle without piling on a bunch of fat at the same time.

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Andy Williams
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