BSN Syntha 6 vs True Mass: What’s The Difference?

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Syntha 6 and True Mass are both manufactured by BSN, but, let me tell you, they’re very different supplements indeed.

As I explained in my BSN True Mass review, there are actually two different True Mass products: True Mass and True Mass 1200.

For the purposes of this comparison, I’ll be comparing Syntha 6 with True Mass, but most of the differences hold true for True Mass 1200 as well.

The Differences Between Syntha 6 and BSN True Mass

True Mass is a weight gainer, whereas Syntha 6 is a protein powder, so as you’d expect, there are some pretty big nutritional differences between them.

  • True Mass has 620 calories, while Syntha 6 has 194 calories
  • True Mass has 55g of protein, whereas Syntha 6 has 22g of protein
  • True Mass has 80g of carbs and 7.4g of fat, whereas Syntha 6 has 7.8g of carbs and 7g of fat
  • The True Mass serving size is 168g, while the Syntha 6 serving size is only 47g
  • A 4.2kg bag of True Mass provides 25 servings, while a 2.27kg of Syntha 6 gives you 48 servings

Which Is More Effective For Building Muscle?

A side by side Syntha 6 vs True Mass comparison

Honestly? It completely depends on your goals. If you have a high calorie requirement, then True Mass is the way to go. But if you just want a quality protein powder from a trusted sports nutrition brand, then Syntha 6 is the better choice.

True Mass will help hardgainers achieve a calorie surplus more easily than Syntha 6, although it’s worth noting that Syntha 6 is pretty calorie-dense for a protein powder.

If you’re already getting plenty of calories from your whole food meals, then Syntha 6 is likely the better choice. But if you struggle to eat enough to gain weight, then definitely go with True Mass.

Ultimately, both supplements are capable of triggering muscle growth, and the most important thing is that you take them consistently. But as I said, the ideal choice really does depend on your personal needs and fitness goals.

Can You Take Syntha 6 and True Mass?

A comparison of BSN Syntha 6 and True Mass

While you can certainly take Syntha 6 and True Mass together (i.e., during the same day), you might not need to. After all, it’s best to use these products as a supplement to your diet, meaning that you should get most of your nutrition from whole foods.

Still, you could use Syntha 6 as a post-workout shake, for example, and then have a serving of True Mass as an extra meal (don’t use weight gainers as a meal replacement).

Or, you could use True Mass to achieve a calorie surplus and also take Syntha 6 to get in some extra protein.

So, while many people won’t need to use both supplements, it’s also completely possible (and safe) to take both together.

Of course, when I say together, I don’t mean literally mixing Syntha 6 and True Mass into one shake; I mean taking them at different times of the day.

Syntha 6 vs True Mass: Ingredient Quality

An Image showing the differences between BSN true Mass and Syntha 6

Per serving, True Mass has much more protein than Syntha 6 (55g vs 22g), but True Mass is actually less protein-dense on a per 100g basis.

Also, the types of protein used are different.

Syntha 6 contains whey concentrate, whey isolate, calcium caseinate, micellar casein, and milk protein concentrate.

True Mass has the whey concentrate, the whey isolate, and the casein, but also some soy isolate, which is considered a lower-quality protein source by many bodybuilders (it’s interesting to note that True Mass 1200 doesn’t have any soy protein!).

True mass is way more calorie-dense and carb-heavy than Syntha 6, making it a better choice for gaining weight quickly, which is useful if you’re quite skinny.

Interestingly, both supplements—despite the gulf in calories—have roughly 7g of fat. The difference here is that Syntha 6 contains MCTs, whereas True Mass doesn’t (you’d think it would be the other way around).

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True Mass vs Syntha 6: Taste and Mixability

A side by side BSN Syntha 6 vs BSN true Mass comparison

One thing that Syntha 6 and True Mass do have in common is taste, in this case, a delicious milkshake taste!

I've always thought that BSN has a knack for flavouring its supplements, so I’m not surprised that both True Mass and Syntha 6 were a pleasure to drink. They’re the kind of shakes that you actually look forward to drinking.

That said, due to its higher calorie content, True Mass does have a thicker texture than Syntha 6, although it's by no means grainy or bitty (the powder mixed well in a shaker bottle without any clumps).

True Mass vs Syntha 6: Value For Money

As I mentioned earlier in this True Mass vs Syntha 6 comparison, you get a lot more servings (48) from a tub of Syntha 6 than from a big of True Mass (25).

Both supplements are roughly the same price, so, on a per-serving basis, Syntha 6 is a fair bit cheaper than True Mass.

Yet, you’d need three Syntha 6 servings to get the calories of True Mass, so if you’re bulking, then True Mass is actually better value for money.

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The Verdict: Should You Get Syntha 6 or True Mass?

Now that you know the differences between Syntha 6 and True Mass, it’s time to decide which of these BSN supplements is right for you, your nutritional needs, and your training goals.

If you often struggle to get enough wholefood calories to trigger weight gain, then BSN True Mass is the better choice because it has over 600 calories, 80g of carbs, and 55g of protein per serving.

On the other hand, if you can already gain weight from eating real food and just need a quality source of protein for gaining muscle mass, then Syntha 6 is the way to go because it has both fast and slow-digesting proteins for a steady supply of quality amino acids.

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