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In this article, I’m going to compare Serious Mass vs Gold Standard Whey so that you can see which of Optimum Nutrition’s two most popular supplements is right for you.

As any Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass reviews will tell you, even though these two products are manufactured by the same company, they’re very different supplements.

What Are The Differences Between Serious Mass And Gold Standard Whey?

An Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass vs Gold Standard Whey comparison to show the differences

The main difference between Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass and Gold Standard Whey is that Serious Mass, as the name suggests, is a mass gainer, which is designed to help people increase their body weight.

On the other hand, Gold Standard Whey is a whey protein powder supplement that helps people get the extra protein they need to build muscle mass.

Per 334g serving, Serious Mass has 1,263 calories, 251g of carbs, and 50g of protein, whereas Gold Standard Whey has 116 calories, 24g of protein, and 1.6g of carbs per 31g serving.

So as you can see, Serious Mass is much more calorie-dense than Gold Standard Whey, making it a better choice for hardgainers and anyone else who wants to gain weight.

On the other hand, Gold Standard Whey is more protein-packed than Serious Mass because the serving size is about 10x smaller than that of Serious Mass!

So, if you look at things on a per 100g basis, Gold Standard Whey actually has way more protein than Serious Mass. As such, Gold Standard Whey is an excellent choice for those who want a quality source of protein for gaining muscle mass without the extra calories.

Serious Mass vs Gold Standard Whey: Ingredients and Nutrition

Back view of Gold Standard Whey and Serious Mass

Both Gold Standard Whey and Serious Mass use quality protein sources, the difference is that Gold Standard Whey is a 100% whey formula, whereas Serious Mass uses calcium caseinate—a slow-digesting protein source—as well as whey.

So, if you’re going a long time between meals, then Serious Mass will help your muscles to stay in a growing state for longer because you’re getting a fast yet steady supply of essential amino acids.

But if you’re already eating quite frequently, you might not really benefit from the slow-digesting protein, in which case a 100% whey formula like Gold Standard Whey is ideal for getting the fastest possible protein feeding.

Gold Standard Whey also has next to no carbs or fats, making it a very lean protein powder. On the other hand, Serious Mass is extremely calorie-dense because it has over 250g of carbohydrates per serving.

Serious Mass also has 3 grams of creatine per serving. But honestly, most people are better off taking 5 grams, which is one reason why you might want to get Gold Standard Whey instead and just buy your creatine separately. More on that in a sec.

Similarly, Serious Mass has a selection of 25 vitamins and minerals. It’s good that Optimum Nutrition understands the importance of getting your micronutrients as well as enough protein, carbs, fats, and calories.

Obviously, you should still get most of your vitamins and minerals from whole foods, but it doesn’t hurt to get extra when you’re eating in a calorie surplus and training hard in the gym.

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Which Is Best For Bulking Up?

A side by side comparison of Serious Mass and Gold Standard Whey

As I mentioned earlier in this Serious Mass vs Whey Gold Standard comparison, in terms of raw weight-gaining potential, Serious Mass obviously comes out on top because it provides more than 10x the calories of Gold Standard Whey.

However, Serious Mass isn’t necessarily any better than Gold Standard Whey for building muscle.

Why? Because you can achieve a calorie surplus (a prerequisite for weight gain) by eating whole foods. In other words, you don’t necessarily have to use Serious Mass to create a calorie surplus.

Obviously, for a lot of hardgainers, taking a weight gainer makes it much easier to get the calories they need to gain weight, which is where Serious Mass really shines, given its 1263-calorie serving.

Which Is Best For Lean Gaining?

A tub of Gold Standard Whey positioned next to a tub of Serious Mass

For some people, drinking such a high-calorie shake like Serious Mass can lead to unwanted fat gain. But for others, such a calorie-loaded supplement can be just what they need to start gaining muscle mass.

So it comes down to your own calorie requirements.

If you can gain weight pretty easily, Gold Standard Whey is probably a better option for you, and you could always mix the protein powder with other ingredients and essentially create your own protein smoothie, tailored to your personal calorie requirements.

This is a good option if you want to make bulking shakes on the cheap because a tub of Gold Standard Whey has more servings than a tub of Serious Mass, so you’re getting a lot more protein for your money with the former.

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Can You Take Serious Mass and Gold Standard Whey Together?

Closeup comparison of Gold Standard Whey and Serious Mass

Yes! You can definitely take Gold Standard Whey and Serious Mass together—literally, or at separate times during the same day.

Let’s say that a full Serious Mass serving is too calorie-dense for you. You could just take half a serving, but you might want more than the 25g of protein that half a Serious Mass serving would provide. 

In this case, you could top up the protein content with a scoop of Gold Standard Whey, giving you the same protein value as a full serving of Serious Mass but with fewer calories.

On the other hand, you could drink Gold Standard Whey straight after your workout to get some fast-digesting protein in your system as quickly as possible (you can drink Gold Standard Whey much quicker than Serious Mass due to the vastly smaller serving size).

Then, you could have a serving of Serious Mass in order to boost your calorie intake for the day. So you’re getting your post-workout protein and your calorie surplus but from two different sources.

Of course, using both supplements is entirely optional. While there are benefits to taking both, you can also get great results from just taking Serious Mass or Gold Standard Whey.

Conclusion: Should You Buy Serious Mass or Gold Standard Whey?

An overhead comparison of Serious mass and Whey Gold Standard

As I’ve noted throughout this Gold Standard Whey vs Serious Mass comparison, the ideal choice for you basically comes down to your calorie requirements.

If you’re a hardgainer who struggles to gain weight and muscle mass, then Serious Mass is the best choice because it has 10x more calories than Gold Standard Whey.

On the other hand, if you don’t need loads of extra calories (or if you prefer to get them from other sources) and just want a quality protein powder, then Gold Standard Whey is the “way” to go.

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