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Reflex Nutrition Growth Matrix is more of a post-workout recovery formula than it is a mass gainer. However, with 391 calories per serving and a solid 10-year track record of facilitating muscle growth, I thought it was still worth a review, especially given that I’d already tried Reflex Nutrition's other two mass gainers, Instant Mass and One Stop Xtreme.

In my Reflex Nutrition Growth Matrix review, I’ll explain who this all-in-one recovery formula is best suited for, as well as who should give it a miss.

ideal for post-workout
Reflex Nutrition Growth Matrix
A tub of Reflex Nutrition Growth Matrix detailing the side effects
Taste: 9.1/10
Mixability: 9.5/10
Ingredient Quality: 9/10
Mass-Building Potential: 9.3/10
Overall Rating: 9.2/10
  • Contains an ideal amount of calories (391) for post-workout recovery 
  • Supports muscle recovery and growth with 38g of grass-fed hydrolysed whey protein
  • Contains 53g of carbs for rapid glycogen resynthesis after training
  • Has 7g of free-form leucine to maximise muscle protein synthesis
  • Contains 3g of pure creatine monohydrate
  • Includes glutamine peptides for enhanced muscular recovery
  • Average taste
  • 3g of creatine might not be enough for bigger individuals

Reflex Growth Matrix Nutrition and Ingredients

The Reflex Growth Matrix nutrition facts

Per 105g serving, Reflex Growth Matrix contains 391 calories, 53g of carbs, 38g of protein, 3.9g of fat, and 9.3g of sugar. There’s also 3g of Creapure® creatine as well as 7g of leucine.

It’s clear that Reflex Nutrition specifically formulated Growth Matrix to deliver maximum post-workout anabolism.

Unlike typical protein shakes, which usually just contain whey concentrate, Growth Matrix utilises rapidly absorbing hydrolysed whey protein to help your muscles recover quicker.

Then, there’s 7g of free-form leucine.

So, although the other two branched-chain amino acids—valine and isoleucine—are naturally present in the whey protein, the extra 7g of leucine really helps to ignite protein synthesis so that you don’t miss out on any powerful hypertrophy muscle signalling.

The Reflex Growth Matrix ingredients

Add in the fast-acting carbs (glucose polymers), and you can see how taking Reflex Growth Matrix after your workouts helps to maximise muscle recovery.

As if that wasn't enough, Reflex Nutrition has also formulated Growth Matrix with additional glutamine so that your muscles won’t be as sore after your workouts.

Last—but by no means least—Growth Matrix contains 3g of Creapure® creatine monohydrate, which is one of the purest forms of creatine that you can take. While some people might do better on 5g of creatine rather than 3g, not everybody needs to take high amounts of creatine to enjoy its best effects.

How Does Reflex Growth Matrix Taste?

Reflex Nutrition Growth Matrix is available in two very different flavours; Rich Chocolate and Smooth Fruit.

Personally, when it comes to protein powders and mass gainers, I like to stick to what you call the ice cream flavours.

A tub of Reflex Growth Matrix next to a Reflex Nutrition shaker bottle

I’ll leave the more adventurous fruity flavouring for my pre-workout, thank you.

Unsurprisingly, then, I opted for a tub of Reflx Growth Matrix in Rich Chocolate.

Honestly, it wasn’t the best-tasting shake I’ve ever had, but it was definitely still drinkable. I wasn’t surprised at this, given that Reflex Growth Matrix reviews are mixed when it comes to taste.

However, after I’d had 3 or 4 shakes, the flavour started to grow on me a bit. Don’t get me wrong; Growth Matrix still isn’t going to win any taste awards, but I liked the taste more and more as time went on.

As someone who’s tested well over 50 different protein shakes in the past 6 months, I can say from experience that, oftentimes, you just need to give your taste buds time to adjust to the flavour of a new supplement.

Obviously, some shakes are just downright disgusting, but that’s definitely not the case with Reflex Nutrition Growth Matrix, at least not for me.

Does Reflex Nutrition Growth Matrix Mix Well?

A scoop of Reflex Nutrition Growth Matrix

In addition to the quality ingredients, one area in which Growth Matrix really excels is mixability.

I found that the powder mixed easily with no clumps in both milk and water. Just make sure to use enough liquid (450 ml) to get a smooth consistency.

Having a shake with excellent mixability is especially beneficial if you’re going to be making it up at the gym. This way, you can just use a standard shaker bottle rather than depending on a blender.

quality ingredients
A tub of Reflex Nutrition Growth Matrix detailing the side effects
Reflex Nutrition Growth Matrix

Benefits of Reflex Nutrition Growth Matrix

While no supplement is going to do the work for you, a good post-workout shake can help you maximise the effects of your training by stimulating a strong muscle protein synthesis response.

A scoop and shaker cup next to a tub of Reflex Growth Matrix

As I mentioned earlier in my Reflex Growth Matrix review, that’s exactly what this all-in-one recovery formula does.

With creatine for strength, glutamine for recovery, protein and leucine for muscle growth, and carbs for refuelling, Growth Matrix is a powerhouse when it comes to delivering quality nutrition.

But let’s be real here. As good as Growth Matrix is, it’s not quite right for everyone.

For example, if you’re a real hardgainer, then 391 calories might not be enough for you. Instead, you might do better with something like Reflex Nutrition Instant Mass Heavyweight, which has over 1,000 calories per serving.

By the same token, if you’re looking for a similar shake that’s a little more “loaded”, then you can see my Reflex Nutrition One Stop Xtreme review.

Reflex Growth Matrix Side Effects

A serving of Growth Matrix from Reflex Nutrition

Because this supplement has a very clean ingredient profile, it’s unlikely to have any bad side effects for the vast majority of people.

That said, Growth Matrix does contain hydrolysed whey protein, so if you have poor lactose tolerance, then you might feel some stomach discomfort after taking this supplement.

Additionally, while creatine is a safe, proven supplement, it’s important to stay well-hydrated when you’re taking creatine to make the most of its beneficial effects.

Overall, Growth Matrix has been on the UK market for over 12 years at this point. It has a strong safety track record as well as a reputation for delivering great results to those who take it consistently.

So, Is Reflex Growth Matrix Worth Buying?

If you’re looking for a post-workout recovery formula that will help your muscles repair and grow, then Reflex Nutrition Growth Matrix is a solid option that’s also quite affordable.

Unlike your average mass gainer, Growth Matrix has a much better protein-to-carbs ratio, meaning that, yes, you’re getting the quality carbohydrates that you need to recover, but you’re also not taking in any junk carbs that you don’t need.

So, based on everything I’ve discussed in my Reflex Growth Matrix review, this supplement gets my stamp of approval.

great uk price
A scoop and shaker cup next to a tub of Reflex Growth Matrix
Reflex Nutrition Growth Matrix
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