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Protein World makes a variety of tasty, high-protein nutritional products, including porridge, pancakes, and good old protein powder.

I think Protein World has a reputation for making more weight loss products than weight gain supplements, so I was intrigued to see what their Weight Gainer Protein was all about.

In my Protein World Weight Gainer review, I’ll give you my thoughts on this high-calorie shake, including the taste, mixing, ingredient quality, and overall effectiveness.

UPDATE: It seems like this Protein World weight gainer has been discontinued. Click Here For The Best Alternative

ideal for weight gain
Protein World Weight Gainer
A picture of Protein World Weight Gainer
Taste: 9/10
Mixability: 9.5/10
Ingredient Quality: 9.3/10
Mass-Building Potential: 8/10
Overall Rating: 9/10
  • Contains 256 calories per serving
  • Has 30g of carbs from oat flour
  • Formulated with 20g of whey protein
  • Includes 6g of healthy fats
  • Only has 3.3g of sugar
  • Includes 3g of creatine
  • Good value
  • Some people don’t like taking creatine with their protein supplements

Protein World Weight Gainer Ingredients

The Protein World Weight Gainer nutrition facts

Per serving, Protein World Weight Gainer Protein contains 256 calories, 30g of carbs, 20g of protein, 6g of fat, and 3g of creatine.

I love how Protein World includes enough calories, carbs, and protein for people to gain weight without going overboard! I know that some people have a really hard time putting on weight, but I think that some brands go a little over the top with their calories.

The Protein World Weight Gainer ingredients

This Protein World weight gainer has really balanced macros, which is ideal for gaining lean muscle. A lot of other weight-gain shakes tend to have way more carbs than protein, which can often make you feel bloated.

These shakes only have 3.3g of sugar because the carbohydrates come from oat flour, which is a great carb source for clean, consistent energy.

And let’s not forget the creatine! This research-backed supplement draws water into your muscle cells and can actually make you gain weight on its own. So when you add this to the extra protein, carbs, and calories that you’ll be consuming, you can experience some really nice results from Protein World Weight Gainer.

How Does Protein World Weight Gainer Taste and Mix?

Me making a shake for my Protein World Weight Gainer review

I found this Protein World mass gainer to mix really well. I certainly gave it a good shake, but my 70g of powder mixed just fine in 500 ml of water, which is as much as you can ask for from a weight gainer!

I also enjoyed the taste. And while I’ve definitely had tastier shakes in my time (see my Women's Best Weight Gainer review), I found the chocolate flavour to be very pleasant and drinkable.

I think these shakes make the ideal snack between meals for when you want that extra protein hit. Because the supplement only has 250 calories, you won’t feel sluggish after drinking a shake, either.

However, the best time to take these shakes, in my opinion, is right after your workout because, even if your appetite isn’t particularly high after training, your body will still be hungry for nutrition. 

So giving it a good serving of protein and carbs will help you increase your body weight by supplying your muscles with quick energy and amino acids.

Will Protein World Weight Gainer Help You Put On Muscle?

A shaker and bag for my Protein World Weight Gainer review

If you perform strength training and eat enough protein and calories, then you’ll definitely be on the road to weight gain!

And while no supplement is guaranteed to work, this Protein World weight gainer definitely has the calories and nutrition to put your body in a calorie surplus and nourish your developing muscles.

Protein World recommends taking 1-2 shakes per day, which I think is ideal.

I’d take 2 shakes per day (one after your workout, the other between meals) if you struggle to put on weight.

The nutritional value of Protein World Mass Gainer

If you already get quite a lot of calories and protein from your regular meals, then you can probably get results from a single daily shake.

Even though these shakes do contain good quality whey protein and oats, I wouldn’t use them as a meal replacement because you don’t want to miss out on important vitamins and minerals. Instead, take them as intended: as a post-workout shake and snack between meals.

Are There Any Downsides To This Protein World Mass Gainer?

My reviews of Protein World weight gainer, including the bag and shaker

Well, there are certainly no major downsides to this Protein World mass gainer. I mean, it has everything you could want from a safe and simple weight-gaining shake.

All I would say is that not everyone likes to take creatine with their mass gainer or protein shake. And since creatine is something that you can’t avoid when taking this Protein World weight gainer, this supplement isn’t for everyone.

Additionally, there’s no guarantee that you’ll like the flavour, but that’s a risk that you run when buying any kind of nutritional shake or edible supplement.

Finally, some people might benefit from more calories than this 256-calorie shake offers. Of course, if you need more calories, then you can simply have a second shake, which would give you over 500 extra daily calories—plenty to put you in a calorie surplus. 

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The Verdict On Protein World Weight Gainer Protein

A yellow bag of Protein World Weight Gainer

Overall, I’m pleased to report that this Protein World weight gainer passes the test. With excellent macros for gaining lean muscle mass and quality ingredients (oats and whey protein), these shakes are both nutritious and effective.

While the added creatine won’t be to everyone’s liking, creatine is great for gaining weight and has a long track record of both success and safety in the sports nutrition world.

With that said, I hope that you found my Protein World Weight Gainer review informative. I always try to give a balanced take on the supplements I review, including this Protein World Weight Gainer Protein.

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