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Hello! Welcome to my updated Protein Works Vegan Mass Gainer Review. In this review, I’ll be giving you an insight into The Protein Works’ two vegan mass gainers to see if either is the best vegan weight gainer on the market.

I’ll talk about the ingredients, taste, mixability, and benefits, as well as the differences between the standard formula and the Vegan Mass Gainer Extreme option. 

ideal for weight gain
The Protein Works Vegan Mass Gainer
Front view of The Protein Works Vegan Mass Gainer
Taste: 10/10
Mixability: 10/10
Ingredient Quality: 9/10
Mass-Building Potential: 9/10
Overall Rating: 9.5/10
  • Contains between 450 and 750 calories, depending on which version you get (standard or Extreme)
  • Packed with quality vegan protein from 3 different sources for a complete amino acid profile
  • Utilises quality carbs from oats and maltodextrin for quick fuel and steady energy
  • Includes healthy fats for extra energy and proper hormone production
  • The flavours taste amazing (I’ve tried 3), and the shakes mix so easily
  • The Extreme version might have too many calories for some people

The Protein Works Vegan Mass Gainer Extreme Nutrition Facts

As I’ll explain in more detail later on, there are key differences between The Protein Works Vegan Mass Gainer and The Protein Works Vegan Mass Gainer Extreme.

The Protein Works Vegan Mass Gainer Extreme nutrition facts

The main differences are that the Extreme version has a 46% larger serving size, a bit more fat, and an added vitamins & mineral blend.

However, per 100g, both gainers have very similar calories and macros. So since I have a bag of the extreme in front of me, I’ll just pull the nutrition facts from that.

  • 748 calories
  • 119g of carbohydrates
  • 14g of sugar
  • 10g of fibre
  • 53g of protein
  • 8.8g of fat
  • 12mg of vitamin C
  • 30µg of folic acid
  • 0.4µg of vitamin B12
  • 0.2mg of vitamin B6
  • 0.9mg of pantothenic acid
  • 120mg of calcium

The Protein Works Vegan Mass Gainer Ingredient Quality

The Protein Works is known for producing simple yet effective supplements that get the job done. I’ve used a variety of their protein powders and weight gainers, and I can safely say that they’re some of the best in the business.

Let’s see if that holds true for their vegan gainer.

Protein Blend

A scoop of The Protein Works Vegan Mass Gainer

Per 200g serving, The Protein Works Vegan Weight Gainer has 53g of protein, meaning that it has a much higher protein density than your typical plant-based gainer.

This protein blend consists of pea protein isolate, soy protein isolate, and brown rice protein, so you’re getting a complete amino acid profile here.

Because of its protein-rich formula and quality amino acid profile, The Protein Works Vegan Mass Gainer is arguably the best lactose free weight gainer that you can buy.

If you have trouble digesting dairy proteins like whey and casein, you’ll feel great when you start taking this powerful plant-based formula, which is suitable for both vegetarians and vegans.

Carbohydrate Blend

No mass gainer is complete without carbohydrates. And sadly, this is also where many weight gainers fail. 

A person tipping some Vegan Mass Gainer Extreme powder from The Protein Works into a blender

Not only do most gainers use way too much sugar, but they either seem to have too few carbs to trigger weight gain, or they have so many carbs that they basically become a glorified carb powder with a sprinkling of protein on top!

Thankfully for our results, this isn’t the case with this vegan mass gainer from The Protein Works.

Each serving contains 119g of easily digestible carbs from oats and maltodextrin, meaning that you’re getting both fast workout fuel and sustained energy, helping you to reach your weight-gaining goals effectively.

Of these 119g of carbs, only 14g are sugar, which is less than 10%.

Better yet, you get a whopping 10g of fibre per serving, helping your body to digest the 750 calories contained in this nutritious muscle-building formula.

Most mass gainers (even “vegan” ones!) have next to no fibre—a dead giveaway that they’re relying on cheap sugary carbs to bulk up the calorie content.

Healthy Fats

The powder from the The Protein Works Vegan Mass Gainer

In addition to the oats, which naturally contain a bit of fat, this plant-based powerhouse also contains healthy fats from sunflower oil powder, MCT powder, and flaxseed powder, giving the supplement a nicely balanced macronutrient profile.

The total amount of fat is around 8.8g, depending on the flavour, which, for me, is the ideal amount of fat for a mass gainer. Why?

Because fats are a great source of calories, and they’re very important for hormone production.

Yet, you don’t want to consume too many of them; otherwise, the shakes might leave you feeling too full, and excessive fat can slow down protein absorption, which isn’t what you want after a workout.

Vitamins & Minerals

Closeup of The Protein Works Vegan Weight Gainer

While I don’t recommend using weight gainers in excess—most of your calories should still come from whole foods—it’s good to see that The Protein Works has included a selection of important vitamins and minerals in their plant-based weight gainer.

While these vitamins and minerals might not build slabs of mass by themselves, they help to create a healthy foundation from which you can reliably build muscle and get the consistent results that you’re looking for.

To recap, you get 12mg of vitamin C, 30µg of folic acid, 0.4µg of vitamin B12, 0.2mg of vitamin B6, 0.9mg of pantothenic acid, and 120mg of calcium, which is a good amount because you get a decent vitamin & mineral hit but not so much that you risk overdosing.

amazing taste
Front view of The Protein Works Vegan Mass Gainer
The Protein Works Vegan Mass Gainer

The Protein Works Vegan Mass Gainer Taste and Mixing

A few years ago, drinking a plant-based protein powder meant holding your nose and gulping down a gritty, borderline sickening shake. And you know what? That’s still the case for most plant-based supplements, in my experience.

The Protein Works Vegan Mass Gainer Extreme shake

But not with this one.

The Protein Works is renowned for its flavours, so I was expecting their vegan gainer to taste good—but not this good.

This is how mass gainers are supposed to taste. Other supplement companies should take note.

I got the Chocolate Silk flavour this time around, and it was truly delicious, as were the Vanilla Crème and Strawberries ‘n’ Cream flavours that I’ve had in the past. The flavours have the perfect amount of sweetness to them and, best of all for me, no horrible chemical aftertaste!

And it’s not just the taste, it’s the texture! I was shocked at how smooth and non-gritty this shake is. It’s such a refreshing alternative to the artificial plant–based protein powders that plague the market.

How Long Will Results Take?

A serving of The Protein Works Vegan Mass Gainer Extreme

As with any supplement, diet, or training routine, results vary based on your genetics, recovery abilities, and your current starting point.

The skinnier you are now, the more weight you’re likely to gain, and the more pronounced your results will be.

On the other hand, if you’re a seasoned natural bodybuilder, then you might not gain much weight while taking The Protein Works Vegan Mass Gainer (because you’re closer to your genetic potential), but you could still use it as a convenient source of calories while you’re bulking.

I’d say that it’s possible to gain a couple of pounds in the first 7-10 days if you’re not currently in a calorie surplus. Beyond that, you might be able to gain 5-15 lbs in a couple of months, again depending on how hard you’re bulking.

The Protein Works Vegan Mass Gainer vs The Protein Works Vegan Mass Gainer Extreme

Here are all the differences between The Protein Works’ two weight gainers. We’ll call them Standard (Vegan Mass Gainer) and Extreme (Vegan Mass Gainer Extreme).

A bag and shake of The Protein Works Vegan Mass Gainer ready for review
  • The Standard version has 459 calories per serving, while the Extreme version has 748 calories per serving (but they’re nearly identical per 100g, which is something to keep in mind).
  • The Standard shake has 76g of carbs and 34g of protein, whereas the Extreme version contains 119g of carbs and 53g of protein.
  • The Extreme option has added vitamins & minerals, whereas the Standard version does not.
  • The serving size for the Standard version is 125g, whereas the serving size for the Extreme shake is 200g.
  • The Extreme version is about twice the price of the Standard version on a per-shake basis.

In summary, go with the standard Protein Works Vegan Mass Gainer if you’re looking for a great all-around plant-based shake for putting on muscle.

On the other hand, if you really struggle to put on weight and need an extremely calorie-dense shake, go with The Protein Works Vegan Mass Gainer Extreme instead.

As a side note, you can see our The Protein Works Total Mass Matrix Extreme review if you’re looking for a gainer that contains whey.

The Verdict: Should You Buy The Protein Works Vegan Weight Gainer?

If you’re looking for a high-calorie plant-based nutritional shake for putting on weight—one that’s a cut above the rest—I definitely recommend getting The Protein Works Vegan Mass Gainer.

With an excellent macronutrient profile for gaining muscle, these delicious, protein-rich shakes are a top choice for vegans, vegetarians, and anyone else for whom the likes of whey and casein cause problems.

While there might be cheaper options, you get what you pay for. So as I said in my Protein Works Vegan Mass Gainer review, this supplement ticks all the boxes and gets top marks from me.

great value
Closeup of The Protein Works Vegan Weight Gainer
The Protein Works Vegan Weight Gainer
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