Protein Works Total Mass Matrix Extreme Review 

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A box of mass gainers from The Protein Works

In my Protein Works Mass Gainer review, I’ll be giving you my thoughts on Total Mass Matrix Extreme—the best tasting mass gainer—so that you can decide if it’s the right weight gainer for you.

After that, I’ll do a Total Mass Matrix vs Total Mass Matrix Extreme comparison so that you can learn the differences between the two Protein Works mass gainers.

So, let’s talk taste, mixing, ingredients, and, of course, effectiveness in this Protein Works Total Mass Matrix Extreme review.

ideal for weight gain
The Protein Works Total Mass Matrix Extreme
Front view of The Protein Works Total Mass Matrix Extreme
Taste: 10/10
Mixability: 10/10
Ingredient Quality: 9/10
Mass-Building Potential: 9/10
Overall Rating: 9.5/10
  • Ideal for putting on weight, as each serving contains 962 calories
  • Supports muscle growth and recovery with a 53g protein blend
  • Fuels mass-building gym sessions with over 170g of carbs
  • Comes loaded with 5g of creatine monohydrate
  • Includes extra glutamine for enhanced recovery
  • Tastes way better than your average mass gainer (I've tried multiple flavours)
  • Mixes easily and doesn’t have a gritty texture
  • The soy protein isn’t to everyone’s liking

The Protein Works Total Mass Matrix Extreme Ingredients

The Protein Works Total Mass Matrix Extreme is, quite frankly, a mass-building powerhouse. It has the ideal blend of protein and carbs to support even the hardest of hardgainers.

The Protein Works Total Mass Matrix Extreme nutrition facts

Here’s the nutritional breakdown per 265g serving:

  • 962 calories
  • 173g of carbs
  • 28g of sugar
  • 53g of protein
  • 8g of fat
  • 5g of creatine monohydrate

Honestly, for such a small serving size (small in the world of mass gainers!), you’re getting a lot of nutrition. 

Typically, you’d need a lot more powder than 265g to get this much protein and carbs from your average weight gainer, so The Protein Works has definitely done a good job on nutrient density here.

And if you’re looking for a plant-based gainer, you can always read my Protein Works Vegan Mass Gainer review.

Multi-Source Carbohydrate Blend

A scoop of The Protein Works Total Mass Matrix Extreme

A weight gainer is nothing without a potent carbohydrate blend. I particularly like that The Protein Works Mass Matrix Extreme contains 3 different carbs for a varied absorption rate.

For sustained energy, we have oat flour, which is an ingredient that you won’t find in many other mass gainers. 

Then, for fast fuel and post-workout glycogen replenishment, we get dextrose and maltodextrin.

This energizing carbohydrate combination makes Total Mass Matrix Extreme an ideal shake to drink both before a workout and after a hard session because you get fast-acting energy and sustained bulking fuel.

3-Protein Blend

This Protein Works mass gainer utilises a 53g blend of whey protein, casein protein, and soy protein for a rapid yet sustained release of amino acids.

The Protein Works Total Mass Matrix Extreme in chocolate flavour

While not everyone likes consuming soy protein, so many other gainers rely on whey alone, which isn’t optimal for protein synthesis.

Whey protein is ideal after a workout when your muscles are demanding a quick supply of quality amino acids.

However, the protein synthesis spike that whey protein provides quickly declines, leaving you in a catabolic state.

This is where casein protein comes to the rescue. Although casein protein doesn’t provide that huge protein synthesis spike like whey does, it gives your muscles a far more consistent supply of amino acids, enabling you to stay in an anabolic muscle-building state for a longer period of time.

Then you have soy protein, which sits between whey and casein in terms of digestion speed.

Creatine & Glutamine

As I mentioned earlier in my Protein Works Total Mass Matrix Extreme review, this gainer is better than most others on the UK market. And nowhere is this more true than with the creatine content.

A mass gainer from The Protein Works

It seems like when it comes to creatine and mass gainers, you can’t win.

Most include only 1-3 grams, which isn’t optimal.

But then others include over 10 grams to try and show off (or deceptively add more and count it as protein!).

But The Protein Works is different. Since they specialise in making quality supplements that actually work, they don’t need to insult our intelligence by only including a couple of grams of creatine. Nor do they need to include more than is necessary.

Instead, each serving of Total Mass Matrix Extreme includes an optimal 5-gram dose of creatine monohydrate, which is ideal for increasing your strength and making your muscles look that bit fuller.

And as if that wasn’t enough, we also get some added glutamine as well, which will help you to recover faster and get back in the weight room sooner.

Vitamins & Minerals

Side view of The Protein Works weight gainer

This Protein Works weight gainer contains vitamin C, vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, folic acid, pantothenic acid, and calcium, again striking an ideal balance between having enough nutrition and not going overboard.

If you’re drinking liquid calories in order to gain weight, then you don’t want your shakes to be devoid of nutrition.

Yet, at the same time, you don’t want a vitamin overdose, either.

So while eating healthy whole foods is the best way to get your vitamins & minerals, it’s good to have a mass gainer at your disposal that’s beneficial for your health as well as your muscles.

Overall, Total Mass Matrix by The Protein Works has everything that you could ask for from a weight gainer. But how does it taste and mix?

The Protein Works Total Mass Matrix Extreme Taste

For this taste test, I ordered the Choc Mint Brownie flavour because I fancied something different from my usual Strawberry and Chocolate Silk flavours (both of which I really like).

A man doing a review of The Protein Works Total Mass Matrix Extreme

Obviously, taste is subjective, and everyone has their favourite flavours, as well as ones that they don’t like.

That said, I think that Total Mass Maxtrix Extreme strikes that hard-to-achieve balance between being sweet enough to satisfy the taste buds, but not so sweet that you feel sick or overcome by sugar.

As a point of comparison, it tastes way better than both Hectic Sports Mass Gainer and Protein Dynamix Mass Gainer.

I believe this is the 4th flavour of Mass Matrix Extreme I’ve tried at this point, and I’m yet to find one that I don’t like. Since The Protein Works has been making mass gainers for over 10 years at this point, I’m not surprised that their flavours are some of the best in the UK.

The Protein Works offers Total Mass Matrix Extreme in premium flavours, such as White Choc Raspberry Swirl and Speculoos Biscuit Heaven. 

I’d really like to try these at some point, but since I regularly buy, review, and compare mass gainers for this website, I try to order similar flavours so that I can make accurate comparisons.

The Protein Works Total Mass Matrix Extreme Mixability

Usually, mass gainers have a really gritty taste to them, even when you use a lot of liquid.

To my surprise, this wasn’t the case with Total Mass Matrix Extreme.

A serving of Protein Works gainer

Granted, I gave it a good old shake and used probably 700 ml of liquid, but still, to say that there was literally no clumping or detectable grittiness to the texture was surprising yet amazing.

As you might know, I’ve spent the last 6 months or so testing a bunch of mass gainers. Most are gritty and quite hard to drink, so it was refreshing to have a shake that I actually looked forward to drinking after my workout.

I’d say that the shakes are on the thick side, which is actually my preference and also something that you’re going to get with 90% of weight gainers (at least the ones that offer enough calories for mass gain).

So obviously, if you’re used to drinking little protein shakes, you’re going to notice a difference when you drink your Mass Matrix Extreme shake for the first time.

Protein Works Weight Gainer Digestibility

The more accustomed you are to drinking mass gainers, the easier they seem to digest, and the less heavy they lay on your stomach.

A bag of The Protein Works Total Mass Matrix Extreme next to a shaker bottle

At least, that’s been my experience.

At almost 1000 calories per shake, The Protein Works Total Mass Matrix Extreme is naturally going to make you feel full, meaning that you might feel slightly bloated after drinking it.

This makes sense, and it’s nothing to worry about. After all, if you ate a 1,000-calorie meal, you’d surely feel at least somewhat full, right?

But thanks to the tasty flavours on offer and the excellent mixability, I’d have to say that Total Mass Matrix Extreme seems to go down a bit easier than your average weight gainer.

How To Use Your Protein Works Mass Gainer For The Best Gains

The Protein Works recommends taking 1-3 servings of Total Mass Matrix Extreme for the best results.

Personally, I’d be hesitant to recommend more than 2 servings per day. One because of the creatine, and two because I’m a firm believer in getting the majority of your calories from whole foods and using mass gainers as they’re intended to be used—as a supplement.

A person opening a bag of The Protein Works Weight Gainer to review it

Still, some people have really high caloric requirements. In this case, drinking two shakes per day can make sense, especially if you’re training hard and can really make good use of all those surplus calories, proteins, and carbs.

To make one serving, just put between 600 and 700 ml of water in your shaker bottle (or blender) and add 5 scoops to the liquid. Give it a good, vigorous shake for 20 to 30 seconds, and you should have a tasty, lump-free shake that’s ready to drink.

As for when to take Mass Matrix Extreme, I recommend having one serving post-workout so that you can quickly get these vital nutrients to your muscles and kickstart the recovery process.

If you’re having 2-3 shakes per day, then I recommend having one just after your evening meal or before bed so that your body has plenty of amino acids while you’re asleep.

Alternatively, you can drink a shake any time of the day as a standalone meal. This is particularly useful if you’re busy and don’t have the time (or desire) to cook high-calorie meals from scratch.

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Crazy Nutrition Mass Gainer

Protein Works Total Mass Matrix vs Protein Works Total Mass Matrix Extreme

In this Protein Works Total Mass Matrix vs Protein Works Total Mass Matrix Extreme comparison, I’ll dissect the differences between these two Protein Works mass gainers so that you can decide which one is best for you.

Front view of The Protein Works Total Mass Matrix Extreme
  • Mass Matrix Extreme has 962 calories per 265g serving, whereas Mass Matrix has just 452 calories per 120g serving.
  • Mass Matrix Extreme has 53 grams of protein, whereas Mass Matrix has 32 grams.
  • Mass Matrix Extreme provides 173g of carbs per serving, and Mass Matrix has 68g per shake.
  • Mass Matrix Extreme Contains 5g of creatine per serving, while Mass Matrix doesn’t have any creatine in its formula.
  • Mass Matrix Extreme is available in more flavours than the regular Mass Matrix.
  • Mass Matrix Extreme is better for hardgainers, whereas Mass Matrix is better for lean gaining and those who have a lower calorie requirement.

For a lot of people, Total Mass Matrix is the best mass gainer without creatine because it has a simple yet highly effective macronutrient formula, enabling the user to take additional supplements if they so desire.

Which Protein Works Mass Gainer Is Right For You?

Closeup of The Protein Works mass gainer

Now that I’ve done The Protein Works Total Mass Matrix Extreme review and comparison, it’s time to decide which weight gainer you’re going to buy.

While both Mass Matrix Extreme shakes are good, the right one for you depends on your goals and calorie requirement.

If you generally find it hard to put on weight and gain muscle mass, then I’d get a bag of Total Mass Matrix Extreme.

On the other hand, if you only need a small calorie boost and don’t want the added creatine, then the regular Total Mass Matrix is your best bet.

Of course, you can make great gains with either shaker, but with Mass Matrix Extreme being more “loaded” than the regular version, it’s ideal for hardgainers and those looking to put on noticeable amounts of muscle mass. 

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