Promass Weight Gainer Review: Is It Any Good?

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Promass isn’t your typical mass gainer. In fact, it’s not really a mass gainer at all. Promass is a herbal weight gainer that indirectly helps you to increase your body weight by regulating your metabolism, increasing your appetite, and improving nutrient absorption.

But how good is the supplement?

I decided to make a detailed Promass weight gainer review to find out. So, in this article, you’ll learn if Promass works as promised, as well as who it’s best suited for.

#1 herbal weight gainer
Promass Weight Gainer
A Promass Weight Gainer box ready for review
Taste: 8/10
Mixability: 9.5/10
Ingredient Quality: 10/10
Mass-Building Potential: 9.6/10
Overall Rating: 9.3/10
  • Uses quality herbal ingredients for natural weight gain
  • Easy on the stomach and quick to mix
  • Has loads of positive reviews
  • Comes with 24-day supply
  • Quite affordable for a supplement
  • Not ideal for bodybuilding

What is Promass Weight Gainer?

Closeup of Promass weight gainer

Promass is a herbal weight gainer that helps underweight people to increase their body weight. Unlike your typical mass gainer, which is loaded with calories and carbohydrates, Promass utilises herbs and natural ingredients like St. John’s wort, black cumin, and dandelion to help you gain weight and muscle mass.

Promass comes in sachets (rather than one big bag of powder like a mass gainer), making it really easy to use on the go.

One box of Promass comes with 48 sachets, which is 24 days supply, so it offers quite good value for money at a glance.

Because Promass doesn’t use whey protein or similar dairy-based ingredients, it’s also a vegan supplement like Huel weight gainer, making it suitable for those who don’t consume animal products and who want to gain weight.

Of course, top-quality mass gainers like Womens Best Weight Gainer can still work wonders because they contain wholesome, nutritious ingredients. So you can definitely use Promass in conjunction with traditional weight gainers as well.

How Does Promass Weight Gainer Work?

All the Promass weight gainer sachets

Promass weight gainer works by regulating your metabolism, which, in turn, improves nutrient absorption and increases your appetite.

Let’s break that down.

With an appropriate metabolism and a healthy body, you can make the most of all the nutrients that you’re consuming, meaning less of the protein, carbs, calories, and fats will be wasted, which ultimately helps you to put on weight.

Also, because Promass mass gainer makes you more naturally hungry, you won’t feel like you’re force-feeding yourself with endless amounts of food just to gain a few measly pounds of body weight.

Instead, if you use Promass as directed (more on that in a minute), you will be glad to eat more food and may even do so without realising it.

Overall, Promass weight gainer takes an indirect approach to weight gain. Rather than stuffing your stomach with liquid calories that make you feel bloated, these small herbal sachets increase your appetite naturally and set you up for healthy weight gain that lasts.

How Long Do Results Take From Promass Weight Gainer?

A Pro Mass Weight Gainer sachet

According to Promass, the average time to see results from using their weight gainer is around 15 days. Obviously, though, individual results will vary because everyone has different starting weights, metabolisms, and activity levels.

You may well experience an appetite increase soon after using Promass mass gainer for the first time, but the actual weight gain will take longer.

Promass says that gains of 4-8kg per month are possible while using their product, but it depends on how much you weigh.

For example, if you’re really skinny, then you obviously have more weight to gain than someone who’s only slightly underweight.

Using Promass on its own isn’t going to drastically increase your body weight. In other words, you still need to eat enough healthy calories and quality nutrients (which is made easier with Promass) in order to actually gain kilograms of body mass.

Does Promass Weight Gainer Have Any Side Effects?

The Promass weight gainer ingredients

According to Promass, their weight gainer has no side effects because it’s a natural product. However, it's still worth looking through the ingredients (which I’ll list below) to check if they’re ok with you.

According to my box of sachets, Promass contains carob (called goat horn in Turkish), black cumin (Nigella sativa), wheat, St. John’s wort, ginger, cumin, and dandelion.

As you can see, these natural ingredients are very different to the artificial additives that you find in many commercial weight gainers.

The vast majority of Promass weight gainer reviews are positive, so it seems like Promass works pretty well and doesn’t have any side effects (you could call appetite increase a side effect, I suppose).

Also, if you stop using Promass gradually, then you should be able to maintain all of the body weight that you’ve put on. 

After reaching your goal weight, Promass recommends reducing your usage from two sachets per day to one sachet per day for the first week, then one sachet every 2 days for the second week, one sachet every 3 days for the third week, and then one sachet every 4 days for the fourth week.

How To Use Promass Weight Gainer 

Using Promass is easy, and it’s much simpler than making a mass gain shake.

Directions showing how to take Promass weight gainer

To use Promass weight gainer correctly, take one sachet and mix it with 100 ml to 200 ml of liquid 20 minutes after a meal.

You should take Promass twice per day, either in the morning and evening or in the afternoon and evening.

Because of the herbal ingredients, you might want to mix Promass with some kind of juice or milk to mask the taste.

The good news is that the drinks are very small in size, so you won’t feel full or bloated after drinking them.

You can also read my review of Protein World weight gainer if you want a point of comparison for Promass.

The Verdict: Should You Buy Pro Mass Weight Gainer?

A serving of Pro Mass Weight Gainer in a glass

While I’m still a big believer in ordinary mass gainers (if they’re high-quality supplements with natural ingredients), I like that Promass helps people gain weight without stuffing their bodies with loads of calories.

So if you’re skinny and like the idea of taking a natural supplement, then it could be worth giving Promass a try. After all, it’s a very affordable supplement as well!

As any honest Promass weight gainer review will tell you, this supplement (nor any other) will guarantee weight gain. The idea behind Promass is that it regulates your metabolism and increases your appetite, so you still need to eat a balanced, healthy diet with sufficient calories.

You could certainly take Promass alongside a regular mass gainer, but just make sure that the mass gainer isn’t loaded with maltodextrin or other cheap carbohydrates. Look for one that has wholesome ingredients like oats instead.

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