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In my Pro Elite Lean Mass Gainer Review, you’re going to learn all about a little-known weight gainer that contains everything you need for lean gaining (i.e. bulking without getting fat).

I hadn’t heard of Pro-Elite until recently, but I’ve quickly become a fan of their affordable prices and quality ingredients. Last week, I decided to pick up a tub of their lean mass gainer in Double Chocolate flavour.

What follows is a review of its taste, mixability, ingredients, and mass-building effectiveness.

ideal for lean gaining
Pro Elite Lean Mass Gainer
A tub of Pro Elite Lean Mass Gainer
Taste: 9.5/10
Mixability: 9.8/10
Ingredient Quality: 9.2/10
Mass-Building Potential: 9.1/10
Overall Rating: 9.4/10
  • Contains 32g of protein and 28g of carbs, ideal for lean gaining
  • Tastes good and mixes without any fuss
  • Less than 7g of fat
  • Uses both fast-digesting and slow-release carbs
  • Really affordable compared to big-name gainers
  • The soya protein isn’t to everyone’s liking

What Is Pro Elite Lean Mass Gainer?

As its name suggests, Pro Elite Lean Mass Gainer is a lean gainer that’s designed for people who want to gain muscle mass without loads of body fat.

Closeup of Pro Elite Lean Mass

With 302 calories per 70g serving, this Pro-Elite mass gainer is ideal for those who don’t have extreme calorie requirements yet still want a convenient source of quality nutrition.

Within those 302 calories, you get 28g of carbs, 32g of protein, and 7g of fat, which are excellent macros for lean gaining. Usually, to get such a good protein-to-carbs ratio, you’d be paying twice the price at least!

But as you might already know, the biggest-name supplements aren’t always the best. Although your gym buddies might not have heard of Pro-Elite, their supplements really pack a punch because they contain premium ingredients without the accompanying premium price tag.

This Pro-Elite weight gainer formula also includes glutamine peptides for faster recovery times, which really makes a difference when you’re training hard and heavy during a bulk.

That’s the basics of Pro Elite Lean Mass Gainer. In the next section, we’ll talk more about how these ingredients actually work when it comes to adding slabs of mass to your physique.

How Does Pro Elite Lean Mass Gainer Work?

The scoop from Pro Elite Lean Mass Gainer

Pro Elite Lean Mass Gainer contains three different carbohydrates: fructose, maltodextrin, and oat flour.

This carb diversity means that you’re getting that quick energy when you need it (i.e. post-workout) as well as that long-lasting fuel to keep you feeling strong and steady.

As for protein, the 3-protein blend consists of whey protein concentrate, milk protein, and soya protein isolate. While some people prefer a milk-protein-only gainer, many lifters have made excellent gains while consuming soy protein.

What really stands out for me, though, is the protein-to-carb ratio. With other gainers, you’re basically playing a premium for cheap carbs. But with Pro Elite Lean Mass Gainer, you’re getting quality, varied carbs along with plenty of protein.

The Pro Elite Lean Mass Gainer nutrition facts

Honestly, it’s rare for a weight gainer these days to have more protein than carbs, so this Pro Elite mass gainer is very well-formulated indeed.

Of course, some hardgainers actually need a lot more carbs than protein, but they’re not the target audience for this supplement. You can read my Pro Elite X-Force Mass Gainer review if you’d like to see Pro-Elite’s higher calorie gainer.

Pro Elite Lean Mass Gainer Taste

A tub of Pro Elite Lean Mass Gainer next to a shaker bottle

When you’re bulking and eating more than usual, you want a gainer that tastes good so that you actually look forward to drinking it.

Well, after my initial scepticism—given the low price point—I’m pleased to say that Pro Elite Lean Mass Gainer was a pleasure to drink. I went for the Double Chocolate flavour, and it tasted great in just water (and even better with milk).

I like how the flavour tastes of genuine rich chocolate without being artificial or overpowering; it’s just what you want after a workout.

You can also get the 2.25kg and 4kg tubs in Smooth Banana, Strawberry, and Vanilla Cream, so if chocolate isn’t your thing, you still have plenty of options.

Pro Elite Lean Mass Gainer Mixability

A man making up a serving of Pro Elite Lean Mass in his shaker bottle

Pro Elite Lean Mass mixes with ease. It’s honestly one of the best-mixing gainers I’ve ever used. I think this is mainly down to the fact that you’re only using 70g of powder, which isn’t a lot when it comes to weight gainers.

Other weight gainers, believe it or not, have over 300g of powder per serving, which makes them impossible to mix in a shaker bottle. Pro Power Weight Gainer, for example, requires 200g of powder per serving, which is still a lot.

Pro Elite Lean Mass contains about twice the power as a standard protein shake, so it mixes perfectly—clump-free in milk or water—in any standard shaker bottle. It’s quite similar to Predator Mass, which is also for lean gaining.

What I found is that thanks to the shake's slightly lower calorie content, you don’t have that really gritty texture that you often get with other gainers, which definitely makes drinking your shake less of a chore.

When Should You Take Your Pro Elite Mass Gainer For The Best Results?

A person doing a review of Pro Elite Lean Mass Gainer

Any weight gainer is essentially a convenient calorie source. As such, you can take Pro Elite Lean Mass any time you need some protein and carbs.

Obviously, post-workout is an ideal time to have a shake because, after training, your muscles can make the best use of the extra glycogen and amino acids.

But you can also drink shakes between meals, at breakfast, or before going to bed. It all depends on your schedule, calorie requirements, and your bulking goals.

Another good gainer is Kinetica Sports Oat Gain. While more expensive than Pro-ELite, it does have fantastic, clean ingredients that athletes of all kinds really like.

Pro Elite Lean Mass vs Pro Elite X-Force Mass Gainer

Pro-Elite makes a lean mass gainer as well as a hard mass gainer. Both have their pros and cons, so let’s see which is right for you.

A comparison of Pro Elite X-Force Mass Gainer and Pro Elite Lean Mass Gainer

If you’re a hardgainer, then X-Force is the better choice because it contains 856 calories vs Lean Mass’s 302. It also has way more carbs and significantly more protein as well.

If you want a gainer with more protein than carbs, then Lean Mass is the better option because it has 32g of protein and 28g of carbs per 70g serving. So, even though it has fewer calories than X-Force, Lean Mass is still a very nutrient-dense formula, especially when you factor in the smaller serving size.

In terms of flavours, both gainers taste equally good. They also mix well. But, naturally, because of the small serving size, Lean Mass mixes that bit easier and with less liquid, which I find makes the shakes easier to drink between meals without feeling too full.

As for price, at the time of writing, both supplements cost the same when you get a big 4kg tub.

Hopefully, my Pro Elite Lean Mass Gainer review and comparison helped you decide which supplement is right for you and your weight-gaining goals.

The Verdict: Is This Pro Elite Weight Gainer Ideal For Bulking?

This Pro Elite weight gainer ticks pretty much every box; it has excellent macros, tastes great, mixes easily, and is available at a fair price.

While hardgainers may prefer a higher calorie shake, this Pro Elite mass gainer—thanks to its moderate 302-calorie formula—is ideal for those who want to bulk up without getting fat.

Overall, this supplement gets my stamp of approval. It’s packed with quality nutrition and doesn’t cost the earth, which is exactly what you want from a mass gainer.

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