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With 32g of protein, 50g of carbs, and just 3g of sugar, Predator Mass provides you with the necessary nutrients to put on plenty of muscle mass.

Checking in at over 390 calories, Predator Mass is ideal for lean gaining. It’s not so calorie-dense that you’ll feel like you’ve been at an all-you-can-eat buffet, yet it contains enough calories to help you put on that quality mass that you’re looking to acquire.

The only downside? It seems like this supplement has been discontinued since I first tried it back in 2020. It’s a shame if it has. Anyway, I hope that my Predator Mass review still helps you find a weight gainer that’s right for you and your goals.

ideal for weight gain
Predator Nutrition Predator Mass
A tub of Predator Mass from Predator Nutrition
Taste: 8.5/10
Mixability: 8.7/10
Ingredient Quality: 8.3/10
Mass-Building Potential: 8/10
Overall Rating: 8.4/10
  • Contains over 390 calories for lean gaining
  • Supports muscle growth with 32g of quality protein
  • Provides energy and fuel with 52g of carbs
  • Excellent carbs-to-protein ratio
  • Keeps sugar to a minimum (only 3g)
  • Mixes really well and tastes good, too
  • Likely not for extreme hardgainers

What Is Predator Mass?

Predator Mass is a weight gainer or, more specifically, a lean gainer, created and manufactured by UK supplement company Predator Nutrition.

Predator Mass Gainer comes in a 5kg tub and provides around 390 calories, 50g of carbs, and 32g of protein—great lean-gaining macros.

The best time to take Predator Mass is after a workout, when your muscles are most in need of nutrients (i.e., amino acids and glycogen).

However, as a quality source of calories, you can also take Predator Mass Gainer between meals, at breakfast, or before going to bed. In other words, you can sue Predator Mass wherever you need an extra calorie boost to help with your bulking goals.

The Chocolate Truffle flavour is top-notch, so if you want a shake with a smooth consistency that you actually look forward to drinking, this Predator mass gainer could be a good option.

How Does Predator Mass Work?

Predator Mass Gainer works by helping you to achieve a calorie surplus, which is necessary to trigger weight gain.

The carbs help to replenish your glycogen stores after a workout (or fill them up before one), which makes your muscles look full and pumped.

The 32g of high-quality protein help to stimulate muscle protein synthesis, which is a prerequisite for hypertrophy.

It’s quite rare to find a mass gainer these days with such a good protein-to-carbs ratio.

While there are cheaper options than this Predator Nutrition mass gainer, you’re not paying for loads of carbs that you don’t need!

Obviously, some hardgainers would benefit from a higher carbs-to-protein ratio, so there’s no one ideal supplement for everyone when it comes to gaining weight and muscle.

If you’d like to see another supplement that’s also good for lean gaining, then check out my Warrior Lean Mass Gainer review.

Who Should Take Predator Mass?

If you're someone looking to pack on some serious muscle and increase your strength—without piling on fat—then Predator Mass could be a good pick. It's especially beneficial for those who struggle to gain weight via a purely whole foods diet and need that extra boost in their daily calorie intake.

But before you start chugging down those shakes, make sure you're also hitting the gym regularly! After all, the idea behind taking Predator Mass is to support your workouts and maximise your gains. 

Remember, though, that Predator Mass isn't for everyone. If you're already at your desired weight or have a calorie surplus in your diet, adding Predator Mass might not be the best idea. Instead, focus on consuming nutrient-dense whole foods and getting enough protein from various sources.

In short, consider taking Predator Mass if:

  • You struggle to gain weight
  • You have a high metabolism
  • You engage in intense physical activity

Who Should Give Predator Mass A Miss?

Firstly, those wanting a mega-calorie gainer should probably give Predator Mass a miss. You see, it's got a good amount of calories, but it's best suited for lean gaining rather than aggressive bulking. If you're after a product with loads more calories for serious weight gain, this might not be your best choice. You can check out Pro Elite X-Force Mass Gainer instead

Furthermore, if you're new to strength training or haven't quite developed a consistent workout routine yet, Predator Mass might not be your best bet either. It's important to have a clear understanding of your fitness goals and a good grasp of your nutrition first before diving into using supplements like this one. 

Finally, those with dietary restrictions or allergies like lactose intolerance should also steer clear of Predator Mass if it contains ingredients that don't agree with their bodies. Although Predator Mass uses high-quality proteins, not everyone can tolerate milk proteins, especially not in high doses.

In short, those who want an extreme calorie gainer, are new to strength training, or have dietary restrictions may want to give Predator Mass a miss. But remember, everyone's different, so make sure to factor in your own unique situation.

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The Verdict

As you’ve seen, my Predator Mass Gainer review is definitely a positive one. I really enjoyed giving it a try, and I’d certainly recommend it for lean gaining.

Predator Mass Gainer delivers where it matters most: providing the necessary nutrients your body requires during intense workouts. It gives you a solid blend of proteins, carbohydrates, and healthy fats for those looking to put on some serious muscle mass.

Now, did it live up to the hype? For the most part, yeah! Many users reported noticeable improvements in their muscle mass and strength. But keep in mind, that no supplement can work miracles on its own. Pairing it with a well-balanced diet and a proper workout routine is essential for maximising your results.

As for who should be taking Predator Mass Gainer, it's spot-on for those who:

  • Struggle to put on weight and muscle mass but aren’t extreme hardgainers.
  • Want to increase their calorie and protein intake.
  • Have a fast metabolism or limited time to prepare nutritious meals.

On the flip side, you might want to avoid this Predator Nutrition weight gainer if you're someone who:

  • Wants to lose weight.
  • Has a medical condition or allergy to any of the ingredients.
  • Prefers a more natural or whole-food approach to gaining mass.
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