PhD Advanced Mass Review: How’s the Taste?

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If you’re based in the UK and are looking for a reasonably priced weight gainer, then there’s a good chance you’ve come across PhD Advanced Mass. And while this gainer is definitely popular, it does have its drawbacks as well as its benefits.

So if you want to learn whether or not this supplement is right for you, make sure to read my PhD Advanced Mass Review to learn about all the pros and cons.

for hardgainers
PhD Advanced Mass
A bag of PhD Advanced Mass beside a blender jug
Taste: 8.1/10
Mixability: 8.4/10
Ingredient Quality: 8.6/10
Mass-Building Potential: 9.4/10
Overall Rating: 8.6/10
  • Contains an impressive 1146 mass-boosting calories
  • Supports new muscle growth with 50g of protein per serving
  • Helps you through hard workouts and the recovery process with 193g of carbs
  • Contains 17g of healthy fats for a balanced macronutrient profile
  • Includes 17g of fibre to improve digestion and nutrient absorption
  • Uses casein and egg protein as well as whey for a sustained amino acid release
  • Not everyone wants the added creatine (but 5g is a good dose)
  • The serving size is big
  • Texture can be a bit gritty unless you use a blender

PhD Advanced Mass Nutrition Facts

PhD Advanced Mass is a high-calorie weight gainer that, in addition to being loaded with carbs, contains a diverse range of protein sources like whey, casein, and egg. Let’s get the full lowdown on the macronutrients.

The PhD Advanced Mass nutrition facts
  • 50g of protein per serving to support muscle growth and recovery.
  • 1146 calories in each serving to aid in your mass-gaining journey.
  • Up to 193g of carbohydrates to provide energy and enhance muscle fullness and glycogen stores.
  • 4-stage protein blend with whey isolate, whey concentrate, casein, and egg protein for an optimal absorption rate and a steady flow of amino acids.
  • Only 6g of sugar per 300g serving to help keep your energy stable.
  • Contains additional nutrients such as zinc, magnesium, MCT oil, and flaxseed
  • Formulated with a full 17g of fibre for easy digestion and enhanced nutrient absorption.
  • Includes an optimal 5g dose of creatine monohydrate.

PhD Advanced Mass has been carefully formulated to provide a balanced combination of macronutrients so that your body has all the proteins, carbs, and fats that it needs to pack on mass quickly.

Although 50g of protein is pretty good—more than enough for most lifters—I would have liked to see around 60g given that one serving contains over 1100 calories. In other words, I think that a slightly better protein-to-calorie ratio would have been the icing on the cake.

See my Reflex Nutrition Instant Mass review if you’d like to learn about a mass gainer that has 60g of protein.

Still, with quality complex carbs like oat flour, waxy maize starch, and maltodextrin, your body will have plenty of surplus energy to fuel new weight gain and big plateau-busting workouts in the gym.

Also, while many lifters prefer to take their creatine separately, this PhD mass gainer does have a solid 5-gram dose per serving, which is optimal for muscle mass and strength development.

PhD Mass Gainer Ingredient Quality

back view of the PhD Mass Gainer

PhD Advanced Mass Gainer comes in a big 5.4kg bag and contains a variety of high-quality ingredients to support your muscle-building goals. In this section, I'll discuss each key ingredient and how it can contribute to weight and muscle gain.

Whey Isolate and Concentrate: These proteins are quickly absorbed by your body, making them ideal for post-workout muscle recovery and growth. They have a high bioavailability, meaning your body can efficiently use the amino acids to trigger rapid muscle protein synthesis, which is essential for hypertrophy.

Micellar Casein: This slow-release protein is derived from milk and supplies your muscles with a steady stream of amino acids throughout the day. Ideal for preventing muscle breakdown, micellar casein keeps that protein synthesis switch ignited, especially during periods of fasting, such as between meals or during sleep.

Whole Egg Protein: This is where this PhD weight gainer really stands out. Whole egg protein combines the benefits of both the egg white and yolk, offering healthy fats and a high-quality, super-nutritious protein source that provides crucial amino acids.

A big bag of PhD Advanced Mass 5.4kg

Complex Carbohydrates: PhD Advanced Mass Gainer incorporates high-quality carbohydrates sourced from oats, as well as maltodextrin and waxy maize starch. These complex carbs provide sustained energy release and help you maintain high energy levels throughout the day, making it easier to get through those intense workouts.

Zinc and Magnesium: Zinc is vital for protein synthesis, while magnesium contributes to muscle relaxation and electrolyte balance. Including these minerals in the mass gainer helps to ensure your body has the necessary nutrients to fuel muscle growth and recovery.

MCT Oil: Medium Chain Triglyceride (MCT) oil is a source of healthy fats that help to promote positive weight gain. MCTs are quickly metabolised, providing your body with a rapid energy source, meaning that you can also take this PhD gainer before a workout. 

Creatine: This well-researched and long-studied supplement might be cheap and readily available, but it works wonders for increasing strength, power, and muscle mass. It should be part of any serious lifter’s bulking regime, that’s for sure!

PhD Advanced Mass Taste

I used PhD Advanced Mass a few years ago, and I wasn’t overly keen on the taste. But after ordering another 5.4kg bag, it appears that they’ve really upped their flavour game in the past couple of years.

The powder inside the bag of PhD Advanced Mass

I decided to go for the Chocolate Peanut Butter flavour this time around, and I wasn’t disappointed. 

Although thick (which is actually my preference), my shakes tasted great, especially when I mixed up the powder with whole milk.

Taste-wise, I’d say that this PhD weight gainer tastes better than around 70% of other weight gainers on the UK market, which is pretty good.

While PhD Advanced Mass has always had a solid ingredient profile capable of producing real weight gain, I’m glad to see that the taste and mixability have improved. More on the mixing part in the next section of my PhD mass gainer review.

PhD Advanced Mass Mixability

A man making up a serving of PhD Advanced Mass in a blender

So, to get the most out of this PhD gainer, you’ll want to mix 3 scoops (300g of powder) with roughly 600 ml of liquid. You can definitely just take like two scoops if you don’t have a massively high calorie requirement, which will definitely make the mixing a bit easier.

Since a standard shaker bottle is only around 700 ml, I recommend mixing PhD Advanced Mass Gainer in a blender to get a smooth consistency.

While the liquid and powder can be blended together by hand, it’s so much easier to get a smooth texture with a blender. 

Without a blender, I found that the texture can be a bit gritty, which is true for just about any mass gainer with 1000+ calories!

Overall, though, Advanced Mass by PhD Nutrition mixes really well, considering how packed it is with weight-increasing ingredients.

If you’d prefer a lower-calorie weight gainer (lower-calorie gainers inherently have better mixability than their higher-calorie counterparts), then read my Sci Mx Mass Gainer review.

PhD Advanced Mass Digestibility

A serving of PhD Gainer

The truth is that any high-calorie gainer is going to sit a bit heavy on your stomach to begin with, especially if you’ve not used mass gainers consistently before.

However, thanks to the 17g of fibre per serving, this PhD mass gainer does digest that bit more easily than your average gainer.

Would I slam a shake of this before training legs?

Definitely not. But if you give it at least an hour, you won’t feel too full even after drinking a hefty 1146 calories from PhD Advanced Mass Gainer.

That said, since your muscles are most sensitive to nutrients after a workout, I recommend taking PhD Advanced Mass as a post-workout shake. After all, that’s when your body is crying out for those carbs and amino acids (and you’ll be ready for a shake after a hard session).

PhD Mass Gainer Drawbacks

As you’ve probably worked out by now, after reading my PhD Mass Gainer review, I’m a big fan of this supplement. It’s always nice to see UK products that are genuinely helpful to people.

However, there are one or two downsides that prevent this PhD weight gainer from achieving full marks.

A bag of PhD Advanced Mass beside a blender jug

Firstly, while the product packs a substantial 49.8g of protein and over 1,000 calories per serving, it might not be enough for everyone. A bit more protein for the 1100 calories would have been the icing on the cake for those striving for optimal muscle growth.

After all, if you eat a meal with 1100 calories, you’re most likely going to end up with more than 50g of protein. But honestly, 50g of protein is plenty for a hardgainer. See my Kinetica Oat Gain review if you’d like to check out a weight gainer with a better protein-to-carb ratio.

Moreover, not everyone likes having creatine in their weight gain formula. I’m definitely one of those people! 

Although creatine is known for its muscle-building and strength-enhancing properties, I don’t like being forced to take it with any other supplement, whether that be a protein powder, pre-workout, or weight gainer.

Finally, some people complained in their PhD Advanced Mass reviews that their shakes didn’t taste nice. However, upon closer exception, it’s clear that most of these reviews are quite old. 

And as mentioned earlier, PhD Nutrition really seemed to have improved their flavours over the past couple of years, so the taste isn’t really a downside anymore, in my opinion.

The Verdict: Is This PhD Weight Gainer Right For You?

If you're looking to build muscle and gain weight in a healthy way, PhD Advanced Mass might be just what you need. With an impressive 50g of protein and over 1,100 calories per serving, this high-quality mass gainer has a lot going for it:

A scoop of PhD Advanced Mass Gainer
  • Protein Blend: PhD Advanced Mass contains a combination of micellar casein, whey isolate, and whole egg protein. This diverse mix of proteins helps to supply your muscles with a steady stream of amino acids, supporting hypertrophy and strength.
  • Complex Carbohydrates: Unlike some mass gainers that rely on simple sugars, PhD Advanced Mass utilises complex carbs sourced from oats and waxy maize starch. These carbs provide a more sustained energy release, helping to fuel your workouts and keeping you feeling fuller for longer (you don’t always want to feel full during a bulk, though).
  • Creatine: While standalone creatine supplements are my preference, I can see how having creatine in your weight gain formula represents good value for money.

  • Taste and Mixability: Most users of PhD Advanced Mass have praised its great taste and easy mixability, making it a convenient and enjoyable option for those looking to add calories and protein to their diet.

So, is this PhD weight gainer right for you? If you want to boost your muscle gains with a high-quality gainer that offers a balanced blend of proteins, complex carbs, and healthy fats, then PhD Advanced Mass is definitely worth considering.

I hope that my PhD Advanced Mass review helped you make a buying decision. There are so many different weight gainers available these days, so making a choice can be tricky.

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