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When you’re trying to gain weight and muscle, it can be a big challenge to get enough calories and protein into your daily diet. That’s where mass gainers come in. The trouble is, despite offering plenty of calories, many weight gainers are loaded with junk. So what’s a hardgainer to do?

One weight gainer that recently caught my eye was PE Nutrition Performance Gainer. It has a simple ingredient list and contains quality nutrition. But with mixed reviews about the taste and texture, I decided to order a bag for myself from Holland & Barrett to give it a try.

So in my PE Nutrition Performance Gainer review, I’ll give my opinion on the taste, texture, mixability, ingredient profile, and overall effectiveness of this calorie-dense supplement.

good for weight gain
PE Nutrition Performance Gainer
Front view of PE Nutrition Performance Gainer
Taste: 8/10
Mixability: 8/10
Ingredient Quality: 9/10
Mass-Building Potential: 8.5/10
Overall Rating: 8.4/10
  • Provides 451 muscle-building calories per 120g serving
  • Triggers muscle growth with 25g of whey protein
  • Fuels workouts and weight gain with 69.5g of slow-release and fast-acting carbohydrates
  • Only has 6g of fat
  • Contains 20 servings per bag
  • Tastes great and mixes well (in my opinion)
  • Some users didn’t like the taste

PE Nutrition Performance Gainer Ingredients and Nutrition

Per 120g serving, which is around 4 scoops, you get the following nutrition:

The nutrition facts for PE Nutrition Performance Weight Gainer
  • 451 calories to support weight gain and workout recovery.
  • 25g of whey protein to stimulate muscle protein synthesis.
  • 69.5g of carbs from oat flour, fructose, maize starch, tapioca starch, and maltodextrin.
  • Only 5.1g of fat (from MCT powder).

As you can see, the ingredients are quite limited. But that’s actually a good thing when it comes to weight gainers because you know that you’re not paying for junk.

I particularly like the calorie amount per serving. Whereas other gainers often have 1000+ calories, PE Nutrition Gainer has 451, which means that you get a superior carb-to-protein ratio for muscle-building.

So many other brands fool people into paying a premium for cheap carbs, but not PE Nutrition.

And if you take the recommended two servings per day, you’re getting over 900 calories, which will help almost everyone with their weight gain goals. All you need to do is eat your regular whole meals and put in the effort in the weight room. 

PE Nutrition Performance Gainer Benefits and Effectiveness

Only Uses Quality Protein

A scoop from a bag of PE Nutrition Mass Gainer

PE Nutrition Performance Gainer prioritises quality by using only whey protein, which is rare for a gainer this cheap. Other products in this price range tend to inflate their numbers by using cheap and highly questionable proteins like soy, which might do more harm than good.

Whey protein, on the other hand, is easily absorbed and fast to digest, meaning that the amino acids can get to your muscles as quickly as possible—just what you want after a workout.

In this sense, PE Nutrition Performance Gainer reminds me of Healthspan All Blacks Mass Gain Protein Blend, which is another quality weight gain shake.

Utilises Multiple Carb Sources

PE Nutrition weight gainer includes a combination of fast and slow-release carbohydrates for short-term fuel during workouts and for sustained energy release over a longer period. 

Using multiple carb sources allows better glycogen replenishment and lessens the chance of energy crashes, supporting your performance and muscle-building goals.

Compared to fats, carbs don’t tend to sit as heavy on your stomach because they’re usually quicker to digest, making them ideal in any kind of mass gain shake.

Doesn’t Contain Any Fillers

Side view of PE Nutrition Gainer

PE Nutrition Performance Gainer is made without unnecessary fillers or false promises, which is a breath of fresh air in the supplement industry, let me tell you! 

Not only does this make the PE Nutrition weight gainer healthier, but it also keeps costs down for you and me, which is ideal if you don’t like forking out for expensive supplements with fancy packaging. More on that later in my PE Nutrition Performance Gainer review.

Great Protein-to-Carbs Ratio For Bulking

This gainer has a well-balanced protein-to-carbs ratio, specifically designed for those looking to bulk up effectively. With 25g of protein and 69.5g of carbs per serving (120g), it offers the perfect mix of macronutrients to support muscle growth and weight gain.

The ratio of carbs to protein is just under 3:1, which is ideal for gaining weight. I also like how there are only 6g of fat, which means that the carbs and fats won’t be competing for absorption, allowing your muscles to make use of the nutrients sooner.

It Doesn't Sit Heavy On Your Stomach

A bag of PE Nutrition Mass Gainer

Another notable benefit of PE Nutrition Performance Gainer is that it's gentle on your stomach and is a gluten-free mass gainer.

Some gainers can cause bloating or discomfort, but not this one. Even with over 450 calories per serving, it's easy to digest, allowing you to focus on your time in the gym without feeling uncomfortable or weighed down. This means you can enjoy your workouts and make weight gain progress without unnecessary distractions.

PE Nutrition Performance Gainer Taste and Mixing

While this product is an objectively good supplement for gaining muscle mass, not everyone was crazy about the taste and texture in their PE Nutrition Performance Gainer reviews.

A man making up a shake of PE Nutrition Performance Gainer

With any nutritional drink except maybe BCAAs, you’re going to get a bit of grittiness—especially with mass gainers due to their sheer caloric density.

Honestly, while I wouldn’t give this PE Nutrition weight gainer a 10/10 for a taste, I’d probably give it a solid 8/10, which is more than I’d give your average mass gainer (and I’ve tried over 60 different ones this year).

Yes, there’s some minor grittiness in the texture, but this is just part of drinking mass gainers, and it’s really not that noticeable.

I found that my shakes mixed well with both whole milk and water when I used a large shaker with a mixing ball, so no complaints there. You will need to shake it vigorously, though, so you can’t just stir it with a spoon or anything like that.

Overall, I was pleasantly surprised by the taste, given the mixed reviews. It definitely tastes better than Atlas Weight Gainer and Time 4 Nutrition Mass Gain.

PE Nutrition Performance Gainer Value For Money

It seems like the price of almost everything is going up these days—including supplements.

A scoop and shaker bottle next to a bag of PE Nutrition Performance Gainer

Now, I don’t mind spending some of my savings to test all these mass gainers for the British public, but I have to admit that I was happy to only pay 25 quid for a weight gainer!

One bag has 20 servings, which is honestly incredible value for money. On a price-per-serving basis, I think that this PE Nutrition Mass Gainer is just about the most affordable in the UK.

Sure, it’s not quite as high-calorie as some of the other gainers that are available, but it’s still hardcore enough (if that’s the right word) to trigger some significant weight gain if you consume it alongside your whole food meals.

If you’d like to see another fairly-priced gainer, then feel free to read my Decathlon Muscle Gainer Whey and Oats review.

Should You Take This PE Nutrition Mass Gainer to Bulk Up?

A scoop of PE Nutrition Weight Gainer

It’s hard to fault this PE Nutrition Mass Gainer. After all, it contains everything you need from a weight gainer and at a great price as well.

With 451 calories, 69.5g of carbs, and 25g of protein, this is the perfect supplement for packing on quality mass without getting fat (gaining some fat is okay during a bulk, but you don’t actually want to get fat).

Additionally, the PE Nutrition Performance Gainer is not only a potent source of extra calories and protein but also boasts an excellent taste. This, along with its clean ingredient profile, sets it apart from its competitors, making it an attractive option to add to your daily diet.

I hope that you found my PE Nutrition Performance Gainer review helpful. I’d definitely recommend ordering a bag and giving it a try yourself. And if you do decide to buy it, I’d love to know what you think!

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