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If you’re looking to make the most of your weight-gaining efforts, then one of the smartest things you can do is invest in a proven mass gainer with quality ingredients.

With 4 sources of muscle-building protein and 4 types of weight-increasing carbohydrates, Myprotein The Gainer is seen as a premium option for those seeking a weight gainer that digests easily and produces results.

Although more expensive than the likes of Impact Weight Gainer, The Gainer from Myprotein does have more calories, carbs, protein, and fat per serving, making it an ideal choice for hardgainers.

To see if it’s worth your money, I created a full Myprotein The Gainer review to analyse the ingredients, mass-building-effectiveness, taste, mixability, and digestibility. Let’s see how The Gainer stacks up!

ideal for weight gain
Myprotein The Gainer
The Gainer from Myprotein next to a blender jug
Taste: 8.5/10
Mixability: 8/10
Ingredient Quality: 9.5/10
Mass-Building Potential: 10/10
Overall Rating: 9/10
  • Fuels your weight-gain efforts with 752 clean calories
  • Utilises a 55g combination of fast-acting and slow-release proteins
  • Has 110g of low glycemic index carbs that are easy on your stomach
  • Benefits from a proven 2:1 carb-to-protein ratio for quality weight gain
  • Includes 10g of healthy fats from flaxseed and MCTs
  • Formulated with digestive enzymes for efficient nutrition absorption
  • Hard to mix in a regular shaker bottle
  • Expensive 

Myprotein The Gainer Overview

Myprotein The Gainer has 752 calories, 110g of carbs, 55g of protein, and 10g of fat per serving—enough nutrition to get even the hardest of hardgainers excited.

Myprotein The Gainer bag and nutrition facts

Although there are certainly mass gainers with more than 750 calories per serving, these products often lack the quality calories that you’ll find inside Myprotein The Gainer. Plus, with 372 calories per 100g, the formula used for Myprotein The Gainer is about as calorie-dense as they come.

On top of the basic macronutrients, The Gainer also makes use of a digestive enzyme blend, helping you to make the best use of all the muscle-building nutrients that you’re taking on board.

Myprotein produces a range of different weight gainers, with The Gainer containing by far the most calories on a per-serving basis.

The Gainer is also the most expensive of all Myprotein’s mass gainers, so It’s definitely not a budget option. The good news, in this regard, is that Myprotein almost always has some kind of sale on its supplements, so there’s a good chance that you might be able to get The Gainer at a reduced price.

You can always get a sample of Myprotein The Gainer to give it a try and see if it fits well with your weight-gaining needs and taste preferences.

Myprotein The Gainer Ingredient Effectiveness

Myprotein The Gainer sample

In a world where more and more supplement brands are filling their weight gainers with soy and other low-quality proteins, it’s reassuring to see that Myprotein has used 4 quality protein sources in the Gainer; whey concentrate, whey isolate, whey hydrolysate, and micellar casein.

Thanks to the proven combination of fast-release and slow-digesting proteins, your muscles will be optimised for growth and repair because they’re receiving a near-immediate dose of amino acids from the whey and also a sustained release of amino acids from the casein, which is a highly underrated protein source.

It’s a similar story with the 110g of carbohydrates. Myprotein makes use of Carb10™ pea starch, as well as highly branched cyclic dextrin, gluten-free oat flour, and organic buckwheat flour.

So you’re getting fast fuel to power your workouts, but you’re also receiving a steady supply of energy to keep you feeling focused and at your best for hours at a time.

Side view of The Gainer from Myprotein

Unlike the typical maltodextrin-heavy mass gainer, The Gainer by Myprotein uses carbohydrates that are easily absorbed by your body. And because these carbs don’t cause an unnecessarily high insulin spike—there are only 2.8g of sugar—you won’t feel that dreaded crash after drinking your shake.

Myprotein The Gainer also has 10g of quality fat from MCTs and flaxseed, which is a great way to boost your calorie intake without harming your health or slowing down the protein absorption.

To round it all off, The Gainer contains Myprotein’s premium MyZyme™ digestive enzyme blend so that your muscles can grow bigger and stronger by making the best possible use of all the nutrients that you’re consuming.

Myprotein The Gainer Taste and Mixing 

A man reviewing The Gainer by Myprotein

Nobody can deny that, ingredient-wise, Myprotein The Gainer is up there with the best. But how about the taste and mixability?

Well, the taste of any supplement is subjective, and looking at the various Myprotein The Gainer reviews, opinions are definitely mixed. Let me give you my honest thoughts.

One serving of the Chocolate Brownie flavour is 203g of powder mixed with 750ml to 1L of liquid. You will not be able to fit this mixture in a standard shaker bottle, so you’ll either need to invest in a 1L MYPRO Shaker like I did or use an electric blender.

Honestly? I quite liked the taste. I’ve had tastier shakes in my time, for sure, but The Gainer wasn’t overpowering or sickly, which I definitely appreciated. Still, as there’s less than 3g of sugar per serving, I wouldn’t say that it was absolutely delicious. 

A person doing a The Gainer review from Myprotein

But then we don’t drink mass gainers to be blown away by the taste—we drink them to bulk up and get great results, which is what you’ll get from The Gainer.

Overall, I found the mixability to be good. While the large serving size does require more liquid and longer shaking, I tried it with 400ml of water and 400ml of milk in a large shaker bottle and managed to get a lump-free shake, which is as much as you can ask for from a mass gainer.

If you want to see a weight gainer that has 10/10 mixability, then check out my Myprotein Clear Whey Gainer review after you’ve read this.

premium quality
A bag of Myprotein The Gainer next to a shaker bottle and scoop
Myprotein The Gainer

Myprotein The Gainer Results and Benefits

As with any training program, diet, or supplement, individual results will naturally vary with Myprotein The Gainer. I’ve seen people report weight gain anywhere from 1kg to over 10kg in a few months, so results are definitely there to be had if you train hard and take The Gainer consistently.

The Gainer by Myprotein

The main benefit of Myprotein The Gainer is that it helps you create a calorie surplus, which is essential for any amount of weight gain.

Beyond the basics, though, Myprotein The Gainer has an optimal 2:1 carb-to-protein ratio so that you can pack on quality muscle without gaining a bunch of fat.

So many other weight gainers brag about including 5x as many carbs as protein, as if it’s actually a good thing. In reality, most of these mega-carb mass gainers are just charging you a premium for cheap carbohydrates and average-quality protein.

As mentioned earlier in this Myprotein The Gainer review, you won’t get slowed down by the dreaded energy crash when you take this mass gainer because it has less than 3g of sugar and uses low-glycemic carbohydrates so that you can enjoy consistent energy throughout the day.

Who Should Buy Myprotein The Gainer?

If you’re someone who wants to gain weight and is willing to spend a bit more on a top-quality supplement, then The Gainer by Myprotein is an excellent choice.

Myprotein The Gainer scoop size

With a clean ingredient list, quality proteins, healthy fats, and low GI carbs, The Gainer is a premium supplement that will help you achieve the calorie surplus you need to put on weight and muscle mass.

As with Advanced Weight Gainer From Myprotein, The Gainer benefits from both quick-release and slow-digesting protein sources so that your muscles get a fast yet consistent supply of quality mass-building amino acids.

Also, if you’re looking for a weight gainer that’s very low in sugar and free from maltodextrin, then The Gainer from Myprotein is a solid option as well.

752 clean calories
Myprotein The Gainer sample
Myprotein The Gainer

Who Should Avoid Myprotein The Gainer?

If you’re on a tight budget (nothing wrong with that), then I’d advise against getting The Gainer, even though it’s an undeniably effective supplement.

The Gainer from Myprotein next to a blender jug

Although The Gainer has a higher calorie content per serving than Myprotein’s other weight gainers, it has a similar calorie content on a per-100g basis.

Still, the advantage that The Gainer has over similar supplements is that it’s higher in protein. But if you need more calories, carbs, and protein, you could simply take more of another weight gainer, such as Impact Weight Gainer, which is cheaper than The Gainer.

Also, some hardgainers have such a high calorie requirement, that high-protein weight gainers may actually lead to an overconsumption of protein and underconsumption of the other macronutrients. To be honest, this is quite rare if you just have one serving of The Gainer per day.

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The Verdict: Is The Gainer From Myprotein Worth Buying?

A person opening a bag of My Protein The Gainer to do a review of it

If you’re looking for a high-calorie weight gain supplement that has a track record of getting results, then I definitely recommend giving Myprotein The Gainer a try.

Although opinions on the taste may vary, the nutrition is hard to argue with. One serving has over 750 calories, 110g of quality carbs, 55g of premium protein, and 10g of healthy fat.

As I alluded to in my Myprotein The Gainer review, the main drawback of this supplement is that it’s quite expensive—especially when you’re taking it every day. For some, the expense might be worth the gains, but it’s worth noting that cheaper supplements may be able to produce comparable, if not equal, results.

ideal for bulking
A bag of Myprotein The Gainer next to a shaker bottle and scoop
Myprotein The Gainer
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