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If you’ve spent more than 5 minutes researching weight gainers, then you’ve probably heard of Myprotein Impact Weight Gainer. Famed for its simple, quality ingredients and affordable price tag, Impact Weight Gainer has been a firm favourite in the UK for over a decade.

But is it actually the best mass gainer in the UK?

I decided to read through all the Myprotein Impact Weight Gainer reviews and conduct my own analysis to find out. So in this Myprotein weight gainer review, you’ll get access to my taste test and mixability results, as well as my thoughts on the ingredient quality and mass-building effectiveness of this popular supplement.

ideal for weight gain
Myprotein Impact Weight Gainer
A bag of Myprotein Impact Weight Gainer
Taste: 8/10
Mixability: 9/10
Ingredient Quality: 8.5/10
Mass-Building Potential: 8.5/10
Overall Rating: 8.5/10
  • Contains 388 clean calories for gaining weight and muscle mass
  • Fuels workouts and weight gain with 50g of carbs from ground oats (and some maltodextrin)
  • Contains 31g of fast-acting and slow-digesting proteins for optimal amino acid delivery
  • Free from fillers, additives, and amino spiking
  • Has a proven track record of helping people put on quality muscle mass 
  • Shakes can sometimes be a bit gritty towards the end because of the oats

Myprotein Impact Weight Gainer Nutrition Overview

When it comes to supplements, I have a tried and tested rule that works 90% of the time: If you can’t pronounce the ingredients, then they’re probably no good for you.

A bag of Myprotein Impact Weight Gainer

Sure, there are exceptions, but complex, chemical-sounding ingredients usually aren’t included for your benefit.

This is one reason why I like Impact Weight Gainer from Myprotein. Even though the formula is quite basic, it uses tried and tested ingredients like oats and whey protein to generate the bulk of its 388 calories.

Impact Weight Gainer also offers good value for money in that the bigger the bag you buy, the less you pay on a per-kilogram basis. A big 5kg bag gives you 50 full servings, which is a lot more than most mass gainers provide.

Per 100g serving, Impact Weight Gainer provides the following nutrition:

  • 388 calories
  • 31g of protein
  • 50g of carbs
  • 2.6g of sugar
  • 3.8g of fibre
  • 6.2g of fat
  • 1.3g of saturated fat
  • 0.4g of salt

Myprotein Impact Weight Gainer Ingredients

Around 90% of the Myprotein Impact Weight Gainer formula consists of ground oats and a dual-protein blend. The rest is made up of maltodextrin, which is a fast-acting carb that’s ideal in a post-workout shake.

A bag of chocolate Myprotein Weight Gainer Blend

Most mass gainers, however, rely far too heavily on maltodextrin (because it’s very cheap to source), so it’s good to see that Myprotein has opted for higher-quality ingredients with their Impact Weight Gainer.

Ground oats are a low glycemic index carb source that provides consistent energy throughout the day so that you feel focused and at your best when it comes time to work out.

And with less than 3 grams of sugar per serving, you won’t get that big energy crash after drinking Impact Weight Gainer.

The 31-gram combination of whey protein and milk protein (milk is naturally 80% casein) ensures that your growing muscles get both fast-acting protein and a steady supply of amino acids so that you can maximise your muscle-building efforts.

In terms of fat, there are 6.2g per serving for the Chocolate Smooth flavour (other flavours are probably very similar). These fats are naturally occurring from the oats and milk-based proteins, so there’s nothing extra added to Impact Weight Gainer.

Overall, this Myprotein mass gainer, while not as calorie-dense as some other supplements, still contains all the key ingredients that a hardgainer needs to get results.

Myprotein Impact Weight Gainer Taste Test

Since the Impact Weight Gainer formula has changed over time, the taste has also changed along with the ingredients. Let me explain.

Since this Myprotein weight gainer is more than 60% oats, it has—naturally enough—a rather oaty and slightly grainy texture, a bit like liquid porridge.

A person tipping some powder from a Myprotein mass gainer into a shaker cup

Overall, the taste is pretty good, certainly a bit better than average. My only minor complaint is that the very bottom of the shakes can be a little bit bitty, which is to be expected given the oat-dense formula. A simple fix is to add in a bit more liquid and then shake it up again once you get towards the end of your shake.

I liked both the Chocolate Smooth and Strawberry flavours, but if you want to make a smoothie and flavour it yourself, then the unflavoured version is also a good option.

While I prefer to just drink my Myprotein mass gainer straight from the shaker, you can also mix in the powder to your porridge to boost the protein and calorie content, which I find to be a very complementary combination, given the powder’s quite oaty taste and texture.

If you’d like to see a weight gainer with a very unique taste, then check out my Myprotein Clear Whey Gainer review for something a little different.

great for bulking
Close up of Impact Weight Gainer by Myprotein
Myprotein Impact Weight Gainer

Myprotein Impact Weight Gainer Mixability and Digestability

Most of the mega-calorie mass gainers, due to their extremely large serving size, require you to mix them up in a blender, which isn’t always convenient.

Close up of Myprotein Weight Gainer Blend

This definitely isn’t the case with this Myprotein weight gain powder, which easily mixes in a standard shaker bottle.

Myprotein recommends using between 500ml and 1L of liquid, but I personally find that 500ml is enough, otherwise, the consistency can be a bit watery, which is much less of a problem if you use milk rather than water.

As mentioned earlier in my Myprotein mass gainer review, Impact Weight Gainer has pretty good mixability considering that oats are the main carb source. 

You might experience some grittiness if you use a regular shaker bottle, but much of this will disappear if you opt for an electric blender, which is the perfect option if you want to make your own smoothies and boost the calorie content by adding milk and nut butter.

Also, due to the moderate rather than extreme calorie content, the shakes don’t sit too heavy on your stomach, meaning that you won’t feel sluggish or lethargic after drinking one.

Myprotein Impact Weight Gainer Benefits and Results

As with any mass gainer, this Myprotein weight gainer blend is simply a convenient liquid calorie source. As such, nobody can guarantee specific results from using this supplement because rates of muscle growth heavily depend on how long you’ve been lifting, your training program, recovery capabilities, and diet quality. 

Close up of Myprotein Weight Gainer Blend

Still, one thing that Impact Weight Gainer will help you with is creating a calorie surplus. Also called an energy surplus, a calorie surplus is simply an excess of calories that gives your body the fuel it needs to repair and build new muscle mass.

The extra calories and carbs provided by this Myprotein gainer will also give you the energy to perform at your best in the gym, which is what actually triggers muscle growth.

If you read any Myprotein weight gainer reviews from customers, you’ll see people reporting gains of anywhere from a kilo in a week to over 10kg over the course of a few months.

So clearly, Impact Weight Gainer has the potential to put some serious muscle mass on your body. But don’t get fooled into thinking it’s a special supplement, because as good as it is, it’s simply a liquid calorie shake that helps you create the necessary calorie surplus for gaining weight and muscle mass.

Who Should Use This Myprotein Mass Gainer?

If you want to gain weight on a budget and need a reliable source of liquid calories to help you bulk up, then this Myprotein muscle gainer is a great, affordable choice.

A big bag of Myprotein weight gainer

With thousands of positive reviews and a price tag that’s unlikely to break the bank, Impact Weight Gainer is certainly good value for money, especially when you invest in a big 5kg bag, which provides a whopping 50 servings.

This Myprotein weight gainer is suitable for just about everyone, from gym novices to elite athletes, making it a good mass gainer for teens who want to bulk up and also an excellent female weight gainer.

If you want a mass gainer that’s mainly derived from oats rather than maltodextrin, then Impact Weight Gainer is also a good option because more than 60% of its calorie content comes from oats.

great British value
A bag of Myprotein Impact Weight Gainer
Myprotein Impact Weight Gainer

Who Should Give This Myprotein Weight Gainer a Miss?

A person doing a review of Weight Gainer Blend by Myprotein

If you’re on the market for a weight gainer that’s really high in calories, then Impact Weight Gainer is probably not the best choice for you because it only has 388 calories per serving.

Although 388 calories is quite a lot, some people have really high calorie requirements and can benefit from more calorie-dense shakes. If this is you, then you might want to read my Myprotein the Gainer Review.

Also, if you don’t like the idea of your shakes having quite an oaty texture, then you might want to give Impact Weight Gainer a miss as well. I quite like the natural oaty texture, but I know that many people prefer smooth protein shakes that taste delicious rather than just alright.

Myprotein Impact Weight Gainer vs Hardgainer Extreme

Myprotein Impact Weight Gainer vs Hardgainer Extreme; which is better and why?

Well, Hardgainer Extreme has actually been rebranded to Advanced Weight Gainer (see my Myprotein Advanced Weight Gainer Review).

A side by side Myprotein Impact Weight Gainer vs Advanced Weight Gainer comparison

So let’s do a quick comparison.

Advanced Weight Gainer has about 20g more carbs than Impact Weight Gainer, as well as 5 grams more protein.

However, the serving size is bigger.

So, on a per-100g basis, Impact Weight Gainer—Myprotein’s entry-level mass gainer—actually has more protein than their Advanced Weight Gainer.

The only advantage that Advanced Weight Gainer has over Impact Weight Gainer is that the former has added MCTs, a full 5g dose of creatine, and an abundance of vitamins and minerals.

So, depending on what you want from a weight gainer, Impact Weight Gainer could be a better choice than Advanced Weight Gainer/Hardgainer Extreme.

The Verdict: Is This Myprotein Mass Gainer Good For Gaining Weight and Muscle?

A selection of Myprotein mass gainers

As I’ve said throughout my Myprotein weight gainer review, this supplement contains all of the key muscle-building essentials that a hardgainer (or anyone else) needs to put on muscle mass.

Unlike other mass gainers—many of which rely purely on maltodextrin for carbs—Impact Weight Gainer utilises ground oats so that you get better nutrition and more consistent energy, helping you to stay strong and focused when it matters.

The only other mass-building ingredient that you’ll need to buy alongside Impact Weight Gainer (if you want to maximise hypertrophy) is some creatine monohydrate.

Overall, this Myprotein Impact Weight Gainer review is definitely a very positive one. Although I’ve had better-tasting weight gainers in my time, I thought that the Chocolate Smooth flavour was decent with water and rather nice when mixed with milk, if slightly gritty towards the end of the shake.

amazing value
A bag of Myprotein Impact Weight Gainer
Myprotein Impact Weight Gainer
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