Mutant Mass vs True Mass: Know the Differences

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Mutant Mass vs True Mass: I’ll be comparing two very popular weight gainers to see which is the superior choice for gaining muscle mass and increasing your body weight.

Specifically, I’ll be pitting Mutant Mass against BSN True Mass 1200, because, as I said in my BSN True Mass review, the 1200 version is better than regular True Mass because it uses higher-quality protein sources.

I’ve also done a full Mutant Mass Gainer review, in case you’re interested. But this supplement showdown should cover most of the key details that you need to know.

The Differences Between Mutant Mass and True Mass Explained

A frontal Mutant Mass vs True Mass comparison to show the differences

Although they’re quite similar supplements, there are still some notable differences between True Mass and Mutant Mass.

  • Mutant Mass has 1100 calories per 280g serving, and BSN True Mass has 1231 calories per 320g serving.
  • Mutant Mass provides 56g of protein from whey and casein, and True Mass offers 52g of protein from whey, casein, calcium caseinate, milk isolate, and egg.
  • Mutant Mass has 192g of carbs from waxy maize, maltodextrin, barley starch, sweet potato, and rolled oats, while True Mass has 210g of carbs from maltodextrin, oat flour, and polydextrose.
  • Mutant Mass has 18g of sugar, and True Mass has 20g of sugar.
  • Mutant Mass has 12g of fat from MCT oil, avocado, flaxseed, pumpkin seed, and sunflower oil, while True Mass has 17g of fat from sunflower oil, cocoa powder, and the protein sources.
  • A big 6.8kg bag of Mutant Mass gives you 24 servings, whereas a 4.73kg bag of True Mass gives you around 15 servings (but True Mass is cheaper than Mutant Mass).

Mutant Mass vs True Mass: Ingredients and Nutrition

An overhead view of Mutant Mass next to True Mass

As you can see from the bullet point True Mass vs Mutant Mass comparison shown above, these two weight gainers are really similar, and it’s hard to pick an outright winner.

Both products benefit from fast-acting and slow-digesting proteins, enabling your muscles to stay in a growing and repairing (anabolic) state for longer. 

Mutant Mass keeps things simple with a whey/casein blend, whereas BSN True Mass also uses egg protein and calcium caseinate. Although the latter two protein sources are good quality, I’m not sure that they offer any additional benefits over a simple whey/casein combination.

It’s also worth noting that the serving size for True Mass is 40g larger, meaning that you need to use more powder to get similar nutrition.

True Mass does have 131 more calories, 18g more carbs, and 5g more fat than Mutant Mass, but considering that both gainers are already really calorie-dense and carb-heavy, I don’t think these small differences really count for much.

I personally prefer the more varied carb sources found in Mutant Mass, which includes sweet potato and rolled oats, as well as the ever-popular maltodextrin. 

To its credit, True Mass also uses oats for carbohydrates, but it seems more maltodextrin-heavy than Mutant Mass, although the precise carbohydrate breakdown isn’t specified for either supplement (or indeed for any other weight gainer, for that matter).

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Which One Is Better For Gaining Weight?

Image showing the differences between Mutant Mass and BSN True Mass

True Mass obviously has more calories and carbs than Mutant Mass, so you could say that it has slightly more weight gain potential. But honestly, the 1100 calories contained within Mutant Mass are enough to make just about anyone gain weight and muscle mass—if they drink the shakes consistently.

Despite its slightly lower calorie content, Mutant Mass does have 4 more grams of protein than True Mass, so the formula is definitely more protein-dense, especially considering that it has a smaller serving size as well.

Ultimately, you can gain significant amounts of weight and muscle mass with either supplement, so it’s just a case of picking your favourite, which brings us nicely onto the next section of this BSN True Mass vs Mutant Mass comparison.

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How Do They Compare On Taste and Mixability?

Image showing the scoops from True Mass and Mutant Mass

Although this won’t make the choice any easier, you’ll be relieved to know that both True Mass and Mutant Mass taste really good for a mass gainer. This makes the shakes much more enjoyable to drink, which is important when you’re bulking and trying to cram in those extra calories.

In my experience, the more you drink a particular mass gainer, the more you tend to like the flavour. So, if I’d been using Mutant Mass for months, for example, then I’d probably be inclined to prefer its flavours over those of BSN True Mass.

I really like Mutant Mass in Triple Chocolate because it has a milkshake-like taste and texture, but I also thought that Strawberry Banana was pretty good as well.

With True Mass, Chocolate Milkshake definitely lived up to its name and was perhaps even slightly tastier than Mutant Mass. It’s a close call, though.

If you really can’t pick one, you could just grab a bag of each and see which you prefer.

I’d recommend mixing these weight gainers in a blender because the large amount of powder and liquid will naturally struggle to mix properly in a standard shaker bottle.

True Mass vs Mutant Mass: The Verdict

A closeup of BSN True Mass and Mutant Mass

Picking a winner in this Mutant Mass vs True Mass comparison is almost like trying to pick your favourite child.

So, Mutant Mass has more protein, whereas True Mass has more calories, carbs, and fats. However, as I said earlier, the nutritional differences are so small, that they’re barely worth considering!

The good news is that you’ll be happy regardless of which supplement you buy because they both have excellent weight gain potential.

Both Mutant Mass and True Mass taste fantastic and mix well in a blender. I’d say that Mutant Mass is a bit more popular than True Mass, but don’t let other people decide for you! Go with whichever feels right (or try both like I did).

Thanks for reading my True Mass vs Mutant Mass comparison, I really hope you found it useful.

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