Mutant Mass vs Serious Mass: Which Is Better?

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This is the comparison that hardgainers have been waiting for: Mutant Mass vs Serious Mass. Based on my research (I’ve tried and tested 60+ different mass gainers), Serious Mass and Mutant Mass are the two most popular weight gainers on the market.

And with a similar calorie and protein content, it’s especially hard to separate them!

But in this supplement showdown, I’ll be comparing Serious Mass Gainer to Mutant Mass (see my Mutant Mass reviews page) over all the key categories—taste, mixability, digestion, value, and ingredient quality—to see which one comes out on top.

What Are The Differences Between Mutant Mass and Serious Mass?

A side by side Mutant Mass vs Serious Mass comparison to show the differences

The main difference between Mutant Mass and Serious Mass is that Mutant Mass has more protein and fats, while Serious Mass has more carbohydrates and calories.

Specifically, Mutant Mass has 56g of protein from whey and casein, while Serious Mass has 50g of protein from whey and calcium caseinate. So, both gainers have rapid-release and slow-digesting protein sources, enabling your muscles to benefit from a fast yet consistent supply of essential amino acids.

On the other hand, Serious Mass has 251g of carbs, while Mutant Mass “only” has 192g of carbs. However, because Mutant Mass utilises waxy maize, oats, and sweet potato in addition to maltodextrin, it has higher-quality carbohydrates than Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass, which only uses maltodextrin.

Another difference is that Mutant Mass has a 50g smaller serving size (280g vs 334g) than Serious Mass, making it that bit easier to mix (although you’ll still need a blender to mix both powders properly).

Mutant Mass vs Serious Mass: Ingredients and Nutrition

A back view of Mutant Mass and Serious Mass

Mutant Mass has more varied ingredients than Serious Mass in terms of calories and fats, which makes it more appealing to serious lifters who want a weight gainer that goes beyond the basics (although Serious Mass does the basics very well indeed).

In terms of fats, both supplements use MCTs, which are an easily digestible source of quick energy—ideal for use in a mass gainer. However, Mutant Mass also utilises avocado, sunflower oil, pumpkin seed, and flaxseed, so it’s no surprise that it has 12g of fat per serving, whereas Serious Mass only contains 5.5g of fat per shake.

Fat is a very important macronutrient for two reasons: One, at 9 calories per gram, fats are more than twice as calorie-dense as protein and carbs, and two, fats are crucial for hormone production, so you definitely don’t want to eat too little fat if you care about building muscle.

As I noted earlier in this Serious Mass vs Mutant Mass comparison, Serious Mass uses maltodextrin as its sole carbohydrate source, whereas Mutant Mass contains waxy maize, sweet potato and oats as well as maltodextrin.

Mutant Mass is also creatine-free, whereas Serious Mass gives you 3 grams of creatine per serving. Personally, I’d rather take my creatine separately and get a full 5-gram dose, so I don’t really see the added creatine as a reason to get Serious Mass, especially given how cheap creatine monohydrate is these days.

Overall, given the higher quality ingredients offered by Mutant Mass, I think it provides superior nutrition for hardgainers, although the differences are, admittedly, very small.

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Mutant Mass vs Serious Mass: Taste Test

Closeup comparison of Mutant Mass vs Serious Mass with the scoops and tubs

I’ve used Mutant Mass and Serious Mass on multiple occasions over the years, and I’ve never been disappointed by the taste. For this comparison, I bought both supplements in their respective chocolate flavours to see which tastes better.

Although I liked the taste of Serious Mass, I enjoyed my Mutant Mass shakes more and found the flavours to be tastier and the texture to be more like that of a milkshake rather than a mass gainer.

Obviously, since taste is subjective, you could have a completely different experience. So, if funds allow, you might want to get a small tub/bag of both Serious Mass and Mutant Mass so that you can do your own taste test.

So, while I prefer the taste of Mutant Mass, don’t let my personal opinion sway your decision too much if your heart is set on Serious Mass, which really is a good supplement.

Mutant Mass vs Serious Mass: Mixing and Digestion

An overhead comparison of Serious Mass and Mutant Mass

This one’s easy. There were no noticeable mixability differences between these two supplements because I used an electric blender to mix them both.

Honestly, using a blender is just part and parcel of drinking mass gainers that have 1000+ calories. 

I know it can be inconvenient, but it’s the best way to ensure your shakes have a smooth consistency unless you want to split the serving size over two separate shaker bottles (which I’ve done plenty of times in the past when I was bringing my weight gainer to work).

I did think that Mutant Mass had a slightly smoother texture than Serious Mass, but again, the difference was small.

In terms of digestion, both shakes, as I expected, definitely made me feel full, although they didn’t sit too heavy on my stomach, so I was still able to eat my other meals.

Serious Mass vs Mutant Mass: Value for Money

A frontal Serious Mass vs Mutant Mass comparison

Serious Mass and Mutant Mass are roughly the same price. The difference is that Mutant Mass comes in a bigger bag (6.8kg vs 5.4kg) and provides 8 more servings (24 vs 16).

So, in terms of value for money, I have to give it to Mutant Mass.

While it’s true that Serious Mass does have more carbs and calories, you’re still getting more calories, carbs, protein, and fats for your money with Mutant Mass.

Now, you could argue that Serious Mass is equally good value for money because you’re getting creatine as well. But as I said earlier in this Serious Mass vs Mutant Mass comparison, you can buy creatine so cheaply these days, that it’s barely a benefit to have it preformulated in your mass gainer.

And besides, taking your creatine separately gives you complete control over the dosage.

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The Verdict: Should You Get Mutant Mass or Serious Mass?

The scoops from Mutant Mass and Serious Mass

This has been a close comparison. With little to separate the two weight gainers, it’s no wonder that people are so curious about the differences.

It pretty much boils down to carbs and calories vs protein.

Serious Mass has about 60g more carbs than Mutant Mass and 163 extra calories. However, this is to be expected given the serving size, which is 54g larger than that of Mutant Mass.

On the other hand, Mutant Mass has 56g of protein per serving compared to the 50g offered by Serious Mass. It also makes use of slow-digesting carb sources like oats and sweet potato (in addition to waxy maize and maltodextrin), whereas Serious Mass only has maltodextrin for carbs.

Since Mutant Mass has a slight edge in terms of ingredient quality—and because it has 8 more servings per bag—I have to make it the winner of this Mutant Mass vs Serious Mass supplement comparison.

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