MHP Up Your Mass vs Serious Mass (Key Differences)

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If you’re looking for a weight gainer that falls into the high-calorie category but aren’t sure which one to get, then this MHP Up Your Mass vs Serious Mass comparison is for you.

As any MHP Up Your Mass reviews will tell you, we have a very effective mass gainer on our hands that’s loaded with all the key muscle-building nutrients. But is it as good as ON Serious Mass? In some ways, yes. But in others, no. Let me show you what I mean.

What Are The Differences Between MHP Up Your Mass and Serious Mass?

A side by side Serious Mass vs MHP Up Your Mass comparison

The best way to help you choose between MHP Up Your Mass and Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass is for me to highlight the nutritional differences between the two supplements.

  • Up Your Mass has 1350 calories and 250g of carbs per serving, whereas Serious Mass has 1263 calories and 251g of carbs per serving.
  • Up Your Mass provides 50g of protein and 15g of fat, while Serious Mass contains 50g of protein and 5.5g of fat.
  • Up Your Mass has 11g of sugar and 7g of fibre, and Serious Mass has 26g of sugar and 3.2g of fibre.
  • Up Your Mass contains digestive enzymes, whereas Serious Mass doesn’t.
  • Up Your Mass has 6 vitamins & minerals, whereas Serious Mass provides 25 different vitamins and minerals.
  • Serious Mass has 3 grams of creatine, whereas Up Your Mass is creatine-free.

These are the main differences in terms of nutritional value. As you can see, the macronutrient differences are very small, so let’s consider the actual ingredients used.

MHP Up Your Mass uses more varied carbohydrates than Serious Mass, which relies purely on maltodextrin for its carbohydrates. On the other hand, Up Your Mass utilises sweet potato, quinoa powder, and oat fibre in addition to maltodextrin, so you’re getting both fast-acting and slow-digesting carbohydrates for more consistent energy levels.

MHP Up Your Mass also has 5 different protein sources (whey concentrate, whey isolate, casein, hydrolysed whey, and milk protein), whereas Serious Mass just has 2 protein sources (whey concentrate and calcium caseinate).

You might think that having more protein sources makes Up Your Mass much better. However, we need to understand that protein is basically just a collection of amino acids. And given that both supplements already have 50g of high-quality protein, extra sources aren’t going to be of much benefit.

Sure, whey isolate and whey hydrolysate digest really fast, but in the context of a high-calorie weight gainer like Up Your Mass, they’ll probably be much slower to digest than usual.

MHP Up Your Mass vs Serious Mass: Taste and Mixability

A comparison of MHP Up Your Mass vs Serious Mass

Before we look at some more ingredient differences, let me give you my opinion on the taste and mixability.

Since we all have different taste preferences, you might have a completely different experience with Up Your Mass and Serious Mass.

So, with that said, my thoughts are as follows.

MHP Up Your Mass tastes a bit better than Serious Mass because I thought the shakes were slightly smoother and more authentic.

Serious Mass is by no means a bad-tasting supplement. In fact, when mixed with milk, Serious Mass actually tastes really good, which is quite surprising given how calorie-dense the powder is.

However, I still think MHP Up Your Mass has the edge in terms of taste, which might be due to their use of artificial flavours

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MHP Up Your Mass vs Serious Mass: Quality of Ingredients

Back view of MHP Up Your Mass and Serious Mass

As I explained earlier in this Serious Mass vs MHP Up Your Mass comparison, these supplements have very similar ingredients and nutritional values.

The main difference, in this regard, is that Up Your Mass has different carbohydrates, such as quinoa, sweet potato, and maltodextrin, whereas Optimum Nutrition uses maltodextrin, as far as I can see, as the sole carbohydrate source in Serious Mass.

It’s unclear how much sweet potato, quinoa flour, and oat fibre Up Your Mass actually has. Since maltodextrin is still the first carbohydrate listed in their “Mass Loading Matrx” blend, I can only presume that, like Serious Mass, Up Your Mass has a maltodextrin-dominant formula (as do most other weight gainers).

Maltodextrin has the advantage of being relatively flavourless and easy to consume, lending itself well to a convenient source of liquid calories for bulking up.

Up Your Mass also has a more extensive fatty acid blend than Serious Mass, which just uses MCTs. In addition to MCTs, Up Your Mass makes use of palm oil, flaxseed, borage seed, and CLA powder, which explains why it has 15g of fat compared to the 5.5g of fat provided by ON Serious Mass.

I like that MHP Up Your Mass has balanced macros. While you should still get the vast majority of your fat from whole foods, you also don’t want to overconsume carbohydrates at the expense of fats.

Which Is Better For Bulking Up, MHP Up Your Mass or Serious Mass?

An MHP Up Your Mass vs ON Serious Mass comparison to illustrate the differences

Both supplements have the exact same amount of protein and a virtually identical amount of carbs, so how on earth do you choose between them?

Well, Up Your Mass has around 90 more calories than Serious Mass and also 10 grams more fat. So, if you want the most calorie-dense shake possible, then go with MHP Up Your Mass.

On the other hand, Serious Mass has a more simple formula. Although it might not have loads of different carbohydrates and protein sources, it does the basics extremely well—it provides you with a highly effective source of calories for bulking up.

So, as you can see, this MHP Up Your Mass vs Serious Mass comparison has been an extremely close one. And while there isn’t much to separate them, the good news is that you can get great results from either supplement as long as you’re consistent.

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