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If you’ve read my MaxiMuscle Cyclone review, then you’ll know that I’ve been using MaxiMuscle (now MaxiNutrition) supplements for over 10 years now.

More recently, I decided to start this supplement testing project, where I ordered 75 tubs/bags of various weight gainers on the UK market. From there, I examined the ingredient quality and tested both the flavours and the mixability.

I won’t go through every product in this article, but I can safely say that MaxiNutrition Progain is one of the frontrunners in terms of both taste and effectiveness. And in my MaxiMuscle Progain review, you’ll soon learn why.

ideal for weight gain
MaxiMuscle Progain
A tub of Progain from MaxiMuscle
Taste: 9.5/10
Mixability: 10/10
Ingredient Quality: 10/10
Mass-Building Potential: 9.9/10
Overall Rating: 9.9/10
  • Formulated with 510 calories for hardgainers to pack on muscle mass
  • Utilises a 38g blend of whey and calcium caseinate for rapid yet consistent amino acid delivery to your muscles
  • Contains nearly 14g of naturally-occurring BCAAs for optimal protein synthesis
  • The flavours taste delicious and mix really easily
  • Every batch is third-party tested by Informed Sport for impurities and banned substances
  • Progain has been delivering results for more than 10 years
  • Progain offers good value per serving but is still quite pricey

MaxiMuscle Progain Nutrition Facts

MaxiMuscle Progain has a hardcore yet completely clean ingredient list, which is a rarity in the world of mass gainers, let me tell you. In addition to being free from artificial flavouring and soy, Progain is also gluten free weight gainer.

The MaxiMuscle Progain nutrition facts

One 120g serving of Progain provides the following nutrition:

  • 510 calories
  • 38g of protein
  • 53g of carbs
  • 14g of fat
  • 7.6g of fibre
  • 5.7g of sugar
  • Nearly 14g of BCAAs
  • Vitamin B6

The exact macronutrient breakdown depends on the flavour. For example, the chocolate and strawberry versions have 38g of protein, whereas the vanilla and banoffee formulas have 37g.

What stands out about Maxi Progain compared to other weight gainers is that the formula is extremely nutrient-dense. What I mean is that, for a relatively small serving size, you get a lot of calories, carbs, and protein, which makes Progain extremely effective for packing on mass.

I often recommend Cyclone or Progain to my personal training clients, especially to those who are naturally thin and want to boost their muscle mass and/or strength levels.

MaxiNutrition Progain Ingredients

Progain by MaxiMuscle contains 510 calories per serving and boasts a very balanced macronutrient profile, ensuring that you get complete nutrition with every shake.

For many people, this shake is the best mass gainer without creatine in the UK.

38g of Protein

Closeup of MaxiNutrition Progain showing its calorie and protein content

Protein is the most important macronutrient for building muscle because the amino acids that make up protein are what actually stimulate muscle protein synthesis, which then leads to everyone’s favourite physiological adaptation; hypertrophy!

What I really like about Progain is that it contains 70% whey protein and 30% calcium caseinate. 

This means that, yes, your muscles do get that rapid infusion of amino acids after a workout, which is just what they need after training. 

But you also get a sustained release of amino acids long after your session has ended, meaning that Progain both maximises muscle protein synthesis and minimises protein breakdown, which—quite literally—is a recipe for muscle growth.

And with 38g of protein per 120g serving, MaxiNutrition Progain has one of—if not the highest—protein-to-calorie ratio on the UK market.

55g of Carbs

The MaxiMuscle Progain ingredients

You know what I hate about most mass gainers?

They’re basically glorified carb powders.

What I mean is that the protein-to-carb ratios of most gainers are so worryingly out of whack that you’re basically paying for cheap carbs with a sprinkling of protein on top.

But Progain is different. Each tasty serving (more on the 4 flavours in a sec) supplies 55g of carbohydrates, which is the perfect amount of carbs for post-workout glycogen replenishment. 

What this means for you is that, by drinking Progain after a workout, you’re helping your muscles to recover ASAP without consuming unnecessary carbohydrates that could blunt your appetite or lead to unwanted fat gain.

14g of Fat

A tub of MaxiMuscle Progain next to a MaxiNutrition shaker bottle

Some people might look at the 14g of fat included in Progain with suspicion. But the truth is that we all need a good amount of fat in our diets for general health and testosterone production.

At 9 calories per gram, fats are more calorie-dense than both protein and carbs, which only have 4 calories per gram. As such, fats are particularly beneficial if you’re bulking and trying to gain size.

The fact that Progain has a very balanced macronutrient profile means that you could, in theory, drink it as a standalone meal. However, if you want to gain weight, then I recommend drinking 1-2 Progain shakes per day in addition to your regular meals. 

This way, you can effectively put your body in a calorie surplus and trigger that mass gain that I’m sure you’re dying to achieve!

By the way, you can spot a poor-quality mass gainer by its fat content. If it only has a couple of grams of fat, then that’s a dead giveaway that you’re just paying for cheap carbs.

The MaxiNutrition Progain scoop size

7.6g of Fibre

As I mentioned earlier in my MaxiNutrition Progain review, I’ve tested over 70 weight gainers at this point. What I often find is that the average mass gainer tends to sit quite heavy on your stomach, which isn’t always pleasant.

But because this MaxiMuscle mass gainer has 7.6g of fibre, it seems to digest much easier than your typically sugar-laden mass gain shake. While I did feel quite full after drinking each shake, I wasn’t in a complete carb coma like I was with many of the other weight gainers that I tried.

While adding fibre to your mass gainer formula might not grab people’s attention, it’s actually really beneficial for people who are bulking because fibre helps your body to digest and utilise all of the calories and protein that you’re consuming.

ideal for bulking
A tub of Progain from MaxiMuscle
MaxiMuscle Progain

MaxiMuscle Progain Taste Test

A serving of MaxiMuscle Progain in a shaker bottle

While some mass gainers do have good ingredient profiles, they often taste as if someone has mixed your protein shake with a bunch of nasty chemicals. In other words, the typical weight gainer tastes very artificial (probably because most gainers use artificial flavouring).

Thankfully, this isn’t the case with MaxiNutrition Progain, which contains absolutely no artificial flavourings, colours, or unnecessary thickeners (which also helps with the mixability).

I’ve been using MaxiNutrition’s Cyclone for 10 years, and part of the reason for this, besides the incredible ingredients, is the delicious taste.

With that in mind, I was chuffed to discover that Progain tastes just as good as Cyclone. Sure, the shakes are slightly thicker due to the extra calories, but the taste and texture are very similar.

Because MaxiNutrition only uses natural flavourings, I found Progain to be really tasty even when mixed with plain British tap water!

Obviously, if you’re bulking, you can mix your Progain shakes with milk, which will result in a thicker, creamier shake. But honestly, for me, Progain in water provides the perfect sweetness; tasty, but not overpowering.

Progain Taste: MaxiNutrition is probably the UK market leader for supplement flavouring. And let me tell you, Progain is no exception. I thought the shakes were delicious, and I'm very picky.

I’ve personally tried Progain Chocolate and Progain Strawberry and have no complaints whatsoever. MaxiNutrition is probably the UK market leader when it comes to supplement flavouring. 

MaxiMuscle Progain Mixability 

Having tried just about every single MaxiMuscle nutritional shake, I was expecting good things from Progain in terms of mixability.

An overhead view of Maxi Progain

Well, I wasn’t disappointed.

Despite having 510 calories per serving, Maxi Progain mixes easily and doesn’t leave any clumps. This means that you can actually relax and enjoy drinking your shake rather than having to worry about getting a mouthful of unmixed powder in the back of your throat.

To make a shake, you simply need to add 120g of powder (3.5 scoops) to 400 ml or 500 ml of water, then shake for 20 seconds. The result is a tasty, lump-free shake that goes down without any fuss.

Just make sure to add a shaker bottle to your order when you buy MaxiNutrition Progain. I once had a training client who ordered 3 tubs but forgot to buy a shaker, so he had to use a blender in the meantime.

MaxiNutrition Progain Effectiveness and Results

Many MaxiMuscle Progain reviews report significant weight gain, and I’ve also had some hardgainer clients use this MaxiMuscle weight gainer to good effects, with gains of anywhere from 2-6kg in a couple of months.

Side view of MaxiNutrition Progain

Whereas many other gainers lead to bloating and fat gain due to their absurdly high carb content, MaxiNutrition Progain provides the perfect macro composition so that you can pack on quality muscle mass without piling on fat.

In other words, Progain is a genuine muscle mass gainer and not a fat gainer.

For best results, I recommend having two shakes per day, ideally one after your workout and another before bed, but it depends on your schedule.

If you train late in the day, you could drink Progain with your breakfast or have it between meals, then you could have a shake after your workout.

As long as you stay consistent in the gym, you’ll get great MaxiMuscle Progain results. There’s a reason why this supplement has stood the test of time—it works as long as you do!

MaxiMuscle Progain Side Effects

Given the quality ingredients, flawless mixability, and delicious taste, how could there possibly be any MaxiMuscle Progain side effects?

The front of the MaxiMuscle Progain Size tub

Well, there aren’t any nasty side effects because this supplement is completely safe. It’s free from soy and artificial flavourings, and every single batch is third-party tested for impurities by Informed Sport. So, this certified MaxiMuscle weight gainer is as clean as supplements get.

However, if you’ve never used mass gainers before, then you might feel a bit bloated after drinking Progain. This is perfectly normal, and your body will get used to the extra carbs and protein. But when you’re skinny, 510 calories from a single shake can feel like a lot.

Over time, though, the shakes won’t sit as heavy on your stomach, and you’ll be motivated by the results.

Obviously, weight gain is a side effect, if you can call it that. Because of Progain’s calorie-dense formula, there’s a good chance that you’ll put on significant amounts of muscle mass.

Of course, when you’re bulking, some fat gain is also normal, and you probably won’t gain 100% lean mass. Still, if you want a reputable UK gainer, then Maxi Progain is a top choice.

MaxiNutrition Progain Value and Price

A tub of MaxiMuscle Progain ready for review

Read any Maxi Progain review, and you’ll hear the same thing: “Progain really works—it helps you gain serious size—but it’s expensive”.

And you know what? I have to agree.

Progain Maximuscle is one of the more pricey gainers on the UK market. But is that necessarily a bad thing? After testing over 70 different weight gainers, I don’t think so.

Sure, there are cheaper gainers on the market. But if you pay less, you’re going to get less. And what I mean is that you’re going to be paying a premium for cheap carbohydrates and mediocre-quality protein that might even do you more harm than good (i.e., soy).

While I don’t encourage overspending on supplements, I believe it’s better to have 1-2 quality supplements that you know are going to work (such as Progain and creatine monohydrate) than it is to have a whole stack of supplements that have nothing going for them other than fancy packaging.

The Verdict: Should You Buy MaxiNutrition Progain?

A tub of Progain from MaxiMuscle

If you’re looking for a safe, third-party tested weight gainer that will help you to bulk up, then MaxiNutrition Progain is a great choice—just like it was 10 years ago.

As I noted in my MaxiMuscle Progain review, this mass gainer is formulated with premium quality ingredients that deliver real results in the form of new muscle mass on your frame.

Every batch of MaxiMuscle Progain is tested by Informed Sport. As a result, you can drink your Progain shakes with the priceless peace of mind of knowing that your weight gainer is highly effective yet healthy.

The only decision you need to make is which flavour you’re going to buy! (which can actually be a hard decision) I personally loved the Strawberry and Chocolate flavours, and I’ve tried Vanilla and Banoffee via the other MaxiNutrition supplements.

#1 for hardgainers
A tub of MaxiMuscle Progain next to a MaxiNutrition shaker bottle
MaxiMuscle Progain
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