MuscleTech Mass Tech vs Nitro Tech: Which One To Buy?

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In this MuscleTech Mass Tech vs Nitro Tech comparison, you’ll learn about the main differences between these two popular MuscleTech supplements and find out which one is right for your muscle-building goals.

But before we start, it’s important to note that there are actually two Mass Tech formulas: MuscleTech Mass Tech Elite and Mass Tech 2000 (see my Mass Tech Extreme 2000 review for more info).

For the purposes of this article, I’ll be mainly comparing Nitro Tech with Mass Tech Elite since, with 2110 calories per serving, Extreme 2000 is a very different kind of supplement (and way too calorie-dense for most people).

Nitro Tech vs Mass Tech: Key Differences

A frontal Nitro Tech vs Mass Tech comparison

These are the main differences between Mass Tech and Nitro Tech. As you can see, we have two very different supplements on our hands.

Note that this comparison uses the US version of Mass Tech because this comparison was requested by a North American reader. The UK/EU version has 3g of creatine rather than 10g, and also just uses maltodextrin for carbs, rather than the likes of buckwheat, millet, and quinoa.

  • Mass Tech has 830 calories, whereas Nitro Tech has 162 calories.
  • Mass Tech provides 63g of protein from whey, calcium caseinate, and egg, whereas Nitro Tech gives you 30g of protein from whey concentrate, whey isolate, and whey hydrolysate
  • Mass Tech has 132g of carbs and 6g of fat, whereas Nitro Tech has 2.4g of carbs and 3.3g of fat
  • Mass Tech Elite has 17g of BCAAs, while Nitro Tech has 7.1g of BCAAs
  • Mass Tech has 10g of creatine per serving, while Nitro Tech has 3g of creatine per shake
  • The Mass Tech serving size is 230g, while the Nitro Tech serving size is just 45g
  • One Mass Tech tub provides 14 servings, whereas one Nitro Tech tub gives you 20 servings

So, which is better?

Well, if you’re bulking and could really use a calorie boost, Mass Tech is the better choice because it has way more calories, carbs, protein, and creatine than Nitro Tech.

However, if you don’t have a particularly large calorie requirement and just need some quality protein, then Nitro Tech is the way to go.

Mass Tech vs Nitro Tech: Ingredient Quality

A back view of MuscleTech Mass Tech and Nitro Tech to show the differences

In terms of quality, both of these MuscleTech supplements are pretty much equal. However, the actual ingredients used are pretty different.

Both Nitro Tech and Mass Tech utilise different protein sources so that your muscles can get proper doses of all the essential amino acids.

Nitro Tech is a 100% whey formula that has 30g of whey concentrate, whey isolate, and whey hydrolysate, making it useful as a lean post-workout shake.

On the other hand, Mass Tech has 63g of protein from whey concentrate, whey isolate, whey hydrolysate, calcium caseinate, and egg, so you’re getting both fast-acting and slow-digesting proteins.

If you’re eating frequently, the slow-digesting proteins might not be hugely beneficial because your body is unlikely to fall into a catabolic state if you’re regularly spiking muscle protein synthesis. 

However, if you’re just eating a few meals per day, the slow-digesting protein from Mass Tech could be very beneficial because it will help to keep your muscles in an anabolic state for longer.

Mass Tech is obviously much higher in carbs and calories than Nitro Tech, making it a better choice for bulking.

Similarly, while both products contain creatine, Mass Tech has 10 grams, whereas Nitro Tech only has 3 grams. Obviously, if you drink more than one Nitro Tech shake per day, you can still get enough creatine, but Mass Tech definitely goes the extra mile (as the name suggests) with these mass-building ingredients.

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Mass Tech vs Nitro Tech: Muscle-Building Effectiveness

A frontal comparison of Mass Tech vs Nitro Tech

With lots of protein and BCAAs, both Mass Tech and Nitro Tech have the potential to put slabs of lean mass on your physique. Yet, the ideal choice heavily depends on your nutritional needs.

While not everyone needs an 800+ calorie shake to build muscle, this could be perfect for a hardgainer who really needs the extra calories to create a surplus.

On the other hand, Mass Tech could cause some people to gain unwanted body fat if they don’t have a particularly high calorie requirement.

Mass Tech definitely has more weight gain potential than Nitro Tech if you use it in addition to your daily diet (not as a meal replacement) because it easily allows you to create a calorie surplus for bulking.

But if you’re not a hardgainer (or if you have a high body fat percentage) and just need a quality, reliable source of protein and creatine, then Nitro Tech is the way to go.

Mass Tech vs Nitro Tech: Taste and Mixability

The scoops from MuscleTech Nitro Tech and Mass Tech

Because Mass Tech is much more calorie-dense than Nitro Tech, it obviously produces a thicker shake that takes more effort to drink.

While you can mix Mass Tech in a shaker bottle, you’ll need to use more liquid and shake it vigorously to get a smooth consistency, which is why I favour a blender for high-calorie weight gainers.

On the other hand, Nitro Tech has a smoother texture and mixes much more easily due to its smaller serving size. Because of this, you can easily bring Nitro Tech with you to the gym or to work and just add water, whereas with Mass Tech, you sometimes might need two shaker bottles!

In my opinion, both Nitro Tech and Mass Tech taste pretty good for protein supplements. MuscleTech definitely knows how to flavour their powders to make them taste good, so you won’t be disappointed by the flavours.

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Mass Tech vs Nitro Tech: Value For Money

An overhead comparison of MuscleTech Mass Tech and Nitro Tech

A standard 3.18kg tub of Mass Tech gets you 14 servings, whereas a small 908g (2lb) tub of Nitro Tech gives you 20 servings, so clearly Nitro Tech is much cheaper on a per-serving basis.

Yet, Mass Tech is way more calorie-dense than Nitro Tech, meaning that you’ll only need one daily serving to get in a massive amount of calories.

So, in terms of bulking, Mass Tech offers more bang for your buck, but you will need two fairly large tubs each month to get the most from it.

On the other hand, Nitro Tech will last longer, but it doesn’t give you the same amount of calories and carbs as Mass Tech.

MuscleTech products tend to be quite affordable these days, so both products are pretty good value for money, especially considering that you’re getting plenty of creatine and BCAAs in both formulas.

Conclusion: Should You Get Mass Tech or Nitro Tech?

Image showing the differences between Nitro Tech and Mass Tech

This one’s easy; if you’re bulking and need some additional calories, go with Mass Tech because it’s got loads of protein, carbs, and calories. It’s ideal for hardgainers.

Conversely, if you just want a quality protein powder that has BCAAs and creatine, Nitro Tech is the better choice, especially if you can already gain weight from your wholefood meals.

Hopefully, this MuscleTech Mass Tech vs Nitro Tech comparison helped to clear things up. You can always try both supplements like I did to see how you like them, but you can also just get the one that best fits your workout goals.

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