Mass Tech vs Mutant Mass: Which One Should Hardgainers Buy?

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In this Mass Tech vs Mutant Mass comparison, we’ve pitted two heavyweight mass gainers against each other to see which one comes out on top.

Even though both weight gainers are good, there can only be one winner in this supplement showdown.

First off, I’ll compare MuscleTech Mass-Tech Elite (aka the regular Mass Tech) to Mutant Mass (see my Mutant Mass review). Then, later on, I’ll compare Mass Tech Extreme 2000 with Mutant Mass to see which one is most effective for bulking up.

Mass Tech vs Mutant Mass: Major Differences

A frontal Mass Tech vs Mutant Mass comparison

Here are the key differences between Mutant Mass and MuscleTech Mass Tech, outlined as succinctly as possible:

  • Mutant Mass has 1100 calories, while Mass Tech has 864 calories
  • Mutant Mass provides 56g of protein from whey and casein, while Mass Tech gives you 63g of protein from whey, calcium caseinate, and egg
  • Mutant Mass has 192g of carbs from maltodextrin, waxy maize, sweet potato, and rolled oats, while Mass Tech has 134g of carbs from maltodextrin
  • Mutant Mass has 12g of fats, and Mass Tech has 7.7g of fat (both use MCTs)
  • Mutant Mass contains 12.2g of BCAAs and 10.4g of glutamine, while Mass Tech has 18g of BCAAs and 11.1g of glutamine  
  • Mutant Mass has zero creatine, whereas Mass Tech has 3g of creatine
  • Mutant Mass, in my opinion, tastes better than Mass Tech, although both taste much better than average

Is Mass Tech or Mutant Mass Better For Hardgainers?

A side by side MuscleTech Mass Tech vs Mutant Mass comparison

Both supplements are great options for hardgainers; no wonder you want to compare them!

But because of the extra calories, I’d give the edge to Mutant Mass because it has 1100 calories, whereas Mass Tech has just over 800, so it’s easier to achieve a calorie surplus with Mutant Mass.

Mutant Mass also has 60g of extra carbs compared to Mass Tech, and I also like the fact that it contains sweet potato and oats, which are good sources of complex carbohydrates.

Although Mutant Mass isn’t quite as protein-dense as Mass Tech, I like that it keeps things simple with a blend of whey and casein. And besides, more protein isn’t always better, especially when you’re a hardgainer who needs additional carbohydrates and fats in order to gain weight.

On the other hand, an 1100-calorie shake might be a step too far for some people, and an 800-calorie gainer could, therefore, be a better option.

So, ultimately, it depends on your calorie needs. Mutant Mass is the more carb-dense and calorie-heavy formula, while Mass Tech is leaner and has more protein, along with 3g of creatine (10g in the US version).

Obviously, creatine is very important for bulking because it helps to increase your strength, but you can always buy creatine separately if you take Mutant Mass.

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Mutant Mass vs Mass Tech: Ingredient Quality and Purity

An overhead comparison showing the difference between Mass Tech and Mutant Mass

As you’d expect from two of the market leaders, both Mutant Mass and Mass Tech provide quality nutrition; they just use slightly different quality ingredients, that’s all.

On the protein side of things, both weight gainers make use of whey protein. The difference here is that Mutant Mass uses casein as well as whey, whereas Mass Tech makes use of calcium caseinate and egg.

Honestly, there’s really no meaningful difference in protein quality here. While Mass Tech does have more BCAAs (18g), Mutant Mass still has plenty of BCAAs (12.2g) of its own.

The carbohydrate sources differ more than the proteins. While both formulas make use of maltodextrin for fast-acting carbs, Mutant Mass utilises waxy maize, as well as oats and sweet potato, so you’re getting a sustained release of energy as well.

The UK/EU version of Mass Tech just has maltodextrin, whereas the US Mass Tech, on the other hand, uses less recognisable carb sources like isomaltulose, millet, and buckwheat (also quinoa, which most people are familiar with). Isomaltulose is made of fructose and glucose, while buckwheat is a plant-based carbohydrate.

Both gainers utilise coconut oil for MCTs, but Mutant Mass has the advantage of containing avocado oil, flaxseed, pumpkin seed, and sunflower oil as well.

Which One Tastes Better?

The scoops from Mutant Mass and Mass Tech

Taste, most people would agree, is highly subjective. But one thing that I’ve found from testing nearly 70 different mass gainers is that, even if you don’t like a flavour initially, it tends to grow on you the more regularly you drink it.

In my opinion, Mutant Mass tastes better than Mass Tech. It just has that more natural, familiar taste that I personally like. Plus, it’s a bit more chocolatey

Of course, you might feel differently, and it’s possible that some flavours of Mass Tech might be better than some flavours of Mutant Mass, and vice versa.

And I’m not saying for one moment that Mass Tech tastes bad, because it certainly doesn’t. Perhaps I’m just more familiar with the taste of Mutant Mass, having used it in the past, but I just think it has that edge over Mass Tech in terms of taste and flavours.

As for mixability, both shakes have a relatively smooth texture and don’t clump when you use a blender. With mass gainers this calorie-dense, I always recommend using an electric blender so that you don’t get any annoying lumps in your shake.

Related Comparisons:

Mass Tech Extreme 2000 vs Mutant Mass

A side by side Mass Tech Extreme 2000 vs Mutant Mass comparison to show the differences

Mutant Mass also has an extreme version, but for this Mutant Mass vs Mass Tech comparison, I’ll be comparing the regular Mutant Mass to Mass Tech Extreme 2000.

The main difference is that Mass Tech Extreme 2000, as the name suggests, has 2110 calories, whereas Mutant Mass “only” has 1100. 

Similarly, Extreme 2000 has a massive 455g of carbs, while Mutant Mass has a more sensible 192g of carbohydrates.

Interestingly, Extreme 2000 has 60g of protein, which is only slightly more than the 56g provided by Mutant Mass.

Clearly, you’re just paying for extra carbs with Mass Tech Extreme 2000, which is why I don’t really recommend it. The idea of drinking over 450g of carbs in a single shake is sickening to me, and it’s far too much for most people.

Also, the serving size for Extreme 2000 is 569g, which is over half a kilo of powder!

You can check out my full MuscleTech Mass Tech Extreme 2000 review for more information, but honestly, I’d just stick with the regular Mass Tech or go with Mutant Mass if you want a good 1000+ calorie shake. 

Conclusion: Should You Buy Mass Tech or Mutant Mass?

A closeup comparison of Mutant Mass vs Mass Tech

Whether you get Mass Tech or Mutant Mass, you won’t be disappointed. I’ve used both weight gainers on multiple occasions, and I’ve had a great experience each time.

If you want a leaner, more protein-dense formula that also contains plenty of creatine, then go with MuscleTech Mass Tech.

On the other hand, if you want more calories and carbs without the creatine, then Mutant Mass is the better choice.

You could always try both to see which you prefer, but most people will probably just want to get one, based on which supplement aligns best with their goals.

With that said, I hope that you enjoyed reading my Mass Tech vs Mutant Mass comparison. It’s been fun to compare these two heavyweight gainers, and if I had to choose a winner, I’d give the trophy to Mutant Mass because of its higher calorie content.

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