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Let’s be honest; some mass gainers taste so bad that they’re hard to drink.

And there’s nothing more frustrating than buying a big bag/tub of weight gainer only to find out that the shakes are barely drinkable.

This is where mass gainer samples come in. By trying out a particular weight gainer before you buy a full tub or bag, you can see how you like the flavour and then pick a supplement that agrees with your taste buds.

The trouble is that weight gainer samples are hard to come by (especially free mass gainer samples). This makes sense, seeing as mass gainers are much more calorie-dense and powder-heavy than protein shakes and pre-workouts, which makes them harder to package in a sample packet.

As such, there really aren’t many options at all when it comes to getting weight gainer samples. Still, I’ve done my best to find a few options for mass gainer samples in the UK.

Where Can You Get Mass Gainer Samples?

Here are three places where you can get mass gainer samples in the UK. And while these samples aren’t free, they’re pretty cheap.


A sample weight gainer sachet

If there’s one supplement company that does samples right, it’s Myprotein.

They offer their Clear Whey Gainer and The Gainer supplements in convenient sample sachets, enabling you to try out the flavours before committing to a full bag.

I’ve tried these two weight gainers multiple times, and I have to say, they’re great quality gainers with excellent mixability, fantastic flavours, and perfect bulking macros.

As a side note, whenever I place an order at Myprotein, I always add some samples to my basket just to try the different products on offer. It keeps things exciting, and it enables me to try multiple flavours to find which one I like the most.

XXL Nutrition

A box of mass gainer samples

XXL Nutrition is a Dutch supplement brand that offers samples of their Perfect Mass Gainer product in a variety of different flavours. I think there were like 8 different sample flavours available when I placed my order, which is more than Myprotein offers.

The advantage here is that you can try every single flavour on the cheap before buying a full tub.

Oh, and did I mention that you can easily get XXL Nutrition supplements in the UK now?

Because XXL Nutrition doesn’t have a big international reputation, their supplements are very reasonably priced, so in addition to your samples, you’re going to get some great supplement deals if you place an order with them in the future.


A tub of weight gainer with different flavours

This one’s a bit different. While USN doesn’t seem to offer single sachet samples, you can get a variety pack of their Muscle Fuel Anabolic supplement, which allows you to try four different flavours per 4kg tub.

I talked about this in my review of Muscle Fuel Anabolic by USN.

One option is chocolate, strawberry, banana, and caramel peanut.

The other option is chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, and cookies & cream.

So, while not a conventional mass gainer sample, you are getting to try 4 different flavours of what is a very good bulking supplement.

I’m not sure if this sample pack is available outside of the UK, but if you’re based in Britain, it’s well worth taking advantage of USN’s variety pack if you’re wanting to try some different flavours.

Also, if you want to try a bunch of different supplements on the cheap, you can look out for the Black Friday mass gainer deals in November and stock up.

Why Get Weight Gainer Samples In The First Place?

A box of weight gainer samples

Weight gainer samples save you the trouble of buying a big tub of mass gainer only to realise that you don’t like the taste.

Also, some people just like getting supplement samples to try a load of different flavours. And why not? I love trying different supplements and doing taste tests. After all, I tried and tested over 70 different weight gainers for this website!

The thing is, very few companies offer mass gainer samples these days. I suppose they’re reluctant to spend the extra time and effort packing 100+ grams of powder into a small sachet.

The next best thing to actually trying the weight gainers yourself (if I may say so) is to check out my own taste tests because I’ve personally tried all the supplements on the UK market to assess their quality, taste, mixability, and weight-gain effectiveness.

So, in a way, I’ve basically bought full-size mass gainers as samples, which cost me a pretty penny, let me tell you!

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Is It Possible To Get Free Mass Gainer Samples?

When you place an order for some supplements, some companies will throw in some free mass gainer samples to encourage you to shop with them again.

Usually, though, the samples of choice are pre-workout powders because these supplements have much less powder per serving than weight gainers, making them far easier to package.

Another option is your local supplement shop. But again, in my experience, these shops don’t offer any kind of mass gainer samples, and honestly, you can get better deals online these days (and there’s way more choice, too).

On a side note, you can always make your own DIY mass gainer if you don’t want to buy a commercial product.


Ultimately, I wish that I could tell you about loads of different weight gainer samples, but the truth is, there are so few options available that you may as well just buy the smallest bag/tub of the particular supplement that you want to try.

Or, buy a full-size tub of every mass gainer on the market, rinse your bank account, and start your own mass gainer website like I did!

On a more serious note, Myprotein and XXL nutrition are your two best bets for getting mass gainer samples. I’ve used weight gainers from both of these companies, and I can vouch for their quality.

A picture of Best Mass Gainer UK founder, personal trainer Andy Williams
Andy Williams
Andy Williams is a UK-based personal trainer and bodybuilder who coaches gym-goers of all levels using proven evidence-based techniques in strength training, nutrition, and supplementation. He’s tested over 70 different mass gainers for their ingredient quality and muscle-building effectiveness and regularly shares his findings in his mass gainer reviews.
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