Mass Gainer Results: How Long Does a Before and After Transformation Take?

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Having one of the best weight gainers at your disposal will definitely speed up your mass gainer results because your muscles will grow quicker when they’re being nourished with clean, size-building ingredients.

So how fast does mass gainer work? And how long does a complete mass gainer transformation take?

I’ll be answering those questions and more on this weight gainer results guide.

How Long Does It Take For Mass Gainer To Work?

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So, how long does it take for a mass gainer to work? The ingredients in your mass gainer formula will get to work right away by helping your muscles to recover after training.

Drinking a weight gainer can also put your body in a calorie surplus from day one, which is where the results really start to come through.

Depending on how skinny you are now and how large your overall calorie surplus is, you can see some decent weight gain results in as little as a week.

While it’s possible to gain weight in just a few days with the aid of a mass gainer, much of this initial weight will be water weight. So although this isn’t actually muscle growth, drawing the water into your cells can actually make your muscles appear fuller and larger.

On the other hand, a complete mass gainer transformation usually takes 3 months at the absolute minimum, but sometimes it can take as long as a year. Since time is going to pass regardless, you may as well put in the effort now to reap the rewards later on!

What Type of Mass Gainer Results Can You Expect?

The first mass gainer results that you’ll notice are an increase in body weight due to the calorie surplus that you’ve (hopefully) created with the aid of your weight gainer. These initial couple of pounds are your 1 week weight gainer results.

In a few weeks, you should also start to feel stronger, and you’ll probably be able to increase the weight on the bar (or machine) every week or every other week for a good while.

In terms of your 1 month weight gainer results, you’ll likely see some exciting physical changes in your body. While you might not be massive yet, you’ll probably notice that your arms and legs are looking a bit more muscular and that your chest, back, and shoulders have more thickness to them.

Most brands’ mass gainers results are going to vary based on the ingredients in their formula. For example, if a supplement company uses high-quality protein and clean carbs like oats, you’ll probably have great workouts and gain plenty of muscle mass.

On the other hand, if your mass gainer is full of sugar or cheap maltodextrin, then yes, you’ll still gain muscle mass, but you’ll feel terribly bloated and will probably put on a load of fat as well.

In 3 months, your body should look quite different to when you started, and you might have increased your strength on some lifts by 50% or more. 

At this stage in your weight gainer transformation, you might notice that some muscles are more developed than others, this could be because you have good genetics for these particular body parts, or it could be because you’re doing certain exercises with better form and/or more intensity.

As you approach the 6-month mark in your mass gainer journey, you’ll probably look like a completely different person, at least from the head down! At this point, your strength will likely have doubled, and you’ll feel more like a professional than an amateur.

You’ll look back and say to yourself, yes, this was hard, but oh my, was the effort worth the results!

How To Achieve a Great Mass Gainer Before and After Transformation

To achieve a legendary mass gainer before and after transformation, you need to do everything you can to maximise your results. After all, if you really want to bulk up, then you may as well try your best! What have you got to lose?

Choose a Quality Supplement With Clean Ingredients

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This is where most people go wrong. They buy a mass gainer on the basis of calorie content rather than ingredient quality.

Don’t fall into this trap.

The reason that some brands are able to offer 800+ calorie shakes is that they use more maltodextrin, which is a cheap carbohydrate that can be included in pretty much endless quantities within a weight gain formula.

This often results in supplements that have a ridiculous amount of carbs, which is too much in one sitting, even for a hardgainer.

Instead, go for a mass gainer that uses quality carbohydrates as the primary carb source. Some brands deceptively list “sweet potato” and “quinoa” as ingredients in their formula when, in reality, maltodextrin still makes up 90% of the carbohydrate content.

Instead, look for a weight gainer that lists oats as the primary carbohydrate source. This way, you’ll get healthy fibre for digestion and a consistent source of energy without the sugar crash (maltodextrin has an even higher glycemic index than table sugar!).

Drink Your Mass Gainer Every Day

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To maximise your weight gainer results, you should drink your mass gainer every day, even on rest days. Why?

Because, if you’re training right, then you’re muscles should still be recovering and growing on rest days, so they can definitely make use of the extra calories that your mass gainer provides.

This consistency can give you an edge because so many people seem to take a day off their diet and recovery when they’re not in the gym!

So, by all means, rest your body for a couple of days a week, but don’t take days off your diet and recovery. Sleep and nutrition are always critically important, regardless of whether you’ve trained that day or not.

One of the biggest mass gainer advantages is that they’re convenient to make, especially compared to a cooked meal. So even if you’re busy, you’ll still have the time to make a weight gainer and stay on track with your gym goals.

Follow a Proper Training Program

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If you want to achieve the mass gainer transformation of your dreams, then you need to follow a consistent, structured workout program.

You needn’t follow a specific, named workout program unless you want to. And honestly, these programs are often very generic and, thus, far from optimal.

You just need to pick some exercises and stick to them so that you can progressively overload them week to week.

I’d say that 2-3 exercises per muscle is ideal. Specific training guidelines are beyond the scope of this article, but I recommend doing your own research and crafting your own program, or selecting one from someone who really knows their stuff.

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Don’t Neglect Other Parts of Your Recovery

A muscular man sleeping in his bed

The quality protein and complex carbs contained within your mass gainer formula will help your muscles to grow and recover.

Yet, if you want to maximise your mass gainer results, you need to make sure that you’re getting enough sleep and taking rest days when appropriate.

Your muscles really do recover when you sleep, and when you get quality sleep, your nervous system will be rested, enabling you to tackle your next workout with all the vigour and energy of someone in pursuit of their dream.

In terms of rest days, you should never just randomly take a day off the gym unless you really need to because this would throw your schedule off track. Instead, pre-plan rest days in your weekly training schedule.

For example, you could train Monday through Friday and then take the weekends off. Taking rest days gives your muscles a break, but it also lets you take your mind off the gym, which gives you a mental break and then reignites your enthusiasm for lifting.

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Conclusion: Maximising Your Weight Gainer Results

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Now that you know how to achieve great before and after results from your weight gainer usage, it’s time to get out there and start earning those gains!

While you can definitely see quick results with enough effort, don’t rush things because major results will take months rather than weeks.

It’s normal to gain some fat during a bulk, but you still want the majority of your mass gainer results to lead to rock-solid muscle growth on your physique. So although you definitely need to eat in a calorie surplus, you need to keep your calorie intake within reason as well.

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