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As you can tell by the theme of my website, I’m really into my mass gainers! Just last year, I tried and tested around 70 different supplements, giving my thoughts on the taste, mixability, ingredient quality, price, and overall weight-gaining effectiveness.

I spend a lot of time keeping this site updated with the latest formula changes and offers. And, as Black Friday approaches, I use my holiday from work to sit near my computer and keep my finger on the pulse of these Black Friday mass gainer deals.

So if you want the guaranteed lowest price and access to deals that barely anyone knows about, make sure to scroll down and check out the latest black friday weight gainer offers that I’ve found.

Although you can’t really get mass gainer samples anymore to try different products, Black Friday is the time of the year to buy a few different supplements for pennies on the pound to see which ones you really like.

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Don’t Miss These Mass Gainer Black Friday Deals

As Black Friday approaches, I start to search for the best supplement deals on the internet. Then, as the big day arrives, I update this page multiple times a day to ensure that my readers (both my UK readers and those from abroad) get the best possible Black Friday deals.

So, if you want to save some money on your mass gainers, make sure that you don’t miss these limited-time deals.

Crazy Nutrition

Crazy Nutrition makes some incredible mass-building supplements, and their award-winning weight gainer is no exception. Out of the 70 mass gainers that I tested, this product came out on top, and it’s my go-to weight gainer for putting on rock-solid muscle mass.


Like many UK lifters, I’ve been using Bulk supplements since they first came on the scene as Bulk Powders. With better flavours than Myprotein and an array of incredible mass gainers to choose from, Bulk is a great choice for anyone looking for quality supplements at an affordable price—especially on Black Friday.


Although Myprotein has various sales throughout the year, the Myprotein Back Friday sale event is not to be missed. Their mass gainers are already pretty cheap, but, if you’re quick, you can snap up both their budget and premium supplements for a fraction of their recommended retail price.

Discount Supplements

As the name suggests, Discount Supplements offers bodybuilding supplements at cheap prices, which is music to my ears. However, during Black Friday, they have some monster deals that are not to be missed.

So, if you want to save big and get big, make sure to click below for the guaranteed lowest UK price at Discount Supplements.

Transparent Labs

Here’s one for my North American readers. Although you can get Transparent Labs supplements in the UK, the delivery is cheaper in the United States.

Transparent Labs supplements, of which their mass gainer is one of my favourites, are definitely on the pricier side. This is why Black Friday is the ideal time to stock up on Transparent Labs supplements and enjoy some big savings.

Muscle & Strength

Muscle and Strength are basically the US equivalent of Discount Supplements. Their Black Friday sale has some real bargains, and although they do deliver to the UK, the shipping cost may well cancel out any Black Friday Savings.

But if you’re based in the US, it’s well worth checking Muscle & Strength this Black Friday.

Andy Williams
Andy Williams is a UK-based personal trainer and bodybuilder who coaches gym-goers of all levels using proven evidence-based techniques in strength training, nutrition, and supplementation. He’s tested over 70 different mass gainers for their ingredient quality and muscle-building effectiveness and regularly shares his findings in his mass gainer reviews.
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