Is Huel Good For Weight Gain? Huel vs Mass Gainer

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This article is going to examine the effectiveness of Huel from a weight gain perspective. Having tried around 70 different weight gain products over the past 6 or 7 months, I think I’m in a decent position to do a proper Huel review to see if it lives up to the hype.

While Huel is advertised as a complete meal replacement rather than a weight gainer protein, its calorie content means that you can still use it to increase your body weight if you use it in addition to your meals rather than in replacement of them.

So, is Huel a good vegan weight gainer? Let’s find out!

Does Huel Make a Dedicated Weight Gainer?

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At the time of writing, Huel doesn’t make a dedicated weight gainer or a mass gainer. But they do have meal replacement shakes that have a comparable calorie content to some leaner mass gainers.

Mass gainer typically falls into the category of muscle-building supplements, whereas Huel is much more of a plant-based meal replacement.

Also, there is a much wider range of weight gainers (plant-based ones, products for women, etc.) than Huel supplements, so you naturally have more choice if you go the traditional mass gainer route.

Is Huel Good For Weight Gain?

A person opening a bag of Huel to see if Huel is good for weight gain

Although I think there are definitely better supplements for gaining weight, Huel—like any liquid calorie source—can increase your body weight if you use it to achieve a calorie surplus.

On the other hand, if you literally use Huel to replace your wholefood meals, then you probably won’t gain much weight because your body likely won’t be in an energy surplus.

The various Huel powders (more on them later) have pretty good macros for gaining weight and muscle mass. It’s just that you can get comparable weight gainers with better macros for a fraction of the price.

The Huel weight gainer ingredients

For example, you can get supplements that combine oats with plant-based protein sources, which are much cheaper than Huel.

The advantage that Huel has over most weight gainers, depending on your point of view, is that it contains an abundance of vitamins and minerals, which is good for your overall health. 

Personally, I never rely on protein powders or weight gainers for my micronutrients. I recommend getting your vitamins and minerals from your wholefood meals if you can and then making up any shortfall with dedicated vitamin and mineral supplements should you have any deficiencies.

Which Huel Is The Best For Weight Gain?

A picture of the best Huel for weight gain, Huel Black Edition

Both the standard Huel Powder and Huel Black Edition have 400 calories per serving, but since the Black Edition has a slightly smaller serving size (90g vs 100g), it’s the most calorie-dense Huel.

But this small difference aside, the macronutrient content is what’s really different between these two shakes.

Huel Powdered Food has 39g of carbs, 12g of fat, and 30g of protein, whereas Huel Black Edition has 16g of carbs, 18g of fat, and 40g of protein.

With this in mind, I’d say that Huel Powdered food is a great option for those who favour high-carb diets, whereas the Black Edition is better for people who want to boost their protein intake and get more healthy fats in their diet.

It pretty much comes down to carbs vs protein; which do you need more of?

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What’s The Difference Between Huel and a Mass Gainer?

My review of Huel weight gain black edition

The biggest difference between Huel and a weight gainer is that, on a per-serving basis, weight gainers have way more calories, carbs, and protein than Huel, meaning that they make it easier to achieve the calorie surplus that you need to increase your body weight.

What I like about Huel, though, is that it has a very reasonable amount of calories, whereas a lot of mass gainers, in my opinion, are needlessly high in calories.

Mass gainers are usually higher in protein than Huel, and they often contain proteins like whey and casein, whereas Huel only uses plant-based proteins like brown rice protein and pea protein.

Also, most mass gainers just give you the basic macronutrients without the micronutrients, whereas Huel has loads of vitamins and minerals. But is this necessarily a good thing?

A person showing how to use Huel for weight gain

If you’re using Huel as a meal replacement, then I suppose so. However, I’m not a fan of the growing and apparently fashionable trend of replacing meals with liquid calories. It seems like some people would prefer to drink factory-made shakes than enjoy a warm wholefood meal.

Anyway, Huel has plenty of vitamins and minerals. But if you’re already eating a healthy diet that contains an abundance of micronutrients, you may actually want to avoid Huel so that you don’t overdo the micronutrients.

And sometimes, when you want to gain weight, these so-called “empty calories” provided by weight gainers are exactly what you need. After all, if you actually want to increase your body weight, you need to take your nutritional shake (whether that be Huel or a mass gainer) in addition to your regular meals, not in replacement of them.

Conclusion: Should You Drink Huel For Weight Gain?

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You can definitely drink Huel for weight gain. The question is, should you?

Well, it depends on you, your diet, and your goals.

If you want to gain muscle mass, I’d say there are better choices than Huel because the plant-based proteins have fewer essential amino acids than the likes of whey and casein.

However, if you don’t really care about being a bodybuilder, Huel is a good choice because it has really balanced macros, which makes sense given that it’s a meal replacement and not a mass gainer.

Of course, some people need more calories than Huel provides. Sure, you could always double up on servings, but that would get expensive fast. And for the price, I think there are comparable healthy products out there that have equally good weight gain potential.

So, yes, Huel is good for weight gain, but so are countless other supplements.

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