How To Use Mass Gainer Correctly: How Much Weight Gainer Should You Take?

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Once you’ve selected one of the best mass gainers, you need to know how to use it properly so that you can maximise your gains.

And this is where many hardgainers go wrong.

It’s important to take enough mass gainer to see progress, but not so much that you gain unnecessary body fat. So, if you want to find out how to take your weight gainer for the best results, this guide is for you.

How To Make a Mass Gainer Correctly

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To make a mass gainer shake, you’ll need either a shake bottle or a blender. Generally, for mass gainers under 800 calories, a standard shaker cup will suffice. But when the caloric value starts to approach the 1,000 mark, you’ll get better results with an electric blender.

First, look on the back of your weight gainer tub/bag to see how much powder and liquid you need to use per serving. If your mass gainer is really high in calories, you may wish to talk half a serving at a time, in which case you’d also use half the amount of liquid.

Fill your shaker bottle/blender with the recommended amount of liquid. If the manufacturer lists a range (say 500 ml to 700 ml), then use less liquid for a thicker shake or more liquid to achieve a thinner consistency.

Similarly, you can use milk to increase the calorie content and create a thicker, creamier shake. This is what I do, and it’s especially good for hardgainers because your shake will taste better and give you more calories for the same amount of liquid. Of course, you can also use water if you prefer.

Next, measure your powder out and add it to the liquid. To measure the powder, you can simply use the recommended number of scoops, which are often described as level scoops or heaped scoops, which is fairly self-explanatory. 

Alternatively, you can actually weigh the powder (by putting your shaker on a weighing scale and then setting it to zero), if you like to be really precise with your calories and macros.

Now, screw the lid on your shaker bottle and make sure it’s very tight. Also, make sure that the part of the shaker bottle that covers the drinking hole is firmly pressed down. You’re now ready to shake the mixture.

Shake the mixture vigorously for 20 to 30 seconds or until the liquid and powder have all mixed together. If you’re using a blender, leave it blending for 20-30 seconds as well.

That’s it; you now have a mass gainer that’s ready to drink and, if you picked a good brand, a mass gainer that’s tasty and effective!

How Many Scoops of Weight Gainer Should You Use?

A man showing how many scoops of mass gainer you should have per day

The scoop size is different for every mass gainer, so you need to follow the directions on the back of the tub/bag when you’re making a shake.

For example, some brands have scoops that look more like shovels, in which case you’ll probably use two scoops at the most.

On the other hand, some mass gainers come with really small scoopers, meaning that you might need to use 5 or 6 scoops to get the full serving size and calorie amount.

Generally, you don’t want to exceed the recommended number of scoops because that might lead to the overconsumption of protein or calories. And besides, you can always have another shake later on (depending on how many calories are in each shake) if you need an extra calorie boost.

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How Many Calories Are In A Scoop of Mass Gainer?

Closeup of a mass gainer scoop; very calorie-dense powder

Since scoop sizes differ so much between brands, it’s not possible to say how many calories are in a scoop of mass gainer. But one average that we can estimate quite accurately is the calorie content per 100g of mass gainer.

This is interesting because if you take a 500-calorie mass gainer and a 1200-calorie mass gainer, there’s a pretty good chance that they’ll have a similar calorie and macronutrient composition on a per-100g basis. The difference is that the higher-calorie supplement just has a larger serving size.

On average, a mass gainer has 375 calories per 100g of powder.

Some brands are very cunning. They boast about having loads of calories. Yet, when you look at things on a per-100g basis, these mega-calorie gainers often have minimal protein, whereas some of the lower-calorie weight gainers have less protein and carbs overall, but more on a per-100g basis.

Should You Take Mass Gainer On Rest Days?

A muscular man sleeping in his bed

If weight gainers are an integral part of your supplementation regime, then yes, you should still take your mass gainer on rest days. After all, when you’re resting, your muscles are recovering (at least, they’re trying to), so you may as well give them the nutrition that they need to grow and repair.

That said, I do understand why some people are hesitant to drink mass gainers on rest days. When you’re not training, you’re not going to burn as many calories, so there’s more chance that you’ll overconsume calories.

However, one day of extra calories isn’t going to make you fat. And if you only have 1-2 rest days per week, there’s really no advantage to decreasing your calorie intake on a rest day, especially not if you’re a beginner, who can really make use of all those calories, carbs, and protein.

Now, if you’ve been training for years and have already gained the majority of muscle mass that you’re ever going to gain, then you can do some calorie cycling, whereby you consume more calories on training days and fewer calories on rest days.

The reason why some people do this is that, when you’ve been training your muscles for years, the muscle protein synthesis (MPS) response is greatly reduced, meaning that after 24 hours, MPS levels are already back to baseline. So, in this case, it makes sense to have the majority of your calories within 24 hours of a workout when your body can make the best possible use of them.

So you could have a mass gainer on training days and a regular protein shake on rest days. But if you’re a beginner or intermediate, then don’t worry about any of this; just drink your mass gainer every day.

You can also see my article on the best time to take weight gainer to find out exactly when to take your shake for the best results.

How Much Mass Gainer Should I Take To Gain 10 Kg?

An image showing how much mass gainer you should take

Well, to gain 1kg, you need an overall calorie surplus of 7000. So, if your calorie surplus is 500 per day, then it would take you two weeks to gain 1kg and 20 weeks to gain 10kg.

If you have one mass gainer per day during that 20-week period, that’s 140 mass gainer shakes.

Now, if you’re relatively new to the gym and still have loads of muscle mass to gain, you can bulk more aggressively and use a higher calorie surplus.

So, if you ate 1,000 extra calories each day, it would take you 10 weeks to gain 10kg, but you’d likely still be using 140 mass gainer servings because you’d probably need two shakes per day to achieve your 1000 calorie surplus.

Just remember, though, that more calories are only better up to a point. This point differs depending on how much muscle mass you have left to gain, which in turn depends on your genetic potential and how developed your muscles are in relation to that muscular potential.

Conclusion: Getting The Most From Your Mass Gainer

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The lifters who get the most from their mass gainers are those who, first and foremost, choose the right supplement. But after making a well-informed purchase, you then need to use your weight gainer properly.

For most people, this means having 1-2 shakes per day in addition to 3-4 wholefood meals. The exact numbers depend on your calorie requirement and how many calories you’re able to consume at each meal.

In practice, if you’re a skinny guy who needs a lot of extra calories, you can have a post-workout mass gainer and then, depending on what time your workout was, have a mass gainer before bed to get in some extra protein and calories before you sleep.

If your workout was late, you could always have a mass gainer for breakfast instead to start the day off with a good feeding.

To actually make your mass gainer, just follow the instructions on the back of the bag or tub. I like to use milk for extra calories and to enhance the creaminess of the shake, but you can also use water if you prefer a thinner consistency.

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Andy Williams
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