Homemade Mass Gainer: 1000 Calorie DIY Weight Gainer Shakes

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If you want a simple yet effective recipe for adding mass, then you’re going to love this homemade weight gainer shake because it contains 1,000 quality calories.

While making a DIY mass gainer takes more time and effort than mixing up a commercial weight gainer, a homemade mass gainer is much cheaper than a store-bought weight gainer.

But the best thing about making weight gainer shakes at home is that you have complete control over the ingredient quality and both the calorie and macronutrient content. More on this later.

Ingredients For a Homemade Mass Gainer Shake

The ingredients needed for a homemade weight gainer shake; protein powder, almond butter, honey, oats, milk, and a banana

This simple yet effective (and tasty) homemade mass gainer shake has just over 1000 calories (about 1100 calories if you use all the ingredients). But you can customise the exact calorie value by using more or less of each ingredient.

This 1100-calorie DIY weight gainer has 129g of carbs, 58g of protein, and 38g of fat.

As you can hopefully appreciate, these macros are much more balanced and meal-like than those of your typical commercial weight gainer, which are often ridiculously carb-heavy.

The best part? No maltodextrin! Just good quality oats, protein, almond butter, and a few other high-calorie ingredients.

I haven’t included frozen berries on the ingredient list, but you can certainly add in some berries of your choice if you’d like to bulk up the vitamin and mineral content of your homemade mass gainer.

Whole Milk — 500 ml

A bottle of milk

Whole milk is the ideal base for a homemade weight gainer because it has plenty of protein, carbs, and fats, making it a very calorie-dense liquid.

I always use whole milk when I make weight gainer shakes at home because it makes the shakes thick and creamy, which I personally like.

You can, of course, substitute whole milk for any other milk that you like, be it lower-calorie cow milk or something plant-based.

Alternatively, you can use a mix of milk and water or even just water if you fancy. But I always recommend using some kind of milk in a DIY weight gainer to enhance the taste.

Oats — 100g

A bag of oats

Carb-dense, nutritious, and oh-so effective for weight gain, oats should be a staple in any good homemade mass gainer recipe. You can use shop-bought rolled oats, or you can use some kind of instant oats powder if you want your shake to have a less grainy texture.

Most commercial weight gainers, you’ve probably noticed, use ridiculous amounts of maltodextrin, which is a bland, cheap carb source that’s completely devoid of micronutrition.

As such, when you use oats in your DIY mass gainer shake, you might notice that your shakes have a more natural, earthy taste to them. That’s because you’re using natural ingredients and not a bunch of highly processed carbs!

Unlike maltodextrin, oats give you consistent energy so that you don’t get that dreaded sugar crash. Plus, you’re getting a healthy dose of beta-glucan, a natural fibre with a variety of health benefits.

Almond Butter — 20g

Closeup of some almond butter

Other nut butters are available! I just prefer almond butter because it has more healthy monosaturated fats and a better vitamin and mineral profile than peanut butter.

But if you prefer peanut butter, then go for it. I’m just using a nut butter here to increase the fat content of my homemade weight gain shake.

This makes the shakes more like a meal because you’re getting a healthy balance of all three macronutrients.

On the other hand, your typical store-bought mass gainer has barely any fat but a load of carbs. Again, maltodextrin is the culprit here because this low-quality carbohydrate, which has a higher GI than table sugar, is devoid of fat.

I like almond butter because it makes my homemade weight gainers that bit thicker and tastier, which is a refreshing change from commercial supplements.

Protein Powder — One Scoop

This is where you can really customise the flavour of your homemade mass gainer!

I personally use chocolate protein powder most of the time, but you can use any flavour you want. I also like strawberry protein powder and banana protein powder, which go well with the likes of milk, oats, and almond butter.

I usually add the protein powder in first, but I’ll talk more about the ingredient order in just a sec.

You can add as much protein powder as you want here, but I just use a single scoop because the milk already has a lot of quality protein. And honestly, 58g of protein per shake is more than enough for just about anybody!

If you can find some weight gainer samples, then you can try a variety of different flavours over a short space of time without buying loads of different tubs.

One Banana

A banana

Frozen banana or fresh banana, the choice is yours. I personally freeze my banana for about half an hour before making my mass gainer shakes at home to make my drink colder.

However, If you use a banana that’s completely frozen, you’ll need to blend your smoothie for longer (or use more liquid) to make sure that it mixes properly.

Bananas give you that fast-acting energy, while the oats give you that steady sustenance, so you’re getting the best of both worlds with this 1000 calorie homemade weight gainer.

You can use any other fruit that you like. For example, I often include berries and banana to boost the vitamin and mineral content of my DIY mass gainer.

One Teaspoon of Honey

A jar of honey

Most of the ingredients thus far have quite a natural, sometimes earthy taste to them. So, to enhance the sweetness of your shakes, I recommend adding a teaspoon or two of raw honey.

Unlike cheap table sugar or other sweeteners, raw honey has a number of health benefits and has the added bonus of tasting delicious. So why not pop to your local shop and get yourself a jar of raw honey!

It’s great in porridge as well, which is another staple meal that I eat when I’m bulking. You can also mix in protein powder and almond butter into your porridge to boost both the protein and fat content, which results in truly excellent bulking macros.

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How To Make a 1000 Calorie Homemade Weight Gainer Shake

A homemade weight gainer shake mixing in a blender

To be honest, you can add the ingredients in any order that you like. What matters most is that you blend them all together to achieve a consistency that you like. So if your shake is too thick, for example, you can always add more liquid.

  1. Begin by pouring 500ml of whole milk into a blender. You can use more or less liquid than this, depending on your desired consistency.
  2. Add in one scoop of protein powder.
  3. Measure out 100g of oats and add it to the mixture.
  4. Weigh out 20g of almond butter (or any other nut butter) and add it to the oats and protein powder.
  5. Blend your shake for at least 30 seconds.
  6. Next, chop a banana and any other fruit into the mixture.
  7. Then, add in 1-2 teaspoons of raw honey.
  8. Finish off by blending your shake again for at least 30 seconds.
  9. Drink and enjoy! Or add more liquid if you’d like a thinner consistency.

Are Homemade Weight Gainers Better Than Commercial Mass Gainers?

The best homemade weight gainer in a blender

Homemade weight gainer shakes are definitely better than most commercial mass gainers because your typical store-bought mass gainer uses too much maltodextrin and not enough quality carbohydrates.

On the other hand, you can get weight gainers that use oats as the primary carb source. These weight gainers are comparable in quality to a homemade mass gainer. 

The difference is that your DIY weight gainer probably won’t taste quite as good or mix quite as well because supplement brands really put a lot of work into making their powder tasty and highly mixable.

So, unless you can find a mass gainer that uses oats rather than maltodextrin, you’ll probably find that your own homemade weight gainer shake is better than most commercially available mass gainers.

Other Tips For Making Weight Gainer Shakes At Home

A banana, honey, oats, milk, almond butter, and protein powder positioned next to each other

Be creative! You can add anything you want to your homemade weight gainer, although I recommend sticking to healthy, wholefood ingredients where possible.

Also, you don’t need any particular ingredient.

For example, you could remove the protein powder from this homemade mass gainer recipe and still have over 30 grams of protein.

The ingredients that I used here are quite basic: one, because I’m not a chef, two because they’re readily available, three because they’re healthy, four because they combine well together, and five because they have good macros.

You can even make mass gainer pancakes if you’re looking for another tasty, high-calorie bulking meal.

Conclusion: Making The Best Homemade Weight Gainer Shakes Possible

A person pouring some oats into their DIY mass gainer

My homemade weight gainer shake has over 1000 calories and is a great choice for bulking up. It contains plenty of protein, loads of carbs, and a great amount of fat as well, which makes it ideal for meeting your macronutrient targets.

While making a weight gainer shake at home takes more effort than whipping up a commercial mass gainer, the extra labour can often be worth it because you can completely customise the calories, macros, and ingredients.

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Andy Williams
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