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If you're on the lookout for a mass gainer to support your muscle-building journey, the bright and persuasive Gold Tech Nutrition Extreme Mass Gainer packaging might have caught your attention. 

Packed with vitamins, creatine monohydrate, and glutamine, this protein-dense formula aims to help you reach your mass-building goals faster. However, with so many good products on the UK market nowadays, you might be wondering what sets GTN Mass Gainer apart from other weight gainers on the market, and if it's worth incorporating into your supplementation regime.

In this Gold Tech Nutrition Mass Gainer review, you'll learn about its nutritional content, flavours, and what your fellow hardgainers and bulkers have to say about their experience using Gold Tech Nutrition Extreme Mass Gainer. 

ideal for weight gain
Gold Tech Nutrition Mass Gainer
A large tub of Gold Tech Nutrition Mass Gainer
Taste: 9.5/10
Mixability: 9.1/10
Ingredient Quality: 9.3/10
Mass-Building Potential: 9.8/10
Overall Rating: 9.4/10
  • Contains over 1,300 muscle-building calories
  • Supports weight gain with a massive 283g carb serving
  • Help muscles grow and recover with 53g of protein
  • Contains 3.5g of glutamine for muscle recovery
  • Free from soy protein
  • Added creatine isn’t to everyone’s liking
  • Carb-to-protein ratio is a bit high

Gold Tech Nutrition Extreme Mass Gainer Quick Facts

The Gold Tech Nutrition Mass Gainer nutrition facts

If you’ve browsed Amazon in search of weight gain products for more than 5 minutes, then you've probably heard about Gold Tech Nutrition's Extreme Mass Gainer Protein Powder. 

It's quite popular among those looking to pack on some serious muscle mass. So, let's take a quick glance at some of the key facts that make it stand out.

What's in it for you? When you blend a serving with whole milk, you'll receive:

  • 53g Protein: Helping you to repair and build muscles effectively
  • 283g Carbohydrates: Providing the fuel and energy you need for intense workouts
  • 1336 Calories: To trigger that weight gain that you’re looking for
  • 3.5g Premium Grade Creatine Monohydrate: Boosting your strength and power during workouts
  • 3.5g L-Glutamine: Aiding in muscle recovery and reducing muscle soreness
  • Zero Saturated Fats and Soy Protein: Keeping your nutrition clean and muscle-building focused

Mixing and consumption The mixing process is a breeze. Simply blend one serving (4 scoops/334g of powder) with whole milk (or water if you prefer), and you're good to go. Enjoy it post-workout for optimum results or as a high-calorie snack in between meals.

Taste and variety One of the key aspects that make or break a mass gainer for many people is the taste, and Gold Tech Nutrition doesn't disappoint in this area either. The shakes taste wonderful and mix really easily, which is as much as you can ask for from a weight gainer!

Gold Tech Nutrition Extreme Mass Gainer Nutrient Composition

53g of Protein

The Gold Tech Nutrition Mass Gainer ingredients

There’s no denying that 53g of protein is a lot; it’s more than enough for most lifters to achieve that all-important muscle protein synthesis spike.

However, given the insane amount of carbs, I would have liked more protein per serving, closer to the 60 or 70g mark maybe.

After all, the carb-to-protein ratio is in excess of 5:1, which is arguably too much even for hardgainers. I think Efectiv Mass is a better option for most people, in this regard.

On the plus side, Gold Tech Nutrition (GTN) only uses premium-grade proteins, namely whey concentrate, milk protein, and egg white.

283g of Carbs

Carbohydrates make your muscles look full and pumped, and they really power up your workouts, which need to be intense and stimulative when you’re bulking. 

With a whopping 283g of carbs per serving, this mass gainer supplies you with the energy you need to smash your workouts and get your body in that all-important calorie surplus. 

This carbohydrate blend includes fast-acting and slow-digesting sources, such as maltodextrin and oats, delivering a sustained energy release throughout the day.

6g of Fat

Fats are important for many bodily functions, including hormone production and overall health, meaning that they’re a key part of any successful bulking plan. 

Gold Tech Nutrition Extreme Mass Gainer contains a reasonable 6g of fat per serving, striking a balance between providing essential fatty acids and keeping the calorie count in check for a mass gainer. This way, you can still enjoy some healthy fats while focusing on increasing your muscle mass.

It has much less fat than Hectic Sports Weight Gainer, which may help with digestion.

3.5g of Creatine

A mass gainer from Gold Tech Nutrition

Gold Tech Nutrition weight gainer contains 3.5g of creatine per serving, giving you extra power and strength. This added boost can help you lift heavier weights, ultimately leading to improved muscle growth and development.

Obviously, it would be ideal to have 5g per serving, which most experts say is the ideal dose. 

Now, you could just take an extra couple of grams to make up for the shortfall, but honestly, I would have preferred a creatine-free formula.

Still, 3.5g is more than many other brands offer in their gainers.

3.5g of Glutamine

Lastly, this mass gainer includes 3.5g of glutamine per serving, an amino acid known for its role in muscle recovery and immune system support. Glutamine can help you get back in the gym sooner by reducing DOMS and promoting faster recovery. A great addition to any mass gainer.

If you want to see another gainer that’s really similar to Gold Tech Nutrition Mass gainer ingredient-wise, then check out my full Optimum Health Ultimate Gainer review to get a comparison.

Gold Tech Nutrition Mass Gainer Taste and Mixing

A man making a shake of the GTN Mass Gainer in a blender

When it comes to Gold Tech Nutrition Extreme Mass Gainer, you might be curious about its taste and how well it mixes. There's good news! Many customers have shared their thoughts on this in their Gold Tech Nutrition Mass Gainer reviews, and it seems to be quite positive overall.

One of the things you'll appreciate is the variety of flavours that Gold Tech Nutrition provides. With classic options like strawberry and vanilla, you can pick your favourite or even keep things interesting by trying their banana or Cookies ‘N’ Cream options.

Customers have mentioned that the taste is not too sweet, which means you can enjoy your shake without being overwhelmed by sugar. It's also got a smooth texture, so say goodbye to gritty or lumpy shakes.

A person making a Gold Tech Mass Gainer in a blender

I could only find a couple of reviews that complained about the taste and mixability, which is quite good for a gainer that contains so much powder per serving.

A few people also complained about the mixing and texture (as they do with any gainer). But again, these users were in the minority.

I personally loved the shakes and thought that the powder stuck the perfect balance between being tasty but not excessively sweet, which is just what you want from a mass gainer.

Gold Tech Nutrition Mass Gainer Effectiveness

A tub of Gold Tech Weight Gainer next to a shaker bottle and a scoop

With its high-quality protein blend consisting of whey, milk, and egg, this GTN mass gainer is sure to provide you with enough amino acids for your muscles to grow. Moreover, it contains essential vitamins that help support your overall well-being during intense training.

Additionally, Gold Tech Nutrition added creatine monohydrate and glutamine to their formula, which are two powerful ingredients that have been proven to support muscle strength, endurance, and recovery. 

Personally, though, I don’t like added creatine, as I prefer the control of taking my own creatine separately.

It's worth mentioning that multiple customers have found Gold Tech Nutrition Mass Gainer to be quite effective. According to some reviews on Amazon, users noticed considerable weight gain and muscle development with consistent use of the product.

This isn’t at all surprising, considering that this gainer has over 1300 calories. If drinking this shake won’t lead to weight, then I don’t know what will!

See my Boditronics Mass Attack Heavyweight review to learn about another gainer that has 1300 calories per serving.

Results: With 1300 calories per serving, you're very likely to gain weight with Gold Tech Nutrition Mass Gainer.

GTN Mass Gainer Value For Money

A tub of Gold Tech Nutrition Mass Gainer in a cardboard box

You might be wondering if Gold Tech Nutrition's Extreme Mass Gainer is worth your hard-earned cash. Let's break it down to see if it's good value for your money.

First of all, the price point is quite reasonable, considering the quality ingredients and effectiveness of the product. For about the price of a month’s gym membership, you can pick up a 2.75 kg tub, which translates to a few pounds per serving. Not bad for a mass gainer with added vitamins, creatine monohydrate, and glutamine, right?

Looking through various Gold Tech Nutrition Extreme Mass Gainer reviews it seems like the shake is quite stomach-friendly to people with lactose intolerance, and the taste is considered better than other similar supplements (and I certainly agree). 

GTN Extreme Mass Gainer is packed with high-quality protein and carbohydrates, which are essential for muscle growth. I just think it’s a bit light on the protein compared to the carbs.

I’m not saying GTN do this, but some brands stuff their gainers with carbs and skimp on protein to cut costs.

So, even though there may be cheaper alternatives in the market, GTN's Mass Gainer offers a solid mix of quality ingredients and effectiveness that justifies the price tag. 

Is It Worth A Try For Hardgainers?

The Gold Tech Nutrition Mass Gainer scoop

As a hardgainer, you know how tough it is to consume a massive amount of calories. Gold Tech Nutrition Mass Gainer simplifies this process by giving you a tasty, extremely high-calorie shake that will undoubtedly budge the scales in an upward direction when taken consistently.

My only gripes are the carb-to-protein ratio—which I personally feel is too high for most people—and the added creatine.

Since this product appears to be a UK exclusive, you can always try Mass Gainz by iForce Nutrition if you’re based in the US.

Feel free to leave a comment below this Gold Tech Nutrition Mass Gainer review if you have any questions or if you want to share your own experience with this supplement. Thanks for reading, and I hope this article helped!

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