Freak Mass Gainer Review: Too Much Soy?

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With so many mass gainers on the market, it's important to find a shake with quality nutrition and proven effectiveness. With that in mind, one product that has gained attention is the Freak Mass Gainer Protein Powder by Freak Athletics.

This Freak Mass Gainer review aims to provide useful insight into this 377-calorie weight gainer, including its benefits and potential drawbacks. While focusing on factors such as nutritional content, taste, and ease of use, this evaluation will offer guidance in determining if it's the right fit for your needs and goals.

377 calories
Freak Mass Gainer
A big tub of Freak Mass
Taste: 7/10
Mixability: 8/10
Ingredient Quality: 7/10
Mass-Building Potential: 8/10
Overall Rating: 7.5/10
  • Great carbs-to-protein ratio for lean gaining
  • Only has 11g of sugar
  • You get over 40 servings per tub
  • Made in the UK and very affordable
  • Calories might be too low for hardgainers
  • Contains soy protein

Freak Mass Gainer Quick Facts

Freak Mass Gainer is designed to help you put on weight and increase your muscle mass with the following nutritional profile. 

The Freak Mass Gainer nutrition facts
  • 377 calories
  • 56g of carbs
  • 11g of sugar
  • 33g of protein
  • 2.3g of fat
  • 4kg tub provides 40 servings

On paper, this Freak Athletics mass gainer has everything you need to pack on quality muscle. However, although it contains quality whey protein, there’s also soy protein, which is typically not a favoured protein source for serious bodybuilders and athletes.

If you want a gainer with the same amount of protein (33g) but only from quality milk-based sources, then you’ll want to check out my Xtra Protein and Carbs review.

Additionally, you can also read my review of XL Nutrition Xtra Mass if you’re looking for a gainer that has 1,000 calories.

Will Freak Mass Gainer Help You Bulk Up?

A scoop of Freak Mass weight gainer

Friendly reminder: bulking up requires not only a great training programme but also a well-balanced diet high in protein and nutrients. So, let's see if Freak Mass Gainer can be a helpful addition to your journey.

Freak Mass Gainer is a calorie-dense, protein-packed shake that will help you gain weight and bulk up when you drink it consistently. The supplement is specifically designed for those looking to increase their body mass because it’s much higher in calories than regular whey protein.

The carbs in Freak Mass, for instance, help fuel workouts, promote muscle fullness, and aid in the weight-gaining process. 

Obviously, the 33g of protein complements the carbs because these amino acids are what actually facilitate the development of new muscle mass.

Freak Athletics Mass Gainer

Here are a few tips to maximise Freak Mass Gainer's potential:

  • Don't skip meals: Use Freak Mass Gainer as an addition to your existing diet plan, not as a replacement for other nutrient-rich meals.
  • Timing matters: For optimal results, drink Freak Mass Gainer after your session when your muscles are primed for nutrient absorption and anabolism.
  • Consistency is key: Aim to consume Freak Mass Gainer consistently to make sure you're getting the additional calories and protein needed to support your bulking goals.

Finally, be patient, and don't expect overnight results. Gaining muscle mass is a process that takes time and dedication. With consistent effort, appropriate nutrition and the support of Freak Mass Gainer, you'll likely see impressive progress on your bulking journey.

Freak Mass Gainer Side Effects

A tub of Freak Mass in vanilla flavour

While Freak Mass Gainer is useful for triggering weight gain and muscle mass development, it's important to be aware of some potential side effects, especially given that, like Matrix Monster Calories, it contains soy protein isolate, which isn’t a protein source that bodybuilders are exactly raving about.

For some individuals, soy protein consumption can lead to gastrointestinal issues, such as upset stomach, bloating, and flatulence (then again, so can milk proteins). You can mitigate these issues to an extent by starting with, say, a half serving, and then working your way up to the full 100g once your body gets used to the extra calories.

As I noted in my Boditronics Mass Attack Juggernaut review, soy protein is known to contain phytoestrogens, which mimic the hormone estrogen in your body. 

The Freak Mass scoop

Whilst research on this topic remains inconclusive, there is some speculation that excessive intake of soy protein might contribute to hormonal imbalances. To avoid this, consider maintaining a balanced diet and incorporating a variety of protein sources alongside your Freak Mass Gainer.

Lastly, some individuals might have an allergy or intolerance to soy. If you experience symptoms such as hives, itching, or difficulty breathing after consuming Freak Mass Gainer, it's crucial to discontinue usage and seek medical advice.

How Do You Take Freak Mass Gainer?

Taking Freak Mass Gainer is a simple and hassle-free process. All you need to do is mix one serving of the powder with 400-500ml of your preferred liquid, such as water, milk, or a milk alternative (such as almond milk).

Me making a shake for my Freak Mass Gainer review

Once your Freak Mass Gainer shake is ready, it's time to enjoy it. Ideally, you should consume this gainer after you train, when your muscles are primed for rapid nutrient absorption. However, if you need the extra calories, you could always have a shake at breakfast time as well, for example.

I don’t recommend using mass gainers as a substitute for whole foods, as many lack the vitamins and minerals that you’d get through your regular diet.

But you could, for example, have 3-5 meals per day and then consume a mass gainer on top of those meals. That’s a really great way to pack on mass.

Reasons To Buy Freak Mass Gainer

Freak Mass Gainer is a decent choice for anyone looking to pack on some size. However, as I’ll explain later on, I do think that there are better options available on the UK market.

A vanilla Freak Mass shake

Firstly, Freak Mass Gainer offers great value for money. Since it's made in the UK, you can be confident about the quality of the product manufacturing. This will give you peace of mind, knowing that you're investing in a reliable mass gainer supplement.

The fact that it contains plenty of calories is another key reason to like this Freak weight gainer. With its high calorie content, it can help you achieve your weight-gain goals faster. You can easily meet your calorie intake requirements, which is essential for muscle building and strength gains. 

Also, while not the absolute cheapest on the market, Freak Mass costs much less than the typical weight gainer, so I can see why those on a budget might want to pick up a 4kg tub.

Reasons To Avoid Freak Mass Gainer

As I said in my Freak Mass Gainer review, this shake might seem like a tempting option for those looking to bulk up—especially given how affordable it is—but there are some reasons you may want to consider avoiding it.

Directions showing how to use Freak Mass Gainer

Firstly, mass gainers are not a magic bullet. Most shakes contain a combination of carbs and protein that are capable of triggering significant weight gain. However, you'll need to maintain a balanced diet, stay disciplined with your training, and ensure you're getting enough sleep to reap the full benefits of any mass gainer product.

Secondly, Freak Mass contains soy protein. I’m not saying that you can’t make gains while ingesting soy or that soy protein is outright terrible. However, I’d personally rather play it safe and stick with a shake that’s made from 100% milk proteins like whey and casein.

Another point to bear in mind is that mass gainers may not suit everyone. Some people have sensitivities to certain ingredients commonly found in these products, such as lactose, soy, or gluten. If you have a known intolerance or allergy, be sure to research the ingredients thoroughly before committing to a mass gainer.

What's The Verdict?

A tub of Freak Mass Weight Gainer next to a scoop and shaker bottle

One of the main plus points of Freak Mass Gainer is its ability to provide you with plenty of calories in a convenient and tasty shake. This can be really helpful if you lack the appetite to consume enough calories through your regular meals. 

Obviously, eating in a calorie surplus is absolutely critical for gaining weight, so having this extra liquid calorie boost can really help you bulk up.

Another benefit of this Freak Athletics mass gainer is its impressive protein content. Sure, there’s some soy in there, but 33g of protein is nothing to sneeze at. Freak Mass Gainer ensures that your body has the amino acid building blocks it needs to trigger those gains you're aiming for.

As for who should consider taking it, Freak Mass Gainer is a decent option for those looking to increase their overall calorie intake on a budget. If you have a fast metabolism or feel like you're not getting enough calories through your regular meals, this supplement might be worth considering.

On the other hand, if you're already consuming enough calories or are looking to lean out, this mass gainer might not align with your goals. Additionally, if you’re averse to soy protein, I’d give this gainer a miss as well.

The #1 UK Mass Gainer
Crazy Nutrition Mass Gainer
Two bags of Crazy Nutrition Mass Gainer positioned side by side
  • Contains 488 bulking calories from 100% clean sources
  • Packed with a proven 40g protein blend for quick muscle repair and growth
  • Provokes noticable weight gain with 55g of complex carbs from oats
  • Tastes amazing (to my surprise!) and mixes easily
  • Offered at the absolute lowest UK price during April
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