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Welcome to my Crazy Nutrition Mass Gainer review. Over the past 6 months or so, I’ve tested around 65 different weight gainers to see how they taste, mix, and, of course, to find out how effective they are for building muscle.

Well, my test results are in; most mass gainers are a bunch of crap that contain low-quality protein and cheap filler carbohydrates.

Yet, if you look away from the big-name brands, you’ll find that there are actually a few quality gainers that will get you real results

After being intrigued by its clean yet hardcore ingredient profile, I decided to try Crazy Nutrition Mass Gainer. Little did I know that it would become the best mass gainer in the UK.

Now, all of my hardgainer clients are taking this product. And in my Crazy Nutrition Mass Gainer review, you’ll soon learn why.

The #1 UK Mass gainer
Crazy Nutrition Mass Gainer
A bag of chocolate Crazy Nutrition weight gainer ready for review
Taste: 10/10
Mixability: 10/10
Ingredient Quality: 10/10
Mass-Building Potential: 10/10
Overall Rating: 10/10
  • Contains 488 clean calories for packing on quality mass
  • Fuels weight gain with 55g of complex carbs from oat flour
  • Triggers massive muscle growth with an optimal 40g protein blend
  • Very low in sugar for a mass gainer
  • Tastes amazing (both chocolate and vanilla) and mixes easily in a shaker bottle
  • Provides digestive enzymes for maximum nutrient uptake
  • Costs a bit more than your average mass gainer

Crazy Nutrition Mass Gainer Ingredients

A person making a Crazy Nutrition weight gainer shake

Fact: a mass gainer is only as good as its ingredients. While I’m all for gourmet-tasting shakes and effortless mixability, you need to blow my socks off with your ingredients if I’m to recommend your weight gainer to my training clients and website readers.

Per 4-scoop serving (125g of powder), this Crazy Nutrition weight gainer contains:

  • 488 calories
  • 55g of carbs
  • 40g of protein
  • 10.5g of fat
  • 7.5g of sugar
  • 6g of fibre
  • Zinc and magnesium
  • Digestive enzymes

As any well-informed bodybuilder will tell you, these are excellent macros for adding quality mass to your frame. Let me explain why.

This highly anabolic carb-to-protein ratio—which, after testing 65 weight gainers, I still haven't seen elsewhere—is scientifically optimal for gaining slabs of rock-solid muscle mass.

A bodybuilding Crazy Nutrition Mass Gainer stack

Additionally, the 10.5g of healthy fats from MCTs help to maximise your natural testosterone production so that you can feel your best and unlock your true strength during your bulking phase.

But you won’t get this from your average sugar and soy-laden weight gainer.

Did you know that the brands behind the most popular weight gainers consistently rip us off and insult our intelligence by charging a premium for poor-quality protein (like soy) and fattening carbs that do us more harm than good?

As you’re about to discover, this mass gainer from Crazy Nutrition contains only the finest mass-building ingredients to ensure that you can gain quality weight without sacrificing your health or integrity.

Zero Fillers

The Crazy Nutrition Mass Gainer ingredients

Before we dive into the muscle-building benefits of the optimal protein blend, it’s interesting to note that Crazy Nutrition Mass Gainer actually has 39.73 grams of protein per serving.

All of the ingredients, in fact, are listed with their decimals—I’ve rounded up or down accordingly for ease of consumption. But don’t be alarmed; these decimals are actually a sign of this mass gainer's purity.

In other words, every ingredient has been formulated with extreme scientific precision because Crazy Nutrition doesn’t use any fillers in their athlete-approved mass gainer. 

Other weight gainers, however, routinely use filler amino acids and truckloads of maltodextrin to bulk up their formula and inflate (or even straight-up lie about) the number and nutrition facts.

So, although you might not see many bought and paid for “fitness influencers” recommending Crazy Nutrition Mass Gainer, it’s one of the only dependable weight gainers on the UK and US markets.

Optimal Protein Blend

The Crazy Nutrition Mass Gainer scoop

Most weight gainers contain such little protein in relation to carbs that I decided to rename them fat gainers. Honestly, you’d get more protein from a McDonald’s milkshake!

After wading through nearly 60 low-quality weight gainers, you can probably understand how satisfied (and relieved) I was to stumble upon a mass gainer that’s perfected the science of protein.

Unlike other gainers, which rely on whey alone (or even worse, soy), Crazy Nutrition Mass Gainer contains 39.73 grams of whey protein and milk protein per serving.

What this means for you is that, once you start taking this weight gainer, your body will now remain in an anabolic state for longer and build muscle at a faster rate. How so?

Well, you see, milk protein is actually 80% casein protein, which is much slower digesting than whey. 

The Crazy Nutrition Mass Gainer scoop for the chocolate and vanilla flavours

So, in addition to the highly anabolic, near-instantaneous muscle protein synthesis spike from the whey, you’re getting a gradual release of amino acids from the casein.

In this sense, casein protein is very anti-catabolic. In other words, it prevents protein breakdown. And, as any exercise physiologist will tell you, hypertrophy essentially comes down to maximising muscle protein syntehssis while simultaneously minimising muscle protein breakdown.

Also, at 40g per serving, this mass gainer by Crazy Nutrition contains the optimal post-workout protein dosage for gaining muscle mass, as verified by independent scientific studies.

Complex Carbohydrates

Look on any mass gainer ingredient label and tell me what the first ingredient is. I bet I can guess.


I knew it! And no, I don’t have any magical guessing power; I just know the supplement industry so well by now.

Unlike the lower-quality, sugar-filled weight gainers that you often find at the store, Crazy Nutrition Mass Gainer uses gluten-free oat flour for its 55.29 grams of complex carbohydrates. It’s definitely the best gluten-free weight gainer on the market, that’s for sure.

Because of its focus on low-glycemic carbs, Crazy Nutrition Mass Gainer doesn’t sit heavy on your stomach or cause those dreaded, workout-destroying sugar crashes. Instead, you get clean and consistent energy without feeling full—exactly what you want during a bulk.

The #1 UK Mass gainer
A bag of the UK Crazy Nutrition Mass Gainer next to a blender jug and shaker bottle
Crazy Nutrition Mass Gainer

Quality Fats

The Crazy Nutrition Mass Gainer nutrition facts

Quality fats are a bulker's best friend because, at 9 calories per gram, fats are more calorie-dense than both protein and carbohydrates, which each contain 4 calories per gram.

Get too little fat, and you’ll build less muscle and potentially even lower your testosterone.

Get too much fat, and you’ll blunt the protein absorption and cripple your appetite.

Crazy Nutrition Mass Gainer contains the perfect amount of fat for a muscle-building shake. 

Each serving provides 10.5g of quality fats from rapidly digesting MCTs, enabling you to cram in those all-important calories without blunting your appetite or weighing your stomach down.

Digestive Enzymes

Our bodies can’t process—never mind benefit from—an endless supply of protein, carbs, and calories. That’s why I always laugh at the mega-calorie gainers; do people really think that drinking 1,500 calories in one sitting is a good idea?

I’m a firm believer in quality over quantity—especially when it comes to bodybuilding supplements.

What I appreciate about Crazy Nutrition Mass Gainer the most is that the ingredients are optimally dosed, so we’re not paying for any fillers whatsoever.

And thanks to the digestive enzymes—amylase, protease, cellulase, lactase, lipase—your body can make the best possible use of all the mass-building nutrients that you’re feeding it, which means more muscle growth and no stomach discomfort.

Overhead view of Crazy Mass Gainer in vanilla and chocolate flavours

Zinc and Magnesium

While successful bulking mainly boils down to training hard and eating in a calorie surplus, you also need to have healthy hormone levels if you want to get the best possible results.

Both zinc and magnesium have been shown time and time again to reliably increase your testosterone. 

This means that you can gain strength faster and set new PRs in the gym now that you have a mass gainer that contains everything you need to be strong and muscular (besides creatine, of course, which you can also get from Crazy Nutrition).

Always get a mass gainer without creatine so that you can purchase your creatine separately. Weight gainers that contain creatine usually use the cheapest possible forms of creatine to cut costs, and they don’t include an optimal dose, either.

Crazy Nutrition Mass Gainer Results

Since this powerful weight gainer first hit the UK and US markets, there have been countless Crazy Nutrition Mass Gainer reviews from hardgainers and professional athletes alike attesting to this supplement’s potent muscle-building benefits.

Unlike other brands, who spend millions of dollars on advertising, Crazy Nutrition lets their satisfied (and newly bulked up) customer testimonials do the talking.

You can read the reviews for yourself.

Both UK and US gym enthusiasts are reporting significant strength gains and visible increases in muscle mass in just a couple of months.

No, this weight gainer won’t transform your body overnight. And yes, you still need to train hard in the gym. But you know what? If you drink Crazy Nutrition Mass Gainer consistently, you will see a big difference in how your physique looks (and in how light the weights feel).

Crazy Nutrition Mass Gainer Taste Test

A person making a Crazy Nutrition weight gainer shake

I’ve got to admit, after being blown away by the ingredient quality and purity, I was a little apprehensive about the flavours. Could this clean, healthy mass gainer really taste as delicious as Crazy Nutrition claimed?

I decided to find out. I ordered a bag of the Chocolate flavour and a bag of the Vanilla flavor and then did a taste test.

Honestly? The taste was mouthwatering. And that’s not just my opinion. My clients at the gym all loved the chocolate and vanilla flavours as well.

Mass gainers shouldn’t taste this good.

But I suppose when you don’t have a million-dollar monthly marketing budget behind your supplements, you actually have to make products that taste great and get real results!

Crazy Nutrition Mass Gainer Mixability

A bag of the UK Crazy Nutrition Mass Gainer next to a blender jug and shaker bottle

When I first saw that the serving size was 4 scoops, I was a little disappointed because I thought that I’d need to use an electric blender.

Turns out all that was required to get a lump-free shake was around 400 ml of water and a bit of shaking.

You see, 4 scoops is only equal to 125g of powder, which isn’t a lot for a mass gainer. As a result, Crazy Nutrition Mass Gainer mixes effortlessly and doesn’t clump at all.

I’m really impressed that Crazy Nutrition managed to pack so much quality nutrition into a relatively small amount of powder. But I think I know their secret; it’s called making a formula that’s free from fillers.

the #1 UK Mass gainer
Two bags of Crazy Nutrition Mass Gainer positioned side by side
Crazy Nutrition Mass Gainer

Crazy Nutrition Mass Gainer Side Effects

Two Crazy Nutrition Mass Gainers and shaker bottles

About a year ago, I made it my mission to try every weight gainer I could get my hands on. I conducted independent reviews on each product so that gym-goers could have a trustworthy and unbiased source of mass gainer supplement information at their disposal.

I think it’s very important to discuss the potential side effects of any given supplement.

So does Crazy Nutrition Mass Gainer have any side effects?

Well, if this is your first time using a mass gainer, then you might feel a bit full afterwards because drinking 488 calories with whey protein and complex carbs is a lot of nutrition.

Yet, because of the clean carbs and digestive enzymes, this mass gainer doesn’t give you that horrible bloated feeling like so many other weight gainers.

Two bags of Mass Gainer by Crazy Nutrition along with two shaker cups

As for other side effects, it’s possible that you might gain some body fat while taking Crazy Nutrition Mass Gainer. But honestly, some fat gain is actually a sign that you’re bulk is working.

And anway, fat gain is the result of your overall calorie surplus being too high (or a lack of training intensity), not because of a particular supplement.

And while this isn’t a weight gainer for teens, some users have given Crazy Nutrition Mass Gainer to their teenage sons who like to work out. After all, this weight gainer does contain 100% clean ingredients.

The Verdict: Should You Buy Crazy Nutrition Mass Gainer To Bulk Up Quickly?

As you can see, my Crazy Nutrition Mass Gainer review is very positive. This weight gainer ticks all of the boxes and, best of all, it actually produces results when you drink it consistently.

But it’s not for everyone.

If you’re already completely satisfied with your strength levels and the amount of muscle on your body, then you probably won’t need Crazy Nutrition Mass Gainer.

Additionally, if you still believe that you need to drink shakes with 1000+ calories to see results (you definitely don’t), then you might not like this supplement.

However, if you want to bulk up and achieve noticeable results in both muscle mass and strength, then I highly recommend getting this Mass Gainer by Crazy Nutrition.

The only thing people complained about in their Crazy Nutrition Mass Gainer reviews was the price. But that’s a thing of the past now that you can subscribe and save 30%.

The #1 UK Weight gainer
Crazy Nutrition Mass Gainer
A bag of chocolate Crazy Nutrition weight gainer ready for review
  • Contains 488 bulking calories from 100% clean sources
  • Packed with a proven 40g protein blend for quick muscle repair and growth
  • Provokes noticable weight gain with 55g of complex carbs from oats
  • Tastes amazing (to my surprise!) and mixes easily
  • Offered at the absolute lowest UK price during April
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Andy Williams
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