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We've all been there—pushing ourselves to the limit during intense workouts, only to feel like we should’ve got better results for our efforts. But what if there was a way to speed up the recovery process and trigger faster growth? 

Enter CNP Pro Recover, a powerful post-workout recovery formula—so the company claims—designed to help you bounce back faster.

CNP Pro Recover is loaded with high glycemic carbs and easily absorbed di- and tri-peptide amino acids so that your muscles can get the nutrients they need to grow and recover ASAP. 

In addition to its 2:1 carb-to-protein ratio—ideal for lean gaining—users have praised its great taste. But is this supplement right for everyone? Let's take a quick look before we get into the full CNP Pro-Recover review:

  • Ideal for: Gym-goers looking for faster post-workout muscle recovery and athletes seeking improved performance.
  • Not for: Those not engaging in regular exercise or those who have a really high calorie requirement.
great for post-workout
CNP Professional Pro Recover
A bag of CNP Pro Recover
Taste: 8/10
Mixability: 9/10
Ingredient Quality: 8.5/10
Mass-Building Potential: 8/10
Overall Rating: 8.4/10
  • Fast-acting carbs rapidly replenish muscle glycogen levels
  • Only uses quality whey protein
  • Mixes well and tastes great
  • Moderate calorie amount makes Pro Rever good for lean-gaining
  • Some people may need a higher-calorie shake
  • Some larger lifters may need more than 23g of protein

How Does CNP Pro Recover Work?

CNP Pro Recover is rich in high-quality protein sources (native whey protein, whey concentrate, hydrolysed whey). This blend of fast-absorbing protein is just what you need to kick-start the recovery process after a hard gym session.

A bag of CNP Professional Pro Recover

Additionally, this supplement contains a good amount of carbohydrates, which serves as an energy source for your body, helping you to push harder in the gym. 

Also, after an intense workout, your glycogen stores are depleted, leaving you feeling fatigued and exhausted, and your muscles flat and tired. 

CNP Professional Pro Recover helps replenish your glycogen levels by supplying your body with fast-acting carbs that shuttle glycogen right into your muscle cells, helping with muscle tissue recovery and muscle fullness.

Lastly, CNP Pro Recover also comes with essential vitamins and minerals that assist your body in various important processes. For example, it has vitamin C, which promotes a healthy immune system and aids in the absorption of iron.

CNP Pro-Recover Ingredients 

CNP Pro-Recover is a popular post-exercise recovery formula that combines high-quality protein with essential carbohydrates to help your muscles recover faster after a workout. 

The nutrition facts for CNP Pro Recover chocolate flavour
  • Whey Protein: This is the star ingredient in Pro-Recover, as it provides a fast-absorbing source of protein that helps rebuild and repair muscle tissue. Each serving contains 23 grams of whey protein, which is an ideal amount for kickstarting protein synthesis.
  • Carbohydrates: To replenish your energy stores after a strenuous workout, Pro-Recover includes a mix of fast and slow-digesting carbohydrates. The total amount varies per flavour, but you can expect about 49 grams of carbs per serving of CNP Recover, which helps to restore glycogen levels in your muscles, keeping them full and promoting repair.
  • BCAAs: Branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) are the backbone of any good pot-workout supplement. So I’m happy to report that Pro-Recover contains a decent amount of BCAAs, including leucine, isoleucine, and valine, which work together to stimulate protein synthesis and reduce muscle soreness.
  • Vitamins and Minerals: Finally, CNP Pro-Recover includes a blend of vitamins and minerals that support overall health and wellness. There's a generous dose of vitamin C for immune support, as well as magnesium and potassium to help with muscle function and electrolyte balance.

CNP Pro-Recover Benefits

Ideal For Lean Gaining

About CNP Pro Recover

I've found CNP Pro Recover to be an excellent supplement for those looking to gain lean muscle without packing on unnecessary fat because it provides enough calories for recovery but not so many that you’ll get fat. 

The combination of whey protein and fast-acting carbs helps to increase lean mass while minimising fat gain—every lifter's aesthetic dream.

Easy On The Stomach

Another benefit I've noticed with CNP Professional Pro Recover 5kg is that it's easy on the stomach (likely because it’s much lower in calories than other gainers). 

Still, some post-workout supplements can cause digestive issues, but I haven't experienced any discomfort with this product. With a bit of shaking, it mixes well and has a smooth consistency, making it a pleasant drink after an intense gym session.

Promotes Muscle Protein Synthesis

A scoop of CNP Pro Recover

CNP Pro Recover is designed to promote muscle protein synthesis, which is the physiological process that’s responsible for hypertrophy. 

As noted earlier in my CNP Professional Pro Recover review, the formula contains a blend of fast-absorbing whey protein, which helps to kickstart the process of repairing damaged muscle tissue after a workout. 

This increased protein synthesis allows you to maximise your gym gains and ensures that your muscles are recovering and growing effectively.

Replenishes Muscle Glycogen Stores

Intense workouts can deplete your muscle glycogen stores, leading to fatigue and reduced performance. This is where post-workout supplements and mass gainers come in (read our CNP Mass XL review to see CNP’s highest calorie gainer).

CNP Professional Pro Recover contains dextrose monohydrate—an insulin-spiking fast-acting carb source—to help replenish your glycogen stores quickly. This helps you to recover faster and maintain your energy levels so that you don’t begin your next session in a fatigued or depleted state.

CNP Professional Pro Recover Taste and Flavours

A person making a shake of CNP Professional Pro Recover

I've tried CNP Professional Pro Recover (Chocolate and Strawberry so far), and here's my take on its taste and flavours. 

CNP offers Pro Recover in four different flavours—Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla, and Banana. Each flavour has its unique taste, catering to varying preferences.

The Chocolate flavour provides a rich and satisfying taste for chocolate lovers. It's smooth and not too sweet, which is great as this won't overpower your taste buds after an intense workout.

For those who prefer a fruity touch, the Strawberry flavour is definitely worth trying. It strikes the perfect balance between sweet and tangy, making it a refreshing option. Just like strawberry smoothies, it leaves a pleasant aftertaste that lingers in your mouth.

According to reviews, the Vanilla flavour is the go-to pick for those who want something classic and not overly sweet. It's mild and versatile, which makes it an ideal choice to be mixed with other beverages like almond milk or even a morning coffee.

My review of CNP Pro Recover

Lastly, the Banana flavour brings that tropical twist to your recovery drink. It's creamy and smooth, tasting similar to a banana milkshake. This flavour is perfect for those who want to switch things up and enjoy an exotic taste after sweating it out.

The texture of CNP Pro Recover is also worth mentioning. The powder mixes well with water or milk, leaving no lumps behind. It creates a smooth, shake-like consistency that feels great on your palate. Just follow the recommended serving size, and you're good to go.

See our CNP Pro Mass review if you’re looking for a higher-calorie gainer that’s also pleasant to drink.

CNP Pro Recover Buying Options

In addition to the powder-based 1.2kg and 5kg tub options, you can also buy CNP Pro Recover Shake N Take, which is essentially Pro Recover in ready-to-drink bottles.

These ready-made shakes are ideal if you don’t want to make up your own shakes and prefer the convenience of having a well-formulated post-workout shake already made for you.

You’ll get more value from a traditional tub, but CNP Pro Recover Shake N Take is ideal for getting those critical nutrients into your system as quickly as possible after a workout.

When Should You Take CNP Pro Recover?

Instructions on how to use CNP Professional Pro Recover

The best time to take CNP Pro Recover is right after a workout session. This is because your muscles begin to (or attempt to) recover and repair themselves immediately upon completing exercise. 

During this crucial time window, your body needs the optimal nutrients to support muscle growth and prevent breakdown. Pro Recover from CNP provides these essential nutrients in good amounts—high glycemic carbohydrates and rapidly absorbed di and tri peptide amino acids.

I've also noticed that the formula contains an abundance of BCAAs, helping to reduce DOMS and speed up muscular recovery. This further supports the idea that taking CNP Pro Recover post-workout can enhance recuperation and speed up the recovery process.

Another reason to take this supplement after exercising is its fast-acting nature. With a blend of high-quality ingredients designed for rapid absorption and utilisation, you can ensure that your muscles receive the necessary nutrients as quickly as possible.

Who Shouldn't Use CNP Pro Recover?

Side view of CNP Professional Pro Recover

Firstly, if you're someone in need of a mass gainer with a high-calorie count, CNP Pro Recover might not be the best choice for you. The product focuses on short-term muscle recovery rather than packing in large amounts of calories. 

If gaining weight is your primary goal, you may want to look for alternative products tailored towards providing a significant calorie boost.

Finally, novice gym-goers or individuals with a sedentary lifestyle might not realise the intended benefits of CNP Pro Recover. The supplement is specifically formulated for people who engage in intense exercise, hence the focus on promoting recovery and helping to rebuild muscle tissue. 

If you aren't pushing yourself to the limits in your workouts or don't exercise regularly, I recommend sticking with a more simple supplement like whey protein.

Is CNP Pro Recover Worth a Try?

A bag of CNP Pro Recover next to a scoop and shaker bottle

Let's wrap up this CNP Professional Pro Recover review and see whether it's worth a shot. With a respectable 23g of protein and a solid 49g of carbs per serving, it's easy to see why people are interested in Pro Recover.

Another aspect that makes CNP Pro Recover worth considering is the fast-acting formula, which combines whey protein and carbohydrates. The quicker you can get these essential nutrients into your muscles, the faster they can recover. That’s where Pro Recover really shines.

To sum up my CNP Pro Recover review and the feedback from other customers, it seems like CNP Pro Recover has a lot going for it. But I recommend giving it a test run (maybe get the small tub before committing to a 5kg tub) to determine if it suits your personal preferences and needs during your post-workout recovery. 

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