Can You Take Mass Gainer Without Working Out?

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Can you take mass gainer without working out? Yes, it’s completely possible to drink weight gainers without working out. After all, a mass gainer is simply liquid calories, and everyone needs calories.

However, unless you’re lifting weights and training reasonably hard, then you probably shouldn’t take mass gainers without working out because your body won’t need the extra protein and calories.

Now, if you’re skinny and want to gain weight, you can get special nutritional shakes that help you gain weight. These aren’t targeted at bodybuilders and are instead for the general population who want to increase their body weight but who don’t necessarily want to gain loads of muscle mass.

Can You Take Mass Gainer Without Working Out?

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As we just established, there’s nothing stopping you from taking a mass gainer if you don’t train. It’s just that, if you don’t perform some kind of resistance training at least 2-3 times per week, you won’t be making the best use of all the calories, carbs, and protein that you’re consuming.

But what if you want to gain weight but not muscle mass?

Listen. When your body weight increases, you’re going to gain some muscle mass regardless of whether you want to or not. Also, the idea that you’ll develop hulk-like or even remotely big muscles from lifting weights and drinking weight gainers just isn’t true.

If you want to gain weight but don’t want big muscles, you simply don’t train as hard.

So, yes, you can take a mass gainer without working out. But why would you do that? You’ll just end up being less healthy because you’ll put on more body fat than muscle mass, which is definitely not a good thing.

Sure, some underweight people may actually need to gain some body fat, but that will come naturally along with the muscle mass if you drink your mass gainer in conjunction with a basic resistance training routine.

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Why Would You Take Weight Gainer Without Working Out?

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As I said, some people take mass gainers so that they can gain weight in general rather than get big and muscular. However, in order to achieve a healthy body composition, you should, at the very least, do some kind of strength training on a weekly basis.

Also, if you’re not particularly bothered about gaining muscle mass, I’d recommend a weight gainer with more balanced macros. You see, mass gainers tend to have loads of carbs and lots of protein, but not much fat. This makes them easy to drink, but, nutritionally, they don’t bear much resemblance to a regular meal.

So, if overall weight gain (and not muscle mass) is your goal, get a shake that has a good amount of fats as well as sufficient protein and carbohydrates.

Another reason why people take weight gainers without working out is because they think that the supplement will do the work for them.

Not true at all.

While gaining weight will lead to some level of muscle mass accumulation, you won’t come close to developing a muscular body unless you perform resistance training.

Is It Bad To Take Mass Gainer Without Training?

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In general, yes, it’s bad to take a mass gainer without training because you could gain unnecessary body fat due to your lack of physical activity.

The one exception to this that I can think of is if someone really needs to gain weight for health reasons, such as after an illness or if they’re elderly. You should obviously check with a doctor that you trust first, but high-calorie nutritional drinks are frequently recommended for underweight individuals who need to regain some of their lost weight.

In this case, some people may actually need to gain a bit of weight before they’re able to exercise properly.

However, able-bodied and healthy people shouldn’t take mass gainers without working out because they have no reason to consume these extra calories, especially not in liquid form.

Remember, mass gainers don’t have the micronutrients that you find in whole foods, which is fine for gaining weight because you’re drinking them in addition to your regular meals.

However, you shouldn’t start drinking mass gainers purely because they’re convenient. In other words, don’t replace your whole food meals with mass gainers; there are special meal replacement shakes for that purpose.

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In Conclusion

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Ultimately, while it’s possible to take mass gainers without working out and experience weight gain from doing so, it’s not recommended. If you’re not exercising regularly, then you probably don’t need the additional calories. 

But if for some reason, you do need extra calories, you should use meal replacement shakes rather than mass gainers.

Talking weight gainers without working out will lead to fat gain. And while some skinny individuals may need to gain a bit of body fat, you should also do some resistance training so that you can gain lean body mass as well.

A picture of Best Mass Gainer UK founder, personal trainer Andy Williams
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