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If you’re looking for a plant based mass gainer that won’t break the bank, then you might be considering Vegan Gainz from The Bulk Protein Company.

With a sizable 479 calories per serving, this big 4kg tub certainly provides a lot of weight-gaining calories for your money. But are the ingredients good quality? And does it actually taste good?

I ordered a big tub to find out. So, if you’re thinking about getting this supplement, make sure to read my Vegan Gainz review before buying it.

ideal for vegan bulking
Vegan Gainz
A large 4kg tub of Vegan Gainz Mass Gainer
Taste: 8/10
Mixability: 9/10
Ingredient Quality: 8/10
Mass-Building Potential: 8.9/10
Overall Rating: 8.5/10
  • Filled with 479 muscle-building calories
  • Contains 77g of carbs from oats and premium maltodextrin
  • Includes 30g of protein from 3 plant-based sources
  • Only 2g of sugar
  • Huge flavour selection available
  • Exceptional value for money; one tub lasts for 32 days
  • Some flavours have mixed reviews

Vegan Gainz Nutrition Information

Although there are other good gainers on the market, I find that many of them are either a little low in calories (Blessed Gainz Weight Gainer) or too high in calories (Vegan Naked Mass).

The Vegan Gainz nutrition facts

With just under 500 calories per serving, Vegan Gainz Protein Powder has just the right amount of extra calories to trigger a surplus for most people, helping them to put on quality weight and muscle mass without the fat.

Here’s a full nutritional breakdown per 3-scoop (125g) serving:

  • 479 calories
  • 30g of protein
  • 77g of carbs
  • 5g of fats
  • Only 2g of sugar

With macros like this, I can see why many people are saying this is the best mass gainer that's lactose free in the UK.

This Vegan Gainz weight gainer really gets the nutrient balance spot on. In other words, it’s carb-heavy but doesn’t skimp on protein, which is just what you want when you’re trying to gain muscle mass and increase your body weight.

Vegan Gainz Ingredient Quality

One thing that bugs me about a lot of vegan gainers (aside from the gritty texture) is that they rely on a single protein source. What this means for you is that, unless the protein content is really high, you’re missing out on essential amino acids, which makes it harder to build muscle.

The Vegan Gainz ingredients

This is where Vegan Gainz mass gainer really stands out. It includes a 30g trio of plant-based protein sources, namely pea protein isolate, soy protein isolate, and hemp protein, enabling your developing muscles to benefit from a complete amino acid profile.

As for carbohydrates, Vegan Gainz includes 77g of quality carbs from ultra-fine oats and ultra-premium maltodextrin so that you can get the fuel you need without feeling lethargic from a sugar crash.

So, if you’re fed up with supposedly healthy plant-based gainers and protein powders that fill you with sugar and other junk, I think you’ll be rather happy with Vegan Gainz from The Bulk Protein Company.

I love how it has a really simple ingredient list. So many other supplements contain a bunch of chemical-sounding ingredients that I can barely pronounce! But not Vegan Gainz.

Vegan Gainz Taste and Flavours

As with any mass gainer, the Vegan Gainz reviews are a bit mixed when it comes to taste.

A tub of Vegan Gainz Protein

I’ve tried virtually every plant-based gainer on the market, and I can tell you two things.

Vegan Gainz, for me, isn’t the absolute tastiest on the market, but it’s far from the worst. 

Honestly, I’d say it takes pretty good overall.

I got Chocolate Mint and Vanilla, both of which I quite enjoyed, but you can also get it in Carrot Cake, Chocolate, Cinnamon Swirl, and Strawberry.

Unlike other vegan gainers, which only have 1-2 flavours, Vegan Gainz has plenty of options, which I personally like because I love trying and testing all the different flavours!

ideal for vegan bulking
A tub of Vegan Gainz from The Bulk Protein Company
The Bulk Protein Company Vegan Gainz

Vegan Gainz Mixability and Digestability

I don’t know what it is about plant-based supplements (maybe it's the earthy ingredients?), but very few of them seem to mix well.

A person making a shake for their Vegan Gainz weight gainer review

I don’t like lumps in my shake unless it’s from delicious frozen berries that I made in a smoothie.

So you can imagine that I was delighted to find out that this Vegan Gainz mass gainer mixes really well in both water and almond milk.

Oh, and by the way, when you add in the almond milk (and I suppose any other plant milk), the taste goes from decent to great. I really love the creaminess of both the chocolate and the vanilla, so top marks there.

As for the mixability, I didn’t get any clumps when I gave the powder a good shake with the recommended 400-500 ml of liquid. Just make sure to add the liquid first so that the powder doesn’t stick to the sides of your shaker bottle or blender.

Vegan Gainz Price

The powder inside a tub of Vegan Gainz Weight Gainer

Who in Britain doesn’t love a bargain? I sure do, especially when that bargain helps me build muscle mass.

For less than a month’s membership at a mediocre health club, you can get a big 4kg tub of Vegan Gainz weight gainer to help you bulk up and build muscle mass.

I like how The Bulk Protein Company doesn’t try to squeeze every penny out of their customers. So many other plant-based brands spend a fortune on fancy packing and aggressive marketing to persuade people to pay a premium for their products.

And while Vegan Gainz might not look the prettiest, it certainly offers exceptional value for money. And honestly, I quite like the big tub!

You can also see the Serious Gainz reviews if you’re looking for a similarly affordable gainer, but one that has dairy proteins.

Should You Buy Vegan Gainz From The Bulk Protein Company?

The scoops from Vegan Gainz

If you want to avoid dairy proteins but don’t want to pay a premium for plant-based protein, then I definitely recommend buying yourself a tub of Vegan Gainz weight gainer.

One 4kg tub provides more than a month’s supply, so you’re getting excellent value for money.

But despite the low price point, the ingredients are still of great quality. One serving gives you 479 nutritious calories, 77g of quality carbs, and 30g of muscle-building protein.

The Bulk Protein Company has done a phenomenal job with Vegan Gainz. I really appreciate how they’ve created a healthy, quality mass gainer without making us spend a fortune.

And with that said, I hope that you enjoyed reading my Vegan Gainz weight gainer review. It was certainly fun to try and test the supplement myself, and I’m very pleased that I bought two tubs!

great price
A big tub of Vegan Gainz in chocolate flavour
The Bulk Protein Company Vegan Gainz
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