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Did you know that most supplement brands spend more money on fancy packaging and advertising than on formulating their products?

When Bulk first hit the UK supplement scene as Bulk Powders, I became an instant fan thanks to their simple, quality protein powders and fair pricing.

Having been impressed by every aspect of Bulk’s protein powder range, I decided to buy and test all of their mass gainers to see how they mix, taste, and, of course, how effective they are.

In my Bulk Mass Gainer review, you’ll soon learn why many people are calling this supplement the best mass gainer in the UK.

ideal for weight gain
Bulk Mass Gainer
A bag of Bulk Mass Gainer in chocolate flavour
Taste: 9/10
Mixability: 8.5/10
Ingredient Quality: 9.5/10
Mass-Building Potential: 9.8/10
Overall Rating: 9.2/10
  • Contains 538 healthy calories for weight and muscle gain
  • Fuels your workouts and bulking goals with 66g of quality carbs from oats
  • Formulated with 40g of fast-acting and slow-release protein for a consistent amino acid supply
  • Has 8g of fibre for good digestion and 8.9g of healthy fats
  • Free from fillers and unnecessary ingredients (soy, maltodextrin, creatine)
  • Delicious tasting shakes
  • Not everyone does well on dairy proteins

Bulk Mass Gainer Overview

The Bulk Mass Gainer nutrition facts

This Bulk weight gainer is available in 1kg, 2.5kg, or 5kg bags so that you can give it a try or save some money by investing in a larger bag.

In terms of nutrition, Bulk Mass Gainer definitely doesn’t disappoint. With a combination of fast-acting and slow-digesting proteins, your muscles will receive a consistent supply of top-quality amino acids every time you enjoy a Bulk Weight Gainer shake.

Unlike other gainers, this Bulk Powders mass gainer doesn’t use cheap sugary carbohydrates to cut costs and trick novice supplement users. Instead, they use nutritious Scottish oats to provide your body with crucial bulking calories and a steady supply of energy.

Here’s the nutrition breakdown per 135g (4-scoop) serving:

  • 538 calories
  • 40.3g of protein
  • 66.4g of carbs
  • 1.7g of sugar
  • 8g of fibre
  • 8.9g of fat

Although you might not get any “extras” with this creatine free weight gainer, that's actually a good thing because it means that Bulk is forced to create an excellent weight gain formula, which is exactly what they’ve done.

Bulk Mass Gainer Ingredient Effectiveness

The Bulk Mass Gainer ingredients

The 40g combination of whey, milk, and egg protein ensures that your muscles get the fast-acting amino acids that they need after a workout while also receiving a steady stream of slow-release amino acids so that your muscles can stay in a growing state for longer.

Additionally, 40g of protein is considered the ideal amount to consume after a workout to maximise muscle protein synthesis. So if you’re looking for a weight gainer that will help you to maximise hypertrophy, this mass gainer from Bulk could be just what you’re looking for.

While most mass gainers are full of cheap maltodextrin, this Bulk Powders weight gainer uses ultra-fine Scottish oats as its sole carb source, hence why it contains 8g of fibre and only 1.7g of sugar.

The 9g of fat contained within this clean formula are naturally occurring from the oats, whey, egg, and milk proteins, so you’re not getting any junk.

On the whole, Bulk Mass Gainer is one of the cleanest gainers that money can buy. And given the ingredient quality and great taste (more on that in a sec), I’d expect it to cost a lot more.

Bulk Mass Gainer Taste and Flavours

The setup for my Bulk Mass Gainer reviews; shaker bottle, supplement bag, and blender

I’d never buy a mass gainer purely on taste. But if I did, this would be one of my top choices.

I went for the chocolate flavour, and let me tell you, I thought someone had filled my bag of mass gain powder with milkshake mixture!

The smooth yet natural texture, coupled with the perfect amount of sweetness, makes this Bulk Powder mass gainer a real winner in my book.

While this gainer doesn’t have as many flavour options as their whey protein, you can still get it in Chocolate, Banana, Chocolate Cookies, Strawberry, Vanilla, and Cinnamon Cereal Milk.

Having tried loads of different Bulk supplements over the years, I’ve always thought that their flavours were a cut above the rest. And I honestly don’t know how they do it.

You’d think that some of the other supplement companies would be able to create drinkable mass gainers. But as I said, most supplement brands are too focused on aggressive advertising, and so they neglect their flavouring and ingredient quality.

Bulk Mass Gainer Mixing and Digestion

You’d think that with oats as the only carb source, this Bulk Powders mass gainer might not mix very well. However, to my surprise, the mixability is actually really good.

A person making a shake for their Bulk Powders Mass Gainer review

I mixed it with water as well as milk and got great results with both. Just make sure to use at least 400 ml of liquid and give it a good shake. 

You’ll get a slightly smoother shake if you use a blender, but honestly, I prefer the convenience of making my mass gainer in my shaker bottle.

Now, I will say that these 538-calorie shakes make you feel quite full after drinking them—as you would after eating a bowl of protein porridge (I like to think of Bulk Weight Gainer as liquid protein porridge!). 

The upside of these filling shakes is that you don’t get that big sugar crash that’s part and parcel of drinking maltodextrin-heavy mass gainers, meaning that you have much more consistent energy levels.

great value gainer
A bag of Bulk Mass Gainer in chocolate flavour
Bulk Mass Gainer

How To Take Bulk Mass Gainer For The Best Results

As I mentioned earlier in my Bulk Weight Gainer review, you want to mix 4 scoops (135g of powder) with around 400 ml of water or milk. That’s how you make a shake. But when should you take it?

Image of Bulk Weight Gainer with a shaker bottle beside it

It depends on how many shakes you’re drinking per day. Bulk recommends taking 1-3 shakes per day, but I’d say cap it at two per day. You want to get the majority of your calories from whole foods so that you can get all the important micronutrients that your body needs to function and build muscle.

With that said, my preferred routine is to have one shake after my workout and then another as a standalone meal. To be clear, that’s as an extra meal and not as a meal replacement.

Anytime you want some extra calories, carbs, protein, and fats is a good time to drink this mass gainer from Bulk Powders.

Obviously, post-workout is arguably the best time to drink any kind of protein and carb shake because your muscles are highly sensitive to amino acids and glycogen after training, so they can really utilise the nutrients to your advantage.

Are There Any Side Effects?

The Bulk Mass Gainer scoop size

Because this mass gainer from Bulk has such a clean formula, it’s much easier on your stomach than your typical sugar-filled weight gainer.

This is one reason why some people recommend it as a weight gainer for a teenage boy—there are no hidden or dangerous ingredients.

That said, if you’ve never drunk a nutritional shake with this many calories, there’s a chance that it could cause some very mild stomach discomfort (this goes for any supplement).

But as I said earlier in my Bulk Powders Mass Gainer review, this shake is basically like liquified protein porridge, so it’s completely natural and thus very unlikely to upset your stomach.

The only other side effect I can think of is unwanted fat gain. Although accumulating some fat is to be expected during a bulk, if you drink this—or any mass gainer—in excess, then you could find yourself with a spare tyre around your waist.

Is Bulk Mass Gainer Good Value For Money?

A good closeup of Bulk Mass Gainer

Bulk has a great reputation here in the UK for providing quality supplements at a fair price. And that’s exactly what you’re getting with this mass gainer.

For the price of a standard meal out for two, you can get a big 5kg bag of this Bulk Weight Gainer. In fact, one serving costs less than £1.50, which is truly exceptional value for money given the ingredient quality, taste, and 500+ calories.

Many people wouldn’t think twice about splashing out for the latest tech gadget or consumer item, so I think that the cost of this healthy weight-gaining supplement is very fair, given its effectiveness and reliability.

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The Verdict: Is This Bulk Weight Gainer A Good Choice?

A box of Bulk mass gainers

Although there isn’t one ideal supplement for everyone, you can’t really go wrong with this Bulk weight gainer. I’ve tried and tested nearly 70 different weight gainers, and I can honestly say that this mass gainer from Bulk is one of the top choices.

With over 500 calories, 66g of carbs, and 40g of protein—from 100% quality sources—this Bulk Powders mass gainer is a weight-gaining powerhouse. It’s a good weight gainer for women as well as men because it helps you to gain weight and muscle mass, as the thousands of positive Bulk Mass Gainer reviews will attest to.

Although it might lack the fancy packing and outrageous claims associated with some of the big-name brands, this Bulk Weight Gainer also lacks the fillers, cheap ingredients, and expensive price tag.

For about the price of a pair of gym trainers, you can get a big 5kg bag of this mass gainer from Bulk. When you consider the flavour quality, ingredient effectiveness, and brand reputation, you begin to realise that this mass gainer is actually quite the bargain.

With that said, I hope you found my Bulk Mass Gainer review helpful. I really enjoyed testing the 5 different Bulk mass gainers. They’re all good, but in terms of value for money, this simple yet effective supplement is the best of the bunch.

best value in the uk
A bag of Bulk Mass Gainer in chocolate flavour
Bulk Mass Gainer
A picture of Best Mass Gainer UK founder, personal trainer Andy Williams
Andy Williams
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