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I’ve gathered all the essential information for my BSN True Mass review, including customer feedback, taste ratings, and ingredient analysis, to help you decide if BSN True Mass gainer is the ideal supplement to support your weight gain goals.

Stick with me as I explore the pros and cons, nutritional value, and mass-building effectiveness of BSN True Mass to help you determine if it's the right fit for your size-gaining goals.

Later on in this review, you’ll see a True Mass vs True Mass 1200 comparison so you can decide which BSN mass gainer is right for you.

ideal for weight gain
BSN True Mass 1200
A bag of BSN True Mass 1200 ready for review
Taste: 9.7/10
Mixability: 8.7/10
Ingredient Quality: 9.1/10
Mass-Building Potential: 9.5/10
Overall Rating: 9.3/10
  • Over 1200 colossal calories per delicious serving
  • Supports new muscle growth with 52g of high-quality protein
  • Has 17g of fats for healthy, balanced macros
  • Tastes seriously good for a weight gainer
  • Available at rock-bottom pricing during April
  • Not everyone needs a 1200 calorie shake
  • The shakes are very filling

BSN True Mass Nutrition Facts

The BSN True Mass nutrition facts

Alright, let's dive into the nutrition facts of BSN True Mass and BSN True Mass 1200. I’ll break it down into essential macronutrients, micronutrients, and any other important ingredients.

So, here’s a quick BSN True Mass vs True Mass 1200 comparison in terms of nutrition.

  • 620 calories per 168g serving for True Mass and 1231 calories per 320g serving for True Mass 1200.
  • 55g of protein for True Mass and 52g for True Mass 1200.
  • 80g of carbs for True Mass and 210g for True Mass 1200.
  • 9.5g of sugar for True Mass and 20g for True Mass 1200.
  • 7.5g of fat for True Mass and 17g for True Mass 1200.
  • 1.8g of creatine for True Mass and zero creatine for True Mass 1200.
  • True Mass 1200 has more protein sources than True Mass (and no soy protein either).

BSN True Mass Ingredients

Protein Blend

BSN True Mass 1200 features a protein blend that combines multiple types of proteins, such as whey protein concentrate, calcium caseinate, micellar casein, milk protein isolate and egg albumin. 

On the other hand, the regular True Mass formula includes soy protein isolate in addition to whey and casein.

So if you’re worried about consuming soy protein, then you’re best off going with True Mass 1200.


The calories and protein in BSN True Mass

To fuel your workouts and boost your energy levels, this BSN weight gainer contains Maltodextrin, which is quickly absorbed and utilised by fatigued muscles. 

Maltodextrin is beneficial for rapidly replenishing glycogen stores, especially post-workout, ensuring that your body has enough energy to perform at its best.

Creatine Monohydrate

Creatine is a naturally occurring compound found in muscle cells that helps to produce energy during high-intensity exercise, leading to increased strength, power, and muscle size. 

However, I really like to take my creatine separately and don’t like it when a particular product forces me to take it as part of their formula.

Like MHP Up Your Mass, True Mass 1200 doesn’t have any creatine, whereas the baseline formula does.


L-Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid in the body and plays a major role in muscle recovery and preventing muscle breakdown. It enhances your body's ability to quickly bounce back after intense workouts, ensuring that you can maintain your training frequency and continue making progress towards your mass-gaining goals.

BSN True Mass Taste

In addition to conducting my own taste tests, I've had a look at various BSN True Mass reviews from real customers and gathered some valuable second opinions about its taste. 

A BSN weight gainer next to a scoop and blender jug

The weight gainer comes in a variety of flavours—Chocolate Milkshake, Cookies & Cream, Vanilla Ice Cream, and Strawberry Milkshake. Customers generally love the taste of it and find it quite enjoyable (and so do I).

The Chocolate Milkshake flavour is my favourite, and it seems to be a popular choice for many others as well, thanks to its rich and creamy taste. 

For those who prefer a lighter flavour, the Vanilla Ice Cream option provides a smooth and velvety texture and tastes much more authentic than your typical vanilla weight gainer. 

Lastly, fans of fruity flavours may opt for the Strawberry Milkshake, which packs a refreshing punch with its genuinely fruity taste.

I personally liked the vanilla and chocolate flavours of this BSN weight gainer the best. And let’s be honest, these two classic supplement flavours are always safe bets when it comes to mass gainers.

Finally, let me mention that the tastes are not overpowering or excessively sweet, so you can enjoy having your BSN True Mass shakes without getting sick of their flavours. 

1231 calories
A bag of BSN 1200 True Mass next to a scoop of powder
BSN True Mass 1200

BSN True Mass Weight Gainer Mixability

As for mixability, I wasn’t all that surprised to discover that True Mass mixes really well (having tried virtually every BSN supplement over the years). 

A person making up a BSN True Mass Weight Gainer shake in a blender

The powder dissolved quickly and effortlessly, without any clumping or grittiness. This is a major plus, as some mass gainers can be difficult to mix and leave you with a really grainy texture.

Another point worth mentioning is that the BSN True Mass didn't require any special equipment or methods for mixing. I simply used a standard shaker bottle, and the result was a well-blended, delicious shake. 

Now, for BSN 1200 True Mass, I did use a blender, due to the fact that it has over 300g of powder. You could use a shaker cup, but honestly, I didn’t find whipping out the blender to be that inconvenient. I mean, we’re getting 1200 calories here. Can we really expect all those calories to fit in a standard shaker bottle?

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BSN True Mass Side Effects

A person opening their BSN mass gainer bag so they can do a review

In any well-rounded BSN True Mass review, it's essential to discuss potential side effects you might experience while consuming this product. Although the ingredients in BSN True Mass are generally healthy and natural, they could cause side effects if taken in high amounts.

If you’re consuming weight gainers in addition to your regular meals, then you might feel a bit bloated from time to time. But honestly, that’s just part and parcel of bulking for most of us. We need to suffer just a little bit to get those size gains.

Obviously, if you consume True Mass in excess (or any other gainer, for that matter), then it’s possible that you’ll gain fat. Again, this happens to most people, to some extent, during a bulking phase of any kind.

BSN True Mass Comparisons:

BSN True Mass Gainer Results

Right off the bat, it's essential to mention that everyone's experience with True Mass will differ, so bear that in mind when considering this information.

A big bag of BSN True Mass 1200

As for the actual results, many users have reported noticeable weight gains after consistently using BSN True Mass Gainer for a few weeks.

With such a calorific and protein-rich formula, it's no surprise that BSN True Mass Gainer has proved effective in helping people achieve their bodybuilding and mass-gaining goals.

I've also taken note of the unique protein blend found in True Mass 1200—whey protein concentrate, calcium caseinate, and egg albumin, among others. This mix ensures a continuous supply of essential amino acids, helping your body to stay firmly in an anabolic state rather than a catabolic one.

BSN True Mass Vs True Mass 1200

Next up is a BSN True Mass 1200 review and comparison with the regular True Mass formula. Both are good, but I definitely think one comes out on top, all things considered.


The supplement facts for BSN True Mass

When comparing BSN True Mass and BSN True Mass 1200, the ingredients are slightly different. For instance, True Mass includes creatine, while True Mass 1200 does not. 

Creatine is beneficial for enhancing performance, increasing muscle strength, and improving overall workout effectiveness. However, if you're looking for a product without creatine, True Mass 1200 might be a better choice.

True Mass 1200 offers higher quality and more varied protein sources than True Mass, which includes soy protein (no thanks) in addition to whey.

However, despite having half the calories, the regular True Mass actually has more protein than True Mass 1200. But for me, the higher quality proteins found in True Mass 1200 still give it the edge over the standard formula.

Winner: True Mass 1200

ideal for weight gain
A BSN weight gainer next to a scoop and blender jug
BSN True Mass 1200

Weight Gain Potential

When it comes to weight gain potential, True Mass 1200 comes out on top. With more calories per serving (around 1,230) compared to True Mass (approx. 700 calories), True Mass 1200, which is similar to Mutant Mass weight gainer, is specially formulated for athletes and bodybuilders aiming to pack on serious size. 

If you have a faster metabolism or find it hard to gain weight, True Mass 1200 is likely better for your needs.

Winner: True Mass 1200

Taste and Mixability

Side view of BSN True Mass

Both True Mass and True Mass 1200 offer a variety of flavours, including Chocolate Milkshake and Cookies & Cream. Customers have generally reported positive experiences with both products in terms of taste. 

As for mixability, both mix well with water or milk, although some may find the large scoop size for True Mass 1200 a bit cumbersome. It's worth noting that True Mass 1200 is a denser, thicker shake due to its higher calorie content, and, for this reason, I recommend using a blender for it.

Winner: True Mass 

Value For Money

If you're looking for a more budget-friendly option with fewer calories—but one that still high-quality ingredients—True Mass might be the better choice. 

However, if your primary goal is to gain a significant amount of mass, True Mass 1200 might be worth the investment. 

Hopefully, these BSN mass gainer reviews cleared things up for you. There’s no right or wrong option, but I do think that BSN True Mass 1200 has the edge.

Winner: Tied

Which BSN Mass Gainer Is Right For You?

BSN offers two mass gainers: BSN True Mass and BSN True Mass 1200. Both have their pros and cons, depending on your goals.

A bag of BSN 1200 True Mass next to a scoop of powder

If you want a higher protein-to-carbs ratio and fewer calories per serving, then go with True Mass. The added creatine isn’t for everyone, and it does include soy protein, but the standard True Mass formula is still a solid option for those looking to pack on respectable amounts of size.

On the other hand, if you want to bulk up fast with a carb-heavy weight gainer, then True Mass 1200 is the superior choice. It includes more varied protein sources for a sustained release of amino acids and is also creatine-free.

Both taste equally good, but you’ll probably do best with a blender for True Mass 1200, whereas the regular True Mass will easily fit in any standard shaker bottle.

I hope you found our BSN True Mass reviews helpful in making an informed decision about which weight gainer you’re going to buy. Best of luck with bulking up!

ideal for weight gain
A BSN weight gainer next to a scoop and blender jug
BSN True Mass 1200
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