The Best Weight Gainer Without Creatine in the UK (2023)

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Smoothest Mixability
A tub of Progain by MaxiNutrition
MaxiMuscle Progain
The #1 Mass Gainer Without Creatine 
Two bags of Crazy Nutrition Mass Gainer
Crazy Nutrition Mass Gainer
Best Value
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Bulk Mass Gainer

Creatine is one of the most effective—and most studied—muscle-building supplements on the planet. And, because creatine draws water into your muscle cells, it can actually make you gain weight.

Yet, many people, including me, don’t like creatine in their weight gainer. Why?

Well, I for one prefer to measure out and take my own creatine. This way, I can buy my own quality formula and ensure that I’m getting a full 5-gram daily dose.

On the other hand, some people, for whatever reason, just aren’t comfortable taking any creatine. 

So if you want to find the best weight gainer without creatine in the UK, this guide is for you.

The Top 5 Best Mass Gainers Without Creatine in the UK in 2023

If you want a mass gainer that has absolutely zero creatine, then these simple and effective, filler-free weight gainers are great options that I’ve personally tested (along with about 65 other mass gainers!).

1. Crazy Nutrition Mass Gainer — Best Choice For Hardgainers

A bag of the UK Crazy Nutrition Mass Gainer next to a blender jug and shaker bottle

With a name like Crazy Nutrition Mass Gainer, you’d think that this high-calorie supplement would be loaded with extras like creatine. Actually, the opposite is true.

Mass Gainer from Crazy Nutrition has clean ingredients so that you can gain weight without compromising your health.

The carbohydrates, for example, come from oats so that you can benefit (both mentally and physically) from a sustained energy release helping you to feel more focused during the day and more energetic in the gym—no more sugar crashes.

Bags of Crazy Nutrition Mass Gainer in chocolate and Vanilla

Each serving contains an optimal 40g protein dose so that you can maximise muscle hypertrophy and increase your lean body mass levels. Better yet, the protein contains both fast-acting and slow-release amino acids, enabling your muscles to stay in a growing and repairing state for longer.

To top it all off, Crazy Nutrition Mass Gainer contains digestive enzymes so that your body can make the best possible use of all the quality carbs, protein, and healthy fats contained within this powerful yet pure non-creatine weight gainer.

  • Rated as the #1 best weight gainer without creatine in the UK
  • Has an ideal amount of calories (488) for gaining weight and muscle mass without body fat
  • The 55g of carbs come from oats rather than maltodextrin and sugar
  • Includes 40g of both fasting-release and slow-digesting protein for optimised amino acid delivery into the bloodstream
  • Formulated with digestive enzymes for enhanced nutrient absorption and gastrointestinal health
  • Quite expensive, but you can save 30% by subscribing to it

2. MaxiMuscle Progain — Smoothest Mixability

Closeup of MaxiNutrition Progain

If you’re looking for a creatine-free weight gainer that you can trust, then MaxiNutrition Progain is a great UK option because it’s been around for well over a decade.

With fantastic flavours and flawless mixability, this tried and tested creatine-free mass gainer is a delight to drink because it tastes great and mixes first-time with no clumps (as does Crazy Nutrition Mass Gainer, to be fair).

Yet, MaxiMuscle Prograin isn’t just a tasty milkshake.

With 510 mass-building calories, 38g of premium protein, and 53g of carbs, Progain is a muscle-building powerhouse. It’s the ideal non-creatine weight gainer for those seeking big size-gains during their bulking phase.

A tub of Progain by MaxiNutrition

Unlike other gainers, Progain also includes a good amount of fat (14g) because MaxiNutrition knows that fat is important for proper hormone production and has incredible caloric density, making it perfect for putting on quality weight.

Finally, with nearly 14g of BCAAs for muscle growth and 7.6g of fibre for digestion, this proven non-creatine mass gainer is anabolic as well as healthy.

You can read my MaxiMuscle Progain review if you’d like to learn more, or you can click below for the best price if you’d like to give Progain a try.

  • Contains 510 massive, creatine-free calories for successful weight gain
  • The 38g of protein comes from fast-acting and slow-release sources so you can build and repair muscle for longer
  • Has nearly 14g of BCAAs per serving to trigger muscle protein synthesis
  • Includes 14g of fat for a balanced macronutrient profile
  • MaxiNutrition is one of the UK’s most trusted supplement brands, and every Progain batch is third-party tested for impurities
  • Expensive

3. Bulk Mass Gainer — Best Value

A bag of Bulk Mass Gainer

This Bulk Powders weight gainer is the best mass gainer without creatine for those who want to bulk up on a budget. While it might not have any added extras or fancy packaging to entice you, Bulk Mass Gainer does the basics really well.

For example, this weight gainer without maltodextrin derives 100% of its carbohydrates from nutritious Scottish oats, meaning that you’ll enjoy more consistent energy levels and avoid the dreaded sugar crash.

With 66g of quality carbs like these, it’s no wonder that this healthy creatine-free mass gainer also has 8g of naturally occurring fibre for good digestion, which really helps to minimise that bloated feeling.

A bag of Bulk Mass Gainer ready to be reviewed

You might think that a creatine-free weight gainer in this price range would skimp on protein, but this isn’t the case at all.

Each serving has 40g of protein derived from whey, milk, and eggs so that your muscles can grow at an optimal rate now that they’re getting both quick-release and slow-digesting protein sources.

The 5kg bags of this non-creatine weight gainer offer excellent value for money, especially when you stock up and get them on sale.

  • The 66g of carbs come from Scottish oats rather than maltodextrin
  • Each shake has 538 calories for effective bulking and mass gain
  • Contains 40g of protein from whey, egg, and milk protein
  • Doesn’t contain any fillers (creatine, soy, maltodextrin)
  • Contains 8g of naturally occurring fibre for digestive health
  • The oats can make the shakes quite filling

4. The Protein Works Total Mass Matrix — Best Flavours

Total Mass Matrix Extreme from The Protein Works

The Protein Works Total Mass Matrix is a highly rated non-creatine mass gainer with a taste that takes you far, far away from your bland bulking meals.

The years of work in developing their premium flavours have really paid off for The Protein Works.

And luckily for our gains, the nutrition is just as good.

One serving has 68g of carbs, 32g of protein, and 6.4g of fat for a total of 452 calories, which is an ideal amount for creating a daily calorie surplus.

Although Total Mass Matrix isn’t exactly cheap, The Protein Works are usually quite generous with their sales, so there’s a good chance that you’ll be able to grab a discount if you act fast.

Just make sure to go with the regular Total Mass Maxtrix rather than Total Mass Matrix Extreme, because the latter (Extreme) does, in fact, contain creatine.

  • Contains over 450 calories per serving to help you bulk up
  • Fuels workouts and weight gain with 68g of carbohydrates
  • Has 32g of protein for muscle growth
  • Flavours taste fantastic, which is rare for a mass gainer
  • Slightly more protein would have been the icing on the cake

5. Warrior Mass Gainer — Highest Calorie Content

A person making a serving of Warrior Mass Gainer in a blender

If you have a very high calorie requirement and are looking to pack on mass quickly, then Warrior Mass Gainer is a great UK choice.

With 1059 calories per serving, I’m surprised that Warrior actually refers to this supplement as a Lean Mass Gainer. I think they must mean that it helps you gain lean mass (aka muscle mass) and not that it’s a lean formula!

What makes Warrior Mass Gainer one of the best creatine-free weight gainers on the market is the fact that its carbohydrates come from 3 different sources. So, yes, you’re still getting the quick carbs from maltodextrin and waxy maize for efficient glycogen replenishment, but you’re also getting slow-release carbs from the oats to mitigate the sugar crash.

Warrior Lean Mass with a scoop and shaker bottle

As for protein, how does a 61-gram combination of whey and casein sound? It sounds like a hardgainer’s dream! 

The whey-casein combo will help your muscles to remain in an anabolic (growing) state for longer because the whey protein provides a massive muscle protein synthesis spike, while the casein protein prevents excessive muscle protein breakdown, which ultimately leads to hypertrophy.

Feel free to read my full review of Warrior Mass Gainer if you’d like to learn more, or just click below for the lowest UK price if you’d like to give this heavyweight mass gainer a try for yourself.

  • Contains 1059 calories so that hardgainers can gain weight quickly
  • Provides a massive 61g protein serving from whey and casein
  • Has a huge 180g carb combination from oats, waxy maize, and maltodextrin
  • Great value considering the calorie and protein content
  • The taste has mixed reviews
  • Not ideal if you’re not a hardgainer or don’t have a high activity level

Why Should You Avoid Mass Gainers That Contain Creatine?

The best mass gainer without creatine in the UK

I personally avoid mass gainers that contain creatine—most of the time. The one exception is supplements like Nature’s Best Weight Gainer, which includes a full 5-gram dose of creatine.

However, these supplements are an exception.

Most supplement companies massively shortchange us when it comes to creatine. A lot of mass gainers have only 1-3 grams per serving, which is sub-optimal for most people.

Perhaps—if people are taking multiple servings of their mass gainer—these supplement companies don’t want people to take more creatine than they need? 

Or maybe they’re just cutting costs?

Either way, by taking your creatine separately and getting the best mass gainer without creatine that you can afford, you can completely customise your creatine dose to get the fastest and best results.

Additionally, you can source your own creatine from a reputable company to ensure you’re getting a pure and tested product.

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The Verdict: Which Creatine-Free Weight Gainer Is Right For You?

The three best weight gainers without creatine in the UK

Based on all of my testing and analysis, the best creatine-free weight gainer is Crazy Nutrition Mass Gainer because it uses clean, complex carbs that give you energy (without the crash) and premium-quality protein that helps you pack on mass.

It’s also very affordable when you subscribe and save. Plus, both flavours taste fantastic, so you have nothing to lose by giving it a try like I did (it’s now my go-to mass gainer).

MaxiNutrition Progain is also one of the best weight gainers without creatine because it’s protein-dense and has really balanced macros. Plus, the flavours are spot on.

The only drawback is that Progain uses maltodextrin for carbs, whereas Crazy Nutrition uses oats. Still, both are good options and have proven track records of helping people bulk up naturally.

The #1 UK Mass Gainer
Crazy Nutrition Mass Gainer
Two bags of Crazy Nutrition Mass Gainer positioned side by side
  • Contains 488 bulking calories from 100% clean sources
  • Packed with a proven 40g protein blend for quick muscle repair and growth
  • Provokes noticable weight gain with 55g of complex carbs from oats
  • Tastes amazing (to my surprise!) and mixes easily
  • Offered at the absolute lowest UK price during July
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Andy Williams
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