Best Weight Gainer For Women in the UK: Top 5 Female Weight Gainer Shakes in 2023

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Transparent Labs Mass Gainer
The #1 Weight Gainer For Women 
Women's best weight gainer tubs
Women’s Best Weight Gainer
Best Value Female Weight Gainer
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Bulk Mass Gainer

If you’re looking for the best weight gainer for women in the UK in 2023, then this mass gainer guide is for you. Over the past couple of months, I’ve been trying loads of different female-friendly weight gainers, and I’ve got a few favourites that I’m excited to share with you today!

So whether you’re a skinny girl who wants to gain muscle mass or a woman who just wants to put on a bit of weight, I have some great weight-increasing supplements to show you.

The Top 5 Best Weight Gainers For Women in the UK

Here are my handpicked top 5 best weight gainers for women in 2023—after testing and analysing over 35 different supplements. 

1. Women’s Best Complex Weight Gainer — #1 Best Weight Gainer For Women

Women's best weight gainer tubs

If you just want the best of the best so that you can get on with gaining weight, then I 100% recommend going for Women’s Best Complex Weight Gainer.

Out of all the female weight gainers that I tested, Women’s Best Complex Weight Gainer ranked #1 in taste, mixability, and ingredient quality. And with thousands of positive reviews from women everywhere, I can understand why!

I tried both the Chocolate and Vanilla versions, and honestly, the taste was delicious (a bit like a milkshake), and the texture was silky smooth. Unlike other mass gainers, Women’s Best Complex Weight Gainer doesn’t have an artificial or overpowering taste, which means I actually look forward to drinking my shakes.

I love the macros as well. One serving has 369 calories when you mix it with milk, including 41g of clean carbs and 28g of quality whey and milk protein.

Tubs of Women's Best Complex Weight Gainer

Since there are two types of protein (milk is naturally 80% casein), your muscles will grow stronger—and you’ll gain weight more easily—because your body is receiving a quick yet sustained release of amino acids throughout the day.

Also, because the serving size is so much smaller than other weight gainers (only 50g!), the shakes mix super easily and they don’t sit heavy on your stomach afterwards, meaning that you’ll feel more focused and energetic.

You can read my full Women’s Best Complex Weight Gainer review if you’d like to learn more, or you can click the button below to get the best price on my #1 rated weight gainer for women.

  • Rated as the #1 best weight gainer for women in the UK and US
  • One serving mixed with milk has 369 clean calories for healthy weight gain
  • You get 28g of protein and 41g of carbs for building lean muscle mass
  • The shakes taste super delicious and have the best mixability of any weight gainer
  • Ingredients are rigorously tested for purity and safety, giving you complete peace of mind
  • Only 2 flavours to choose from

2. Transparent Labs Mass Gainer — Highest Calorie Weight Gainer For Women

A tub of mass gainer from Transparent Labs along with a shaker cup and scoop

I’ve never taken a weight gainer with this many calories!

One serving of Transparent Labs Mass Gainer has 750 clean calories, which consists of 110g of organic carbohydrates, 53g of grass-fed whey protein, and 14g of healthy fats from MCTs and coconut powder.

Although some of us girls might find a shake this calorie-dense a bit overwhelming, I still think it’s a fantastic option for women who need that bit extra!

Since I enjoy lifting weights and gaining muscle mass, I love that Transparent Labs Mass Gainer uses 100% grass-fed whey protein because this means zero amino spiking and, therefore, more muscle growth.

Photo of the Transparent Labs Mass Gainer scoop and tub

Unlike a lot of other weight gainer shakes for women, Transparent Labs Mass Gainer also tastes amazing and mixes really easily, which I honestly wasn’t expecting for a weight gainer with this many calories!

The only downside (if you’re British) is that Transparent Labs supplements can be quite pricey to ship to the UK. But if you’re based in the US, this is a no-brainer. 

You can check out our Transparent Labs Mass Gainer review for more, or you can click below if you just want to get the best price right now.

  • Contains 750 calories per serving, ideal for women with higher calorie requirements
  • Includes 53g of premium grass-fed whey protein for muscle growth
  • Formulated with 110g of organic carbohydrates so you can gain healthy weight
  • Has 14g of nutritious, healthy fats from MCTs and coconut powder
  • Naturally flavoured and free from artificial ingredients
  • It’s pretty expensive
  • Shipping to the UK is an additional cost

3. Bulk Mass Gainer — Best Budget Female Weight Gainer

A bag of Bulk Mass Gainer

If you’re wanting to increase your body weight on a budget, then I definitely think that Bulk Mass Gainer is the best weight gainer for females because the big 5kg bags offer amazing value for money (especially when you get them on sale).

Although the serving size is more than twice as big as that of Women’s Best Complex Weight Gainer, the 135g portion does provide a lot of good nutrition for gaining weight.

A single serving gets you 538 calories, which consists of 66g of carbs from ultra-fine Scottish oats, 40g of protein from whey, milk, and egg, and also 8.9g of fat for balanced macros.

A bag of Bulk Mass Gainer ready to be reviewed

While Bulk Mass Gainer does have quite an oaty taste and texture to it (which I quite like), the shakes are surprisingly smooth and don’t create any lumps.

Also, with 8g of fibre and only 1.7g of sugar, this weight gainer for women is really healthy and a great alternative to the maltodextrin-heavy mass gainers that you usually come across.

Feel free to read our Bulk Weight Gainer review to learn more, or click the button below for the best price if you’re ready to start gaining weight.

  • One serving gives you 538 nutritious calories for gaining weight and muscle
  • Contains 40g of protein from whey, milk, and egg for a varied amino acid profile
  • Includes 66g of carbs from healthy Scottish oats for consistent energy levels
  • Comes with 8g of fibre and 8.9g of good fats for balanced macros
  • Only has 1.7g of sugar
  • Shakes can be very filling if you’re not used to the calories

4. Nature’s Best Weight Gainer — Best All-In-One Formula

A weight gainer from Nature's Best

What if there were weight gainer shakes for females that contained everything you needed to put on quality weight?

Well, with Nature’s Best Weight Gainer, it seems like you’re getting exactly that.

In addition to providing 354 calories, 39.7g of whey protein, and 44.8g of quality carbs, this female mass gainer also has 5g of creatine, 1.5g of HMB, and 2g of beta alanine so that you can really pack on weight and muscle mass.

But let’s break it down.

Creatine is the most heavily studied sports supplement on the entire planet, best known for supercharging your strength. And because it draws water into your muscle cells, it also naturally helps you to increase your body weight without gaining any fat.

A mass gainer in a shaker bottle

On the other hand, we have HMB. While HMB doesn’t really help you build new muscle mass per se, it does prevent muscle loss, which is especially useful for older adults.

And let’s not ignore the fact that Nature’s Best Weight Gainer has almost 40g of quality protein for gaining lean muscle mass. It actually has more protein than carbs, which is a real rarity for a female weight gainer!

You can read our review of Nature’s Best Weight Gainer to check it out in a bit more detail, or you can just scroll down to get the lowest UK price.

  • Contains 354 quality calories for gaining weight
  • Has 39.7g of whey protein for lean muscle mass development
  • Includes 34.8g of fast-acting and slow-release carbohydrates
  • Comes with 5g of creatine for weight gain and muscle strength
  • Made and tested in the UK to a high standard
  • Not all women want creatine in their weight gainer

5. Myprotein Impact Weight Gainer — Good All-Rounder

A bag of Impact Weight Gainer from Myprotein

Although I don’t think that Impact Weight Gainer is the best mass gainer for women, it’s still a good supplement that you can’t really go wrong with.

A single serving has 388 calories, 50g of carbs, 31g of protein, and 6.2g of fat, which is really very good—I certainly can’t argue with macros like that.

However, I noticed that the shakes became quite gritty towards the end, which made finishing them quite challenging at times. I suppose with around 90% of the carbs coming from oats, there’s going to be a bit of grittiness.

It’s just that supplements like Women’s Best Complex Gainer use the same amount of oats and have no issues with taste or mixability at all.

Overall, I did still like Impact Weight Gainer, but I just think that there are better weight gainer supplements for women out there, that’s all.

Feel free to read our full Myprotein Impact Weight Gainer review if you’d like to know all the pros and cons.

  • Contains a sensible 388 calories per serving
  • Has 31g of protein for muscle gains
  • Includes 50g of carbs from oats
  • Contains less than 3g of sugar per serving
  • Very popular in the UK and also very affordable
  • Shakes can be a bit gritty at times

How To Choose The Best Female Weight Gainer Shakes

Now that you know the absolute best weight gainers for women on the UK market, let’s look at how to actually choose the right product for you.

Go For Ingredient Quality Over Calorie Content

Some weight gainer products for women try to tempt you with their crazy calorie counts and carb content. And while we all have different nutritional needs, most mega-calorie weight gainers massively sacrifice quality for quantity.

So unless you want to waste your money on mountains of sugar and wheat-derived maltodextrin, I’d stick with a moderate-calorie weight gainer for women that uses 100% quality ingredients, such as Women’s Best Complex Weight Gainer.

Go For a Simple, Filler-Free Formula

A row of weight gainer scoops

Gaining weight—on paper—isn’t that complicated because all you need to do, in simple terms, is consume more calories than you burn.

Of course, gaining weight can be really challenging for many women, especially those who are very active and have fast metabolisms.

All of this is to say that you don’t need a weight gainer with 20 different ingredients. As with calorie content, many supplement brands try to reel you in with their list of fancy ingredients.

But the truth is, most of these ingredients won’t help you gain weight, and some of them can even be dangerous, so if you don’t know what a particular ingredient is, you should probably skip over that supplement.

Stick to proven weight-gaining ingredients like whey protein and oats. A bit of maltodextrin won’t do you any harm, especially if it’s from an organic source.

Stick With Trusted Brands

The best mass gainers for women in the UK

While it’s possible for new, innovative brands to manufacture some of the best mass gainers for women, a lot of companies get into the supplement industry for the money rather than to help people get fit and healthy.

This is why I personally stick with brands that have a proven track record for creating healthy, effective supplements that are backed up by positive customer reviews from real women.

As an example, every batch of Women’s Best Weight Gainer is rigorously tested so that you can drink your shakes with the peace of mind that you’re taking a safe and effective female weight gainer.

Take a Recommendation

What I love about our fitness culture is that it’s full of women who build each other up and help one another become the best version of themselves.

I actually heard about Women’s Best Complex Weight Gainer from my friend at the gym, who got really good results from using it alongside her diet and training program. She gained 10 lbs in 3 months, and she looked great, so I thought I’d give it a go. 

I put on 5 lbs in the first 6 weeks from drinking 2 shakes per day, which I was super happy with. I’ve since gone on to gain an extra 9 lbs, which means I’m a full stone heavier than before!

I’ve really been researching supplements and nutrition a lot this past year, and I’m so glad that I took a recommendation from my friend because it was sooo useful to have those extra calories, carbs, and protein during my weight gain journey.

Can Women Take Mass Gainers?

A woman in a pink vest drinking a mass gainer

A lot of ladies wonder if they can take mass gainers. Surely, they think, all these muscle-building ingredients will turn me into a she-hulk? Actually, mass gainers are just as effective for women as they are for men, and they certainly won’t make you muscular overnight.

Weight gainers are a great supplement for women who want to increase their body weight and/or build muscle mass because they offer a convenient calorie source at any time of the day.

The trick is finding female weight gainer shakes that actually work and have been tested for purity and safety, such as those in my list of the best weight gainers for girls and women.

Conclusion: What is the Best Weight Gainer For Females?

The best weight gainers for women in the UK

I’ve really enjoyed testing all of these different mass gainers. And while many of them weren’t that great, I’m glad that I found 5 weight gainer shakes for females that I feel happy to recommend to you.

Based on my testing, the #1 best weight gainer for women is Women’s Best Complex Weight Gainer because the quality ingredients are extensively tested for safety, and the powder mixes so easily, creating a smooth and delicious shake that makes gaining weight fun.

Transparent Labs Mass Gainer is a great option if you have a really high calorie requirement because it has 750 calories per shake, including 110g of carbs and 53g of protein. The only drawback is that it’s expensive, especially when you factor in UK shipping! 

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Jennifer Howden
Jennifer Howden is a British fitness instructor who enjoys challenging herself with intense workouts and physical challenges. With the utmost attention to detail, she helps Andy test and review various mass gainers so that UK gym-goers can pick the safest and most effective supplements possible.
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