Best Vegan Mass Gainer UK: The Top Plant-Based Weight Gainers in 2023

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Best Value Vegan Mass Gainer
A bag of Vegan Mass Gainer from Bulk
Bulk Vegan Mass Gainer
The #1 Best Vegan Mass Gainer
A bag of Blessed Gainz from EHP Labs
EHP Labs Blessed Gainz
Best Tasting Vegan Mass Gainer
The Protein Works Vegan Mass Gainer bag
Protein Works Vegan Mass Gainer

If you’re looking for the best mass gainer in the UK for vegans, then this vegan weight gainer guide is for you. I’ve tested all of the available vegan mass gainers, and honestly, most of them were pretty hard to drink!

It seems like every supplement company is trying to grab a financial slice of the plant-based pie by creating their own vegan mass gainer. Unfortunately, most brands use cheap filler ingredients (a bunch of maltodextrin) to bulk up the macros and offer comparatively little quality nutrition.

Yet, I was still able to find around 6 vegan weight gainers that passed the test—and a few of them are amazing. So if you want to find the best vegan mass gainer in the UK for your goals, make sure to read these reviews.

Reviews of the Top 6 Best Vegan Mass Gainers in the UK in 2023

I tried and tested every vegan weight gainer so that you don’t have to. Each of these plant-based weight gainers excels in some way, so you’re virtually guaranteed to find a supplement that fits your needs.

1. Blessed Gainz — #1 Best Vegan Weight Gainer in the UK

A bag of Blessed Gainz from EHP Labs

Based on my extensive testing (I factored in taste, mixing, digestion, ingredient quality and purity, and weight-gaining effectiveness), Blessed Gainz is the best vegan weight gainer in the UK.

Also available outside of the UK, this delicious vegan weight gainer shake is protein-packed, calorie-dense, and highly nutritious, helping you to gain healthy amounts of weight and muscle mass. 

A 73.7g serving (which is very small for a vegan mass gainer, let me tell you) gives you a whopping 40g of pea protein isolate so that you can build and maintain muscle mass more easily than before.

For carbohydrates, we get rice powder, prebiotic green banana powder, and organic tapioca maltodextrin, for a total of 20g of carbs per serving—perfect for fueling weight gain, workouts, and replenishing muscle glycogen after training.

A person making a serving of Blessed Gainz in their shaker cup

Additionally, Blessed Gainz includes 5 grams of healthy fats from MCTs for extra easily digestible calories and a quick energy source.

Then, you have the antioxidant berry blend, consisting of blueberry powder, acai berry powder, and goji powder so that your body can neutralise free radicals, stay healthy, and recover from exercise faster.

As I mentioned in my Blessed Gainz review, these nutrient-dense shakes—despite being packed with weight-gaining ingredients—are incredibly tasty and mix so easily, which really is a breath of fresh air for someone who’s been gulping down plant-based sludge for the past couple of years!

  • Rated as the #1 best vegan mass gainer in the UK and US
  • Contains 280 nutritious, whole food calories per 73.7g serving
  • Includes an outstanding 40g of pea protein isolate for lean muscle mass development
  • Has 20g of quality carbs from rice flour, prebiotic green banana fibre, and organic, plant-based maltodextrin
  • Fights off free radicals with a powerful berry antioxidant blend
  • Has a fantastic taste and lump-free mixability
  • It’s fairly expensive

2. Bulk Vegan Mass Gainer — Best Value Vegan Mass Gainer

A bag of Vegan Mass Gainer from Bulk

If you like the sound of a vegan mass gainer that has 5 different plant-based protein sources and derives 100% of its carbohydrates from oats, then you’re going to love Bulk Vegan Mass Gainer.

With a healthy carb source like oats at the heart of this weight gain formula, it’s no surprise that Bulk Vegan Mass Gainer naturally has 8.5g of healthy fibre to promote good digestion and nutrient absorption.

While these quality carbs will certainly help to fuel your workouts and give you energy, it’s the protein that’s going to put the muscle on your frame. Each 100g serving has 31g of premium plant-based protein from brown rice, peas, pumpkin seeds, quinoa flour, and flaxseed powder, which is more than you could ask for from a vegan weight gainer.

A bag of Bulk Vegan Mass Gainer next to a blender

Add in the healthy fats from MCTs and the digestive enzyme blend, and you can see why this vegan and vegetarian mass gainer is extremely popular.

Yet, as I said in my Bulk Vegan Mass Gainer review, this supplement doesn’t cost the earth. To be sure, there are cheaper options, but considering the quality of the ingredients and the fact there are no fillers, I think that this plant-based weight gainer offers excellent value for money.

The icing on the cake? These shakes taste delicious and have a really smooth texture despite the oats and dense plant-based protein. What more could you ask for?

  • Has 44g of carbs from ultra-fine oats for sustained energy levels
  • Contains 369 calories of much-needed weight gain fuel for the hardgainer
  • Includes a sizeable 31g protein serving from 5 different plant-based sources
  • Provides digestive enzymes and 8.5g of fibre for healthy digestion and nutrient absorption
  • The shakes taste great (I got chocolate peanut butter) and mix really well without any clumping 
  • The oats can be quite filling, which might affect your appetite

3. The Protein Works Vegan Mass Gainer — Best Tasting Vegan Mass Gainer

The Protein Works Vegan Mass Gainer bag

The Protein Works Vegan Mass Gainer is available in a standard version (with 459 calories, 76g of carbs, and 34g of protein) and an extreme version (with 748 calories, 119g of carbs, and 53g of protein).

The best option for you comes down to your calorie needs. If you’re a hardgainer, then you’ll probably want to go for The Protein Works Vegan Mass Gainer Extreme, as it will help you achieve a calorie surplus more easily.

The Extreme version also has added vitamins and minerals, which is a nice touch from The Protein Works because when you’re drinking a large amount of liquid calories, it’s important that you still get enough vitamins and minerals.

Me pouring a scoop of The Protein Works Vegan Mass Gainer into a shaker cup

In terms of flavours, I’d have to say that this shake is the best vegan weight gainer protein powder because the texture is smooth, not gritty, and the taste is natural, not artificial.

Along with Blessed Gains, The Protein Works Vegan Mass Gainer is the best tasting vegan mass gainer available, and the mixability is perfect.

The only real downside, from my point of view, is that this vegan mass gainer is more expensive than some of the others on a per-shake basis (although you do get twice the calories).

  • Available as a 459 or 748-calorie shake
  • Packed with 34-53g of protein per serving
  • Contains quality carbs from oats and maltodextrin for successful weight gain
  • The best tasting vegan mass gainer on the market
  • Excellent mixability; the shakes are smooth rather than gritty
  • Quite expensive

4. USN Wholefood Gainer — Highest Fibre

Wholefood gainer from USN with a shaker bottle

USN Wholefood Gainer is a popular weight gainer without soy in the UK because it has an ultra-clean formula with less than 1g of sugar per serving.

The carbohydrates—the heart of any good vegan weight gainer—come from sweet potato, rice flour, oats, and tapioca starch. With 64g of clean, complex carbs per serving, Wholefood Gainer will help you feel energised and give you the tools to create the calorie surplus that you need to increase your body weight.

It’s no surprise that Wholefood Gainer, thanks to its quality carbs, has nearly 9g of fibre per serving for healthy digestion, which is important when you’re consuming a lot of calories.

USN Wholefood Gainer inside a shaker cup in chocolate flavour

As one of the best vegan mass gainers on the UK market, it’s only natural that Wholefood Gainer also provides a sizeable 30g protein serving in each shake so that you can gain muscle mass and increase your strength.

Best of all, the protein is split between rice and peas, which gives your muscles a good supply of all 9 essential amino acids so that you can build muscle effectively.

You’ll be pleased to know that, as with all the best vegan weight gainers, Wholefood Gainer tastes great with just water, making it a delicious and highly convenient shake that you can take with you anywhere.

  • Provides 471 calories per serving, an ideal amount for gaining healthy weight
  • Contains 64g of wholefood carbohydrates and only 1g of sugar
  • Packed with 30g of protein from peas and rice for a proper serving of essential amino acids
  • Includes nearly 9g of fibre for good digestion
  • Doesn’t have any soy, additives, or preservatives
  • A truly tasty shake with either plant milk or water (and it mixes well too)
  • Not quite as protein-dense as some of the other vegan weight gainers

5. Vegan Naked Mass — Highest Calorie Content

A photo of Vegan Naked Mass

With 1280 calories per serving, including 50g of protein and 237g of carbs, it’s hard to ignore Vegan Nakes Mass. And if these supplements were ranked on weight-gaining effectiveness alone, Vegan Naked Mass would easily be the best plant based weight gainer on the market.

Yet, few people need 1200+ calories from a single shake. Indeed, you should still get most of your calories from whole foods because supplements like Vegan Naked Mass don’t contain all of the important vitamins and minerals that you need to be healthy.

But for extreme hardgainers, I can certainly see how Vegan Naked Mass would be helpful.

However, on a per 100g basis (which is a good way to assess the nutritional value of any supplement), Vegan Naked Mass falls short of the other vegan weight gainers in this list.

Naked Mass Vegan Weight Gainer

Yes, it has more carbs and calories, but you’re getting 50g of protein per 315g serving. To put things into perspective, Blessed Gainz has 40g of protein per 73g serving!

Of course, many hardgainers need a lot more carbs than protein, so if you have a really high calorie requirement, then I still think that Vegan Naked Mass is a solid option.

And, with premium-quality ingredients and absolutely nothing artificial, you certainly won’t be drinking any fillers if you use this vegan weight gainer.

As I noted in my Vegan Naked Mass review, you’ll almost certainly need to use a blender to make these shakes because of the liquid and 300+ grams of powder, which can’t fit in a standard shaker bottle.

  • Contains 1280 calories so that you can easily increase your body weight
  • Provides 50g of protein from yellow peas and organic brown rice
  • Fuels weight gain with 237g of carbohydrates per serving
  • Only has 3-5 ingredients (flavour dependent)
  • Doesn’t have any artificial ingredients, soy, gluten, or GMOs
  • It’s expensive
  • You only get 11 servings per tub

6. Vegan Gainz — Cheapest Vegan Mass Gainer

A tub of Vegan Gainz and a shaker bottle

Vegan Gainz weight gainer proves that you don’t need to spend a lot to get yourself a great plant-based weight gainer. Vegan Gainz is the cheapest vegan mass gainer available, and each 4kg tub gives you 32 servings, which is over a month’s worth of shakes.

A single serving gives you 479 calories, which is a great amount for creating that all-important calorie surplus that you need to gain weight and muscle size.

The 77g of carbs come from oats and maltodextrin, so you’re getting a good combination of slow-release energy and fast-workout fuel, helping you to be at your best and gain the body mass that you desire.

Closeup of Vegan Gainz and the scoop

Vegan Gainz provides 30g of protein per serving from pea protein isolate, soy protein isolate, and hemp protein, giving your muscles a diverse range of amino acids for recovery and growth.

As for taste, I thought that Vegan Gainz tasted fairly average when mixed with water, but it was certainly still drinkable. However, when I mixed the powder with almond milk, I really started to enjoy my shakes because they were so much creamier!

Overall, given the low price tag of Vegan Gainz, it’s hard to complain. If you’re looking for a cheap vegan weight gainer that will last a long time, this is the supplement for you.

  • The best cheap vegan mass gainer in the UK
  • Provides 479 calories for weight gain and muscle mass accumulation
  • Contains 30g of protein from 3 vegan sources
  • Has an impressive 77g of carbs from maltodextrin and oats
  • Only 2g of sugar per serving
  • One 4kg tub gives you 32 servings, which is over a month’s supply
  • The taste wasn’t to everyone’s liking

How To Find The Best Vegan Weight Gainer 

If you want to find a good vegan protein mass gainer that actually gets you results, there are a few things that you need to avoid, because, like I said earlier, a lot of brands are just making vegan weight gainers to cash in on the plant-based revolution—not because they are about your health or weight gain results.

Stick to Quality Protein Sources

A photo of the best plant-based mass gainer in the UK in a scoop alongside vegan foods like nuts and seeds

While I’m not entirely against soy protein, most people believe that the likes of pea, hemp, and rice protein are more nutritious and better for building muscle.

In my opinion, the best plant-based weight gainer should have at least 30g of protein per serving since vegan protein is typically a bit lower in (some) amino acids than dairy protein.

This ensures that you can maximise muscle protein synthesis and build the muscle mass that you want.

While more protein is likely better up to a point, don’t take the brand’s protein claims at face value. After all, 30-40g of low-quality, amino-spiked protein is no good for you!

Always check the ingredient label to see what type of plant-based protein they’re using (luckily, I’ve already done that for you with these vegan weight gainers).

Get a Powder That Mixes Well

Scoops with mass gainer powder inside them

I think it’s fair to say that most vegan weight gainer protein doesn’t have the best reputation when it comes to mixability (or taste, for that matter).

Unfortunately, many vegan weight gainers are still hard to drink due to their grainy texture and constant clumping. Honestly, I’d rather just eat more food than drink these “shakes”.

The good news is that many brands have improved the consistency of their formula in recent years, enabling the powder to mix easily in a shaker bottle with either water or plant milk.

A good example is Blessed Gainz, which has been the best vegan weight gainer on the market since its release. This supplement has always had near-perfect mixability because of its clean ingredient profile and filler-free formula, meaning that you won’t get any lumps or clumps in your shake.

While some people do have really high calorie requirements, I’m not a fan of vegan mass gainers that force you—due to their large serving size—to use a blender. This is inconvenient for people like me who want to bring their vegan mass gainer to work or to the gym with them.

So stick with a plant-based mass gainer that has a moderate calorie content. If you need more calories than a single serving provides, just have an extra shake later in the day. Remember that, while some gainers may have more calories per serving, most supplements are often very comparable on a per 100g basis.

Don’t Be Fooled By Cheap Carbs and Empty Calories

Some maltodextrin powder

A bit of maltodextrin here and there probably isn’t going to do you any harm unless it’s derived from low-quality corn.

It’s a good idea to stick to organic tapioca maltodextrin if you’re health-conscious like me because this type of maltodextrin is GMO-free and easy on your stomach.

Other than quality, organic maltodextrin (which is derived from tapioca starch), carbs that come from whole plant foods are always a great addition to a vegan mass gainer, whether that be the oats found in Bulk Vegan Mass Gainer or the rice powder found in Blessed Gainz.

Are Vegan Mass Gainers Good For Building Muscle?

The best vegan weight gainers in the UK

Vegan mass gainers are great for building muscle because the best vegan weight gainers are packed with all the essential amino acids that you need to make gains in both strength and muscle size.

Also, some people tolerate plant-based weight gainers much better than their dairy counterparts, helping them to better utilise all the key muscle-building nutrients.

Although many bodybuilders turn their noses up at vegan mass gainers because they don’t seem hardcore enough, the reality is that thousands of people have proven that vegan weight gainers are highly effective for gaining weight and muscle mass.

Just make sure that you don’t cut any corners when buying a plant-based weight gainer. You don’t want to end up drinking a bunch of sugar and soy every day of the week!

The Verdict: What is the Best Plant-Based Mass Gainer in the UK?

The best vegan mass gainers in the UK

It’s fair to say that the plant-based mass gainer market has really improved in recent times—no longer do you have to gulp down a foul-tasting shake just to get in a few hundred extra calories.

With that in mind, the vegan weight gainer that has most impressed me is definitely Blessed Gainz from EHP Labs.

With 40g of quality pea protein and 20g of nutritious carbs, this plant-based weight gainer is hard to beat because it’s much more protein-dense than the other products.

And with a unique antioxidant berry blend to combat oxidative stress, It’s no wonder that so many people agree that Blessed Gainz is the best vegan mass gainer that you can buy.

Add in the digestive enzyme blend, the healthy fats, the lump-free mixability and the frankly irresistible taste, and you can see why Blessed Gainz has become the go-to vegan weight gainer for those who want to put on weight and muscle mass without harming their health.

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Andy Williams
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