Best Time of the Day To Drink Mass Gainer (When To Take Weight Gainer)

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If you want to know the best time to drink a weight gainer for muscle growth, then this article is for you. Using a combination of exercise science and bodybuilding wisdom, you’ll learn precisely when and how often to drink your mass gainer for the best results.

After all, if you’re going to put in the hard work in the gym and spend money on an expensive supplement like a weight gainer, you may as well drink your shakes at the optimal time.

What is The Best Time of the Day To Drink a Mass Gainer?

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The best time of the day to drink a mass gainer is either after your workout or between meals

Let me explain why.

After a workout, your muscles are hyper-sensitive to both glycogen and amino acids, so since weight gainers contain lots of carbohydrates and plenty of protein, they’re the ideal supplement to consume after training.

Between meals is another great time to have a mass gainer because, in terms of its protein, fat, carb, and calorie content, a weight gainer is just like an extra meal.

The beauty of drinking a mass gainer in addition to your regular meals is that it gives your body more frequent protein synthesis spikes, which may lead to greater muscle growth over the long term.

Depending on your individual calorie requirement, you could drink a serving of mass gainer after your workout and another between meals.

This is also why I prefer mass gainers with a moderate amount of calories (400 to 600); you can have two shakes a day without consuming too many calories, enabling you to eat in a sensible calorie surplus for muscle growth without gaining unnecessary amounts of fat.

Should You Take Mass Gainer Before or After a Workout?

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Most of the time, you should take a mass gainer after your workout rather than before because your muscles can make better use of the amino acids and carbohydrates after training.

However, there’s also no harm in taking a serving (or half a serving) of mass gainer before your workout and then having another serving after your session.

Some mass gainers have fast-acting carbohydrates, which are especially good for getting that quick burst of energy, which could be useful for helping you power through your session (and for replenishing muscle glycogen levels after your workout).

Drinking a mass gainer pre-workout might make you feel a bit sluggish during your session, depending on how much food you’ve already eaten. On the contrary, as I mentioned above, the opposite could also occur; the mass gainer might provide the quick, convenient energy source that your body needs to be at its best.

So, ultimately, while you can take a weight gainer both pre and post-workout, you don’t just want to have it before training because the post-workout period is such a crucial time for stimulating muscle growth, which is why virtually every gym-goer has some kind of protein shake after training.

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How Often Should You Take Mass Gainer For Best Results?

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Most people should have 1-2 mass gainer servings per day, depending on their individual calorie requirements and also on the calorie content of the mass gainer itself.

If you’re weight gainer has 1,000 calories, then you’ll probably only need one shake per day. But if your mass gainer has 400-600 calories, which I believe to be the sweet spot, then you’ll probably see better progress from drinking two shakes per day rather than one.

From a hypertrophy standpoint, it’s better to have two smaller/medium mass gainers than one mega-calorie weight gainer. This is because drinking two shakes rather than one means that you’re stimulating muscle protein synthesis (MPS) more frequently, which will start to add up to more muscle growth over the days, weeks, and months.

Also, two smaller shakes are easier to digest than one massive shake, meaning that you won’t feel as bloated or sluggish.

And let’s not overlook the fact that mega-calorie mass gainers can be a nightmare to mix, often requiring a blender and loads of liquid to be drinkable. More moderate calorie weight gainers, on the other hand, can be mixed easily in a standard shaker bottle with either water or milk, making them highly convenient to bring with you to work or to the gym.

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Conclusion: Is There Really a Best Time To Drink Weight Gainers?

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For building muscle, what matters the most is getting enough calories, consuming sufficient protein, and training properly in the gym. So, in the grand scheme of hypertrophy, the exact time that you drink your mass gainer isn’t that important.

Honestly, for a beginner, it’s not important at all.

However, if you’ve been lifting weights for years, your muscle protein synthesis window will be shorter than when you started, so you need to be more precise with your nutrient timing.

With this in mind, post-workout is the best time to drink a mass gainer because this is when your muscles are most in need of the amino acids from the protein and the glycogen from the carbohydrates, both of which a weight gainer provides in abundance.

Between meals is the next best time to drink your mass gainer because it allows you to take advantage of more frequent muscle protein synthesis spikes, which could lead to more muscle gains down the road.

A picture of Best Mass Gainer UK founder, personal trainer Andy Williams
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