The Best Mass Gainer Without Maltodextrin in the UK (2023)

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Highest Protein and Calories
A big bag of Myprotein The Gainer
Myprotein The Gainer
The #1 Mass Gainer Without Maltodextrin 
A bag of Informed Mass Gainer from Bulk
Bulk Informed Mass
Highest Protein-To-Carbs Ratio
A bag of Decathlon Muscle Gainer
Decathlon Muscle Gainer

If you’re on the hunt for the best mass gainer without maltodextrin, then you’re going to love the supplements that I’m about to show you.

These 100% maltodextrin-free mass gainers are some of the cleanest supplements on the mass gainer market because they use real oats and other whole foods for carbohydrates.

So if you want a weight gainer that more closely resembles whole foods rather than a sugar-laden milkshake, these mass gainers are the way to go.

The Top 5 Maltodextrin-Free Mass Gainers in the UK in 2023

I’ve tested almost 70 different mass gainers at this point, and one thing I quickly found is that 90% of weight gainers are full of cheap maltodextrin. In other words, your average weight gainer is nothing more than a glorified carbohydrate powder!

But as you’ll soon learn, these 5 quality supplements are definitely not like your average mass gainer.

1. Bulk Informed Mass Gainer — #1 Best Mass Gainer Without Maltodextrin

A bag of Informed Mass Gainer from Bulk

With 566 calories per serving, including 75g of carbs from ultra-fine Scottish oats, Bulk Informed Mass Gainer is definitely the #1 best weight gainer without maltodextrin in the UK.

With less than 3g of sugar per shake, you can enjoy a filling and nutritious weight gainer without falling prey to the dreaded sugar or maltodextrin energy crash, helping you to feel more energetic and focused.

Despite going all-in on carbohydrate quality, Bulk doesn’t skimp on protein, either. Each serving contains 45g of protein from whey isolate and whey concentrate, enabling your growing muscles to benefit from a rapid influx of anabolic amino acids, such as leucine.

A scoop of Bulk Informed Mass Gainer

Speaking of leucine, Bulk Informed Mass includes 1.5g of the leucine metabolite HMB, which helps you to retain muscle mass due to its anti-catabolic properties.

On the strength side of things, Bulk Informed Mass contains an optimal dose of creatine monohydrate (5 grams) so that you can lift heavier weights, set new PRs, and perform more reps in the gym.

Given the quality contained within this powerful, maltodextrin-free weight gain formula, it’s no surprise that Bulk Informed Mass is the #1 choice for elite athletes and bodybuilders seeking a pure and effective mass gainer.

  • Ranked as the #1 maltodextrin-free mass gainer in the UK
  • Helps you gain weight healthily with 75g of slow-digesting carbs from oats
  • Triggers muscle hypertrophy with 45g of premium-quality whey protein
  • Includes an optimal dose of creatine (5 grams) for strength gains and muscle fullness
  • Limits muscle protein breakdown with 1.5g of HMB per serving
  • Tastes amazing for a mass gainer and mixes without any fuss
  • Every single batch is extensively tested so that you can drink your mass gainer with complete peace of mind
  • It’s expensive (but I do think you get what you pay for)

2. Myprotein The Gainer — Highest Protein and Calorie Content

A big bag of Myprotein The Gainer

With 750 mass-building calories, 110g of low GI carbs, and 55g of premium protein, Myprotein The Gainer is definitely the most loaded maltodextrin-free mass gainer in terms of macronutrients.

Although The Gainer doesn’t have any creatine and HMB like Bulk Informed Mass, its higher calorie, carb, and protein content might appeal more to hardgainers who really struggle to pack on mass.

Closeup of The Gainer from Myprotein

Yet, on a per 100g basis, Informed Mass actually has more protein than The Gainer (but admittedly, the difference is small). It’s just that The Gainer has a larger serving size, meaning that you get more calories in each shake.

One thing I really like about The Gainer is that it contains digestive enzymes so that your muscles can make the best possible use of all the weight-gaining nutrients that you’re consuming.

Although it’s pretty expensive, The Gainer is probably worth the price if you’re looking for a calorie-dense weight gainer that’s completely free from maltodextrin. And besides, if you get it during a Myprotein sale, you can stock up and get some great savings.

  • A single serving has over 750 calories, ideal for hardgainers
  • Benefits from both fast-digesting and slow-release proteins for an optimised amino acid delivery
  • Utilises 110g of low GI carbohydrates for weight gain and steady digestion
  • Includes 10g of fats from MCTs and flaxseed
  • Contains digestive enzymes so that your body can better absorb all the key nutrients
  • Difficult to mix in a standard shaker bottle
  • It’s expensive

3. Decathlon Muscle Gainer Whey & Oats — Highest Protein-To-Carb Ratio

A bag of Decathlon Muscle Gainer

Decathlon is more known for its sporting equipment than its supplements, so I was surprised to see that the company made a mass gainer with no maltodextrin whatsoever.

And honestly? It’s really good.

While some hardgainers may prefer a higher calorie shake, the 375 calories contained within Decathlon Muscle Gainer come from quality whey protein and rolled oats, so you’re not paying for any fillers or junk ingredients here.

Decathlon Muscle Gainer is also a creatine free weight gainer, which is ideal if you prefer to take your creatine separately.

With natural flavourings, 45g of complex carbs, and 36g of premium protein from grass-fed cows, this great-tasting maltodextrin-free weight gainer is a great option for anyone looking to pack on muscle mass without drinking a bunch of sugar or cheap carbohydrates.

To learn more, you can read my Decathlon Muscle Gainer Whey and Oats review, or you can click below for the best price.

  • Contains 36g of whey protein from grass-fed cows
  • Has 45g of carbs per serving from rolled oats
  • Each shake has 375 calories to help you achieve a surplus
  • Tastes really good and mixes easily in a protein shaker bottle
  • Decathlon is a highly trusted brand in sports and fitness, and their mass gainer is made in France
  • Some hardgainers might benefit from a higher calorie shake
  • The bags are only available in small and medium sizes

4. iForce Nutrition Mass Gainz — Best in the US

A bag of iForce Nutrition Mass Gainz

With iForce Nutrition Mass Gainz, you definitely get what you pay for. Although it’s a bit more expensive than you’re typical weight gainer, you’re getting 75g of carbs from oats and quinoa, meaning that Mass Gainz is a 100% maltodextrin-free weight gainer with only 10g of sugar.

In addition to the clean, quality carbs, iForce Mass Gainz contains 10g of healthy fats from MCTs, giving you fast, easy-digestible energy that won’t slow down protein absorption.

Speaking of protein, Mass Gainz is formulated with an optimal 40g dose of whey protein, making it an ideal post-workout shake for kickstarting the muscle-building process.

Yet, with 530 calories per serving, this maltodextrin-free mass gainer is perfect any time you need an extra calorie boost to get you into a surplus.

The only downsides are that Mass Gainz contains artificial sweeteners and, being a US, product, is naturally very expensive to ship to the UK.

Feel free to read my iForce Mass Gainz review to learn more, or click the button below to get the best price.

  • All 75g of the carbs come from oats and quinoa
  • Utilises MCTs for 10g of healthy fats
  • Contains 40g of whey protein to get your muscles growing
  • Has a fantastic taste and great mixability
  • Contains artificial flavouring
  • Quite expensive and hard to source in the UK

5. Kaged Clean Meal — Best For Lower Calorie Requirements

Clean Meal from Kaged Muscle next to a shaker cup

If you’re looking for a proper meal replacement shake that can help you gain weight, then Kaged Clean Meal is an excellent choice. Unlike your typical junk-laden mass gainer, Clean Meal contains balanced macros and a sensible amount of calories, making it ideal for those who have more moderate calorie requirements.

One delicious Clean Meal serving has 18g of slow-digesting carbs from Swedish oats and organic quinoa so that your blood sugar doesn’t experience a massive spike, helping you to feel more focused and mentally sharp.

With 28g of whey protein isolate, Kaged Clean Meal provides a fast-digesting supply of high-quality amino acids so that you can stimulate muscle protein synthesis—one thing that you definitely do want to spike often—and get your muscles growing.

Closeup of Kaged Clean Meal

In addition, this no maltodextrin mass gainer has a healthy 4.5g of fat from coconut oil, which is an easy-digesting, calorie-dense fat source that’s ideal in a nutritional shake like Clean Meal.

Rounding things off with 21 organic vitamins and minerals from whole food sources, Kaged Clean Meal is nutritious enough to be used as a meal replacement shake. However, if you want to gain weight, then you’ll need to take Clean Meal in addition to your regular meals so that you can achieve a calorie surplus.

Clean Meal only has 240 calories per shake, which is great as an extra meal, but it might not be substantial enough for hardgainers to see the big mass gains that they’re after.

If you’d like to find out more, then you can see my full Kaged Clean Meal review to see my thoughts on the taste, mixability, and muscle-building effectiveness.

  • Provides clean, consistent energy with 18g of carbs from oats and organic quinoa
  • Has 28g of whey protein isolate with an extremely high bioavailability
  • Uses coconut oil for 4.5g of healthy fats that are easy to digest
  • Suitable as a meal replacement shake as it contains 21 organic vitamins and minerals
  • Third-party tested for quality
  • May not provide enough calories (240) for hardgainers
  • Quite pricey

Why Should You Get a Weight Gainer Without Maltodextrin?

The best mass gainers without maltodextrin in the UK

Although maltodextrin isn’t considered a sugar, this bland, powdered carbohydrate has a very high glycemic index and can cause a massive spike in blood sugar, which may not be good for your health.

While athletes may be able to benefit from a rapidly digesting carb source like maltodextrin during long, intense workouts, these types of carb powders shouldn’t form the basis of your carbohydrate intake because they’re completely devoid of nutrition.

Also, mass gainers with maltodextrin can often cause your energy levels to plummet, which can reduce your energy before a workout and lead to worse performance.

On the other hand, weight gainers that utilise oats give you more consistent energy, meaning that you’ll naturally feel more focused while being able to avoid sharp spikes and big drop-offs in blood sugar levels.

Oats are also highly nutritious by nature, providing extra fat and protein as well as a healthy dose of fibre for good digestion.

Should You Use Mass Gainers That Contain Maltodextrin?

Some maltodextrin powder

I’m definitely not 100% against maltodextrin in mass gainers if it’s included in small doses. For example, my favourite weight gainer, Crazy Nutrition Mass Gainer, uses oats for carbohydrates. 

However, it utilises maltodextrin as a bulking agent in order to enhance the texture of the shakes, so in this case, the use of maltodextrin is justified.

However, other weight gainers brag about their high carb content, often having 200-300g of carbs per serving, which is far too much, in my opinion. Then—surprise, surprise—when you look at the ingredient label, 100% of the carbohydrates are derived from maltodextrin!

Another good option is Kinetica Oatgain, which, as the name suggests, consists primarily of oats. However, it also uses some maltodextrin to increase the overall calorie count. But since this maltodextrin is included alongside a slow-digesting carb source with plenty of natural fibre, it’s unlikely to cause a big blood sugar spike.

Ultimately, unless you can find a top-quality weight gainer like Crazy Nutrition Mass Gainer that utilises maltodextrin only to enhance their supplement’s texture, you should stick to a maltodextrin-free mass gainer most of the time.

The Verdict: Which Maltodextrin-Free Weight Gainer Is Best For You?

While many unscrupulous supplement companies will gladly sell you a mass gainer at a fairly low price point, you usually get what you pay for.

And honestly, the average mass gainer is such bad quality (I know, I’ve tested nearly 70!), that your typical commercial weight gainer will probably do you more harm than good.

So if you care about your health and your gains, I recommend going with the best mass gainer without maltodextrin that you have access to, which is Bulk Informed Mass if you’re based in the UK.

In addition to levelling up your strength with 5g of creatine and preventing muscle breakdown with 1.5g of HMB, Informed Mass has 75g of oat-derived carbohydrates and 45g of premium-quality protein so that you can maximise hypertrophy.

A picture of Best Mass Gainer UK founder, personal trainer Andy Williams
Andy Williams
Andy Williams is a UK-based personal trainer and bodybuilder who coaches gym-goers of all levels using proven evidence-based techniques in strength training, nutrition, and supplementation. He’s tested over 70 different mass gainers for their ingredient quality and muscle-building effectiveness and regularly shares his findings in his mass gainer reviews.
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