Best Dairy-Free Weight Gainer 2023: Lactose-Free Mass Gainers in the UK

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Best Tasting Dairy-Free Mass Gainer
The Protein Works Vegan Mass Gainer bag
Protein Works Vegan Mass Gainer
Best Quality Dairy-Free Gainer
A bag of Blessed Gainz from EHP Labs
EHP Labs Blessed Gainz
Best Value Lactose-Free Gainer
A bag of Vegan Mass Gainer from Bulk
Bulk Vegan Mass Gainer

Since most supplements are derived from whey and milk proteins, finding the best mass gainer for your goals can be quite a struggle when you’re lactose-intolerant.

And even if you’re not lactose intolerant, you still might not feel great on a whey-based mass gainers.

Thankfully, it’s completely possible to get good lactose-free mass gainers these days that actually produce results. I know this because I’ve tried and tested them all!

So if you’re looking for the best dairy-free weight gainer in the UK, these reviews should be helpful.

Top 7 Best Dairy-Free Weight Gainers in the UK in 2023

Each of these non-dairy mass gainers excels in some way. So taking into account all the pros and cons, I’ve ranked them in accordance with their weight-gaining effectiveness, as well as their taste, mixability, and ingredient quality.

1. Blessed Gainz — Best Quality & Highest Protein-To-Carbs Ratio

A bag of Blessed Gainz from EHP Labs

If you’re looking for the absolute best lactose-free mass gainer on the UK market, then I highly recommend checking out Blessed Gainz by EHP Labs because of the premium-quality ingredients.

With an impressive 40g of pea protein isolate per 74g serving, Blessed Gainz is easily the most protein-dense non-dairy mass gainer on both the UK and US markets. So if you want to build muscle mass rather than just gain weight in general, this is the weight gainer for you.

The 20g of healthy, wholefood carbohydrates come from rice powder, prebiotic green banana fibre, and organic tapioca maltodextrin so that you can enjoy consistent energy without the sugar crash, helping you to feel more focused and stable.

Personally, I’d already buy Blessed Gainz based on that nutritional info alone. But as I explained in my Blessed Gainz review, EHP labs don’t stop there.

A person making a serving of Blessed Gainz in their shaker cup

In addition to the incredible macronutrient formula described above, Blessed Gainz boasts a powerful blend of 3 different berry powders—acai, blueberry, and goji—to fight harmful free radicals and help you develop a body that’s strong on the inside as well as on the outside.

As if that wasn’t enough, Blessed Gainz utilises digestive enzymes, meaning that the shakes don’t sit heavy on your stomach like other weight gainers. Digestive enzymes also have the added benefit of improving nutrient absorption, which enables your body to make the best possible use of all the muscle-building nutrients that you’re consuming.

And in case you’re wondering, yes—Blessed Gainz tastes amazing and has a really smooth texture for a lactose-free weight gainer.

  • Rated as the #1 best dairy free mass gainer
  • Provides 40g of healthy pea protein isolate for gaining muscle mass
  • The 20g of carbs come from organic and whole food sources
  • You get 3 different berry powders for antioxidants
  • The digestive enzymes make the 280-calorie shakes light on your stomach
  • Tastes delicious and has a nice smooth texture
  • Quite expensive

2. Bulk Vegan Mass Gainer — Best Value Lactose-Free Weight Gainer

A bag of Vegan Mass Gainer from Bulk

Bulk Vegan Mass Gainer is the best non-dairy weight gainer if you’re on a budget because each 100g serving is packed to the brim with muscle-building nutrients.

One serving has 369 calories, 44g of carbs, 31g of protein, and 5.8g of fat—excellent macros for bulking up and gaining weight.

As I noted in my Bulk Vegan Mass Gainer review, the protein is derived from 5 different sources—pea protein isolate, pumpkin seed protein, brown rice protein, quinoa flour, and flaxseed powder—so that your muscles can benefit from a complete amino acid profile.

Like any of the best dairy-free weight gainers, Bulk Vegan Mass Gainer also has plenty of carbohydrates from quality sources so that you can power through your workouts and put on pounds of lean body mass.

Rather than rely on cheap maltodextrin, Bulk utilises ultra-fine oats for 100% of the carbohydrates, so it’s no surprise that this non-dairy weight gainer has a healthy 8.5g of fibre for good digestion and only 2.5g of sugar.

A bag of Bulk Vegan Mass Gainer next to a blender

What this means for you is that you’ll enjoy more consistent energy during the day and while you’re exercising because oats have a low glycemic index. Plus, they provide nutritious beta glucan, important vitamins, and crucial minerals rather than just empty calories.

Despite the use of oats and 5 different non-dairy proteins, this weight gainer mixes really well and tastes much smoother than I expected. There’s also no aftertaste or artificial flavour, which is a huge plus.

I also like that Bulk has formulated its non-dairy mass gainer with digestive enzymes. As with the fibre, these enzymes really help the nutrients to pass through your system properly so that you can get the most from all the protein and carbs that you’re consuming.

  • Has 31g of protein from 5 non-dairy sources
  • Promotes healthy weight gain with 369 lactose-free calories
  • Contains digestive enzymes for gastrointestinal health
  • Benefits from 8.5g of fibre for good digestion
  • Tastes great for a weight gainer
  • Limited flavour selection

3. The Protein Works Vegan Mass Gainer — Best Tasting Dairy-Free Mass Gainer

The Protein Works Vegan Mass Gainer bag

The Protein Works Vegan Mass Gainer is the best-tasting dairy-free weight gainer that I’ve ever tried. The flavours taste sweet (but not overpoweringly so) and are delicious to drink, and unlike other non-dairy mass gainers, the texture is smooth rather than gritty.

Yet, a milkshake-like taste isn’t enough for me to recommend a weight gainer, so let’s unpack the nutrition of this supplement to see if it’s up to scratch.

The standard Protein Works Vegan Mass Gainer has 459 calories, 34g of protein, 76g of carbs, and 3.5g of fat, which are good macros for a lot of people.

However, if you’re a real hardgainer, then you might want to try the Extreme version, which has 748 calories, 53g of protein, 119g of carbs, and 8.8g of fat.

Me pouring a scoop of The Protein Works Vegan Mass Gainer into a shaker cup

Besides the calorie, carb, and protein content, the other differences are that the Extreme version includes a vitamin and mineral blend as well as extra healthy fats from MCTs and a larger serving size (200g vs 125g).

Personally, since I like to get my vitamins and minerals from whole foods, I’d stick with the regular version, which already has solid macros for gaining weight. And besides, if the 459 calories aren’t enough, you could always have a second shake.

That said, if you want a really tasty high-calorie shake, then The Protein Works Vegan Mass Gainer Extreme is one of the best lactose-free mass gainers out there.

  • Has almost 750 calories per serving (the regular version has 459 calories)
  • Loaded with 53g of muscle-building protein
  • Contains 119g of weight-gaining carbs from oats and maltodextrin
  • Has 8.8g of fats from MCTs
  • Shakes are some of the tastiest I’ve ever tried
  • Not everyone needs 750 calories to gain weight

4. USN Wholefood Gainer — Highest Fibre Content

Wholefood gainer from USN with a shaker bottle

USN is best known for making hardcore bodybuilding supplements that help you pack on mass. But with more and more people struggling to tolerate the likes of whey and casein, it’s good to see that they’ve brought out a mass gainer without lactose.

Wholefood Gainer, I’m pleased to report, lives up to its name.

The 64g of carbohydrates come from sweet potato, oats, rice flour, and tapioca starch, meaning that you’ll get a steady supply of energy without the sugar crash (there’s less than 1g of sugar per 471 calorie serving).

To ensure that you get all of the essential amino acids for building muscle mass, USN has formulated Wholefood Gainer with 30g of nutritious protein from rice and peas, resulting in a 2:1 carb-to-protein ratio that’s ideal for gaining muscle mass.

USN Wholefood Gainer inside a shaker cup in chocolate flavour

Now let’s talk for a minute about what Wholefood Gainer doesn’t have.

As I explained in my USN Wholefood Gainer review, you won’t find any soy, additives, preservatives, or GMOs in this clean, healthy weight gain formula. This means that you can drink your shakes (and they do taste good) with complete peace of mind.

Wholefood Gainer also has a healthy 8.9g of fibre for good digestion, which will be a welcome digestive improvement for those switching from dairy-based mass gainers.

  • Contains 30g of protein from rice and peas for a complete amino acid profile
  • Fuels weight gain and workouts with 64g of complex carbs from oats, rice flour, sweet potato, and tapioca starch
  • Only has 1g of sugar
  • Includes 8.9g of fibre for healthy digestion
  • Doesn’t have any soy, additives, or preservatives
  • Tastes great and mixes really well 
  • Larger tubs would have been better

5. Vegan Naked Mass — Highest Calorie Non-Dairy Mass Gainer

A photo of Vegan Naked Mass

Hardgainers, listen up; we’re about to discuss the highest-calorie non-dairy mass gainer on the market—Vegan Naked Mass.

With just 3 ingredients in the unflavoured version and 5 ingredients in the flavoured options, Vegan Naked Mass is a really simple mass gainer without dairy that many people have used to gain weight.

And with 1280 calories per serving, you can understand why.

In addition to the colossal calorie size, this dairy-free formula has a staggering 237g of carbs, 50g of protein from organic rice and yellow peas, 14g of fibre, and 15 of fat (the vanilla and unflavoured options have 4g of fat and fibre).

The downside of all this is that the serving size is massive—315g!

On a per 100g basis, Vegan Naked Mass actually has a comparable calorie content to the other dairy-free weight gainers that we’ve seen (but with less protein and more carbs).

Naked Mass Vegan Weight Gainer

Also, as I noted in my Vegan Naked Mass review, given the fact that you only get 11 servings per container, you might want to go with a more affordable dairy-free weight gainer if you plan on having a shake every day.

One thing I will say, though, is that this non-dairy mass gainer does mix really well (in a blender) and has a nice texture, which is quite surprising given the calorie content. Just know that you won’t be able to fit all the powder in a shake bottle, so a blender is definitely required.

  • Loaded with 1280 calories for hardgainers
  • Contains 237 carbohydrates from organic maltodextrin
  • Has 50g of protein from rice and peas for complete amino acid coverage
  • Free from fillers, soy, gluten, GMOs, artificial ingredients, and dairy
  • Taste and texture are really nice
  • Expensive
  • A tub only has 11 servings

6. Vegan Gainz — Cheapest Dairy-Free Mass Gainer

A tub of Vegan Gainz and a shaker bottle

If you just want a cheap dairy-free mass gainer to put on some weight and muscle mass, Vegan Gainz is a great option because its big 4kg tubs offer excellent value for money.

One serving has 479 calories, 77g of carbs from oats and maltodextrin, 30g of protein, 5g of fat, and just 2g of sugar.

The protein comes from pea protein isolate, soy protein isolate, and hemp protein, so you’re getting a good range of essential amino acids with Vegan Gainz.

While it’s hard to argue with the nutrition and value for money (each tub has 32 servings!), not everyone is a fan of the taste. I personally didn’t mind the flavour—though I’ve definitely tasted better—but some people thought that it was quite artificial.

My experience of testing just about every non-dairy weight gainer tells me that flavours tend to grow on you the more you drink a weight gainer, so don’t let anyone put you off getting Vegan Gainz or any other dairy-free mass gainer if you think it’s right for you and your goals.

  • You get lots of calories (479) for your money
  • The 77g of carbs come from oats and maltodextrin
  • Contains 30g of dairy-free protein for muscle growth
  • Has just 2g of sugar
  • Massive flavour selection
  • Each tub has 32 servings
  • Taste and flavours have mixed reviews

7. MuscleMeds Carnivor Mass — Best Beef Mass Gainer

A tub of Carnivor Mass by MuscleMeds

MuscleMeds Carnivor Mass is undoubtedly the best beef mass gainer on the market today. If you’re coming from a bodybuilding background and are looking for a supplement that has that extra hardcore feel to it, then Carnivor Mass could be the best dairy-free weight gainer for you.

One 710-calorie serving contains 50g of hydrolyzed beef protein, which has a proven track record of building muscle mass and increasing people’s strength levels.

If you want a quality protein source but don’t do well on whey, then this beef weight gainer could be a great option. The formula also has digestive enzymes, so it could definitely be worth a try if you’re looking for a mass gainer without lactose.

Carnivor Mass from MuscleMeds and a shaker cup

As I explained in my detailed Carnivor Mass review, this beef mass gainer uses iSpike technology and micronparticulated carbohydrates to deliver a massive insulin spike and rapid nutrient uptake, which is thought to get you into a growing state faster.

Carnivor Mass doesn’t have any lactose, sugar, gluten, or cholesterol, so it’s certainly a very clean formula, and it has tons of positive reviews. It’s a solid option if you want a mass gainer that's gluten free.

I personally wasn't crazy about the taste, and the mixability wasn’t as good as I’d hoped. But that said, I know a lot of people have got great results from Carnivor Mass, so I definitely think it’s worth a try at the very least.

  • Contains plenty of calories (710) for successful weight gain
  • The iSpike technology creates a big insulin spike and speeds up nutrient absorption
  • The 122g of carbs digest quickly to replenish muscle glycogen after a workout
  • Contains 50g of hydrolyzed beef protein
  • Doesn’t have any dairy, sugar, cholesterol, or gluten
  • I didn’t think that the taste and mixability was amazing

Why Should You Get a Lactose-Free Mass Gainer?

The best lactose-free weight gainers in the UK

Although whey-based mass gainers have been helping bodybuilders bulk up for years, the reality is that these shakes often come with unpleasant mass gainer side effects for some people.

For example, a regular mass gainer might work fine from a muscle-building perspective. However, these shakes can cause acne breakouts for some people, which can make them self-conscious.

Additionally, traditional mass gainers have been known to cause stomach discomfort, constipation, and diarrhoea, especially for those who are lactose intolerant.

Also, some people rely too much on mass gainers for their calories. This can lead to nutrient deficiencies because dairy-based mass gainers often don’t have many vitamins and minerals besides calcium.

Obviously, you shouldn’t use any weight gainer as your sole source of calories. However, the best lactose-free weight gainers tend to have more whole food ingredients, extra fibre, and smaller serving sizes, which usually means fewer (if any) side effects.

The Verdict: What Is The Best Non-Dairy Weight Gainer in the UK?

Weight gainer scoops

Having tested virtually every lactose-free mass gainer on the UK market, I’d say that Blessed Gainz from EHP Labs is the best non-dairy weight gainer that you can buy.

Unlike with other dairy-free mass gainers, you’re not paying for cheap carbs or junk fillers with Blessed Gainz. Instead, you get nutritious carbohydrates and premium pea protein isolate so that you can build muscle while staying healthy.

Add in the berry antioxidants and digestive enzymes, and you can see why Blessed Gains has quickly become the #1 dairy-free weight gainer for a lot of people.

Another good option is Bulk Vegan Mass Gainer. While it might not be as protein-dense as Blessed Gainz, it does have a fantastic dairy-free formula that consists of 5 different protein sources as well as ultra-fine outs, so you can’t go wrong, really.

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Andy Williams
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