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Jennifer Howden
Jennifer Howden is a British fitness instructor who enjoys challenging herself with intense workouts and physical challenges. With the utmost attention to detail, she helps Andy test and review various mass gainers so that UK gym-goers can pick the safest and most effective supplements possible.

Jennifer's Background

Jennifer Howden is a Birmingham-based fitness instructor who has a passion for making exercise fun and accessible to all. She loves to challenge her body with tough workouts and firmly believes that you can’t out-train a bad diet!

Jennifer is an aspiring figure competitor who understands that supplements like mass gainers are a worthy part of any effective bodybuilding regime if they’re used correctly. She helps Andy test and review all of the different weight gainers on the UK market so that British consumers can select a supplement that aligns with their muscle-building goals.

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We test and review every mass gainer and weight gainer on the UK market so that British fitness enthusiasts can make informed supplementation decisions.
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