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Andy Williams
Andy Williams is a UK-based personal trainer and bodybuilder who coaches gym-goers of all levels using proven evidence-based techniques in strength training, nutrition, and supplementation. He’s tested over 70 different mass gainers for their ingredient quality and muscle-building effectiveness and regularly shares his findings in his mass gainer reviews.

Andy's Background

Andy Williams is a personal trainer and bodybuilder who coaches clients of all abilities to achieve their fitness goals in a healthy and sustainable manner. A keen researcher, he regularly keeps up to date with the latest exercise and nutritional science from The Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research and the British Journal of Nutrition so that he can create evidence-based mass gainer reviews for his readers.

Although Andy has competed in bodybuilding shows across the UK, he used to struggle to gain weight as a teenager and feels that his personal mass-gaining experience and research background stand him in good stead for helping others gain muscle mass naturally via effective training and supplementation.

Andy has tested over 70 different mass gainer powders on the UK market for ingredient purity, taste, mixability, and weight-gaining effectiveness. His reviews have helped thousands of gym-goers to make informed supplementation choices so that they can put on muscle mass as safely and effectively as possible.

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