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Welcome to Mass Gainers UK. Our website is dedicated to helping people gain weight and muscle mass in a safe and effective manner. We are the only UK website to specialise in the independent testing and reviewing of mass gainer supplements.

This weight gainer resource was created by personal trainer and bodybuilder Andy Williams, who wanted to create an extra layer of transparency in the UK supplement industry. He believes that mass gainers, like any proven supplement, can produce excellent results if they’re used correctly and alongside a healthy, whole foods diet.

In addition to our evidence-based weight-gaining guides, we produce a variety of mass gainer reviews to help gym-goers select a suitable supplement. While our reviews are mainly aimed at those in the UK, our articles will also be helpful to anyone who wants to put on weight and muscle mass.

We have a selection of weight gain topics, including:

Our Mass Gainer Mission

Our goal is to help UK consumers make informed supplementation choices by producing expertly crafted weight gainer reviews and muscle-building guides.

By independently testing every mass gainer that we review, we’re able to find out which supplements are the best in terms of taste, mixability, ingredient quality, value for money, and weight-gaining effectiveness.
Andy Williams is a UK-based personal trainer and bodybuilder who coaches gym-goers of all levels using proven evidence-based techniques in strength training, nutrition, and supplementation. He’s tested over 70 different mass gainers for their ingredient quality and muscle-building effectiveness and regularly shares his findings in his mass gainer reviews.
Andy Williams
Personal Trainer, Supplement Tester
Jennifer Howden is a British fitness instructor who enjoys challenging herself with intense workouts and physical challenges. With the utmost attention to detail, she helps Andy test and review various mass gainers so that UK gym-goers can pick the safest and most effective supplements possible.
Jennifer Howden
Fitness Instructor

How We Test Supplements

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We regularly keep up to date with all of the happenings in the UK supplement space. Every time a new mass gainer comes on the market (or when an existing supplement has a formula change), we order the weight gainer—at our own expense—and perform extensive testing.

First and foremost, we check for ingredient purity. This involves gaining access to lab testing reports when they’re available, which tell us the amino acid composition of the protein and the macronutrient breakdown.

After verifying the claimed ingredient quality, we assess the mass-building potential of these ingredients both in isolation and when combined. So, as an example, if a particular supplement has a good ratio of protein to carbs for bulking up, it’s likely to get our stamp of approval if it also uses quality ingredients (such as oats for carbohydrates).

Then we examine the mixability of every mass gainer by performing 4 different tests: mixing with milk in a shaker bottle, mixing with water in a shaker bottle, mixing with milk in a blender, and mixing with water in a blender.

These 4 separate mixability tests enable us to see how the powder mixes with both water and milk, as well as in both a shaker bottle and an electric blender.

After that, it’s onto taste and flavours, which obviously have a high degree of subjectivity. For this reason, we get 3-4 different opinions on any given flavour before giving our verdict. However, it’s worth noting that, in our experience, supplement flavours tend to grow on you the more you drink them.

Finally, we’ll assess the value for money of a supplement by taking into account its price, servings per tub/bag, and nutrition per serving. As we’re fond of saying; just because a supplement is cheap doesn’t mean that it’s good value for money!

Do We Sell Mass Gainers?

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In short, no, we don’t sell mass gainers or supplements of any kind. Andy Williams never started this website to sell his own supplements and he’s stayed true to his mission to this day.

Although we’ve had many offers to make our own supplements, we declined them and decided to focus on providing honest third-party reviews instead.

Of course, buying and testing every single mass gainer on the UK market is both time-consuming and expensive, and that’s not to mention the growing costs of maintaining the website.

Still, we feel that the expense is worth it. After all, we’re one of the only UK websites to produce completely independent supplement reviews, which is something we’re pretty proud of in a world where it seems like everyone has something to sell!

If you enjoy our content, then feel free to browse our website, share it with a friend, or contact us with any questions.
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We test and review every mass gainer and weight gainer on the UK market so that British fitness enthusiasts can make informed supplementation decisions.
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