Typical 1 Week Mass Gainer Results Explained

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To get noticeable results from taking mass gainers, you need to use them consistently for a prolonged period of time, usually a couple of months at least.

However, if you train hard, eat right, and take your weight gainer, then you can definitely see some 1 week mass gainer results, as small as they may be.

Can You See Results From Using Mass Gainers In One Week?

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You can definitely see results from using mass gainers in just one week. But these “results” might not be what you were hoping for.

In the space of 7 days, you can definitely increase your body weight, which can be very motivating for beginners. However, most of this initial weight gain will be water weight and not muscle mass.

This isn’t a bad thing, though, because your muscles naturally hold water when you increase your carbohydrate intake, which actually makes them look bigger and fuller.

One of the benefits of mass gainer usage is that you can easily achieve a calorie surplus. And when you eat in a calorie surplus for seven consecutive days, there’s a very good chance that you’ll gain a couple of pounds, especially if you’re quite skinny at present and aren’t used to consuming extra calories.

So, while you won’t build masses of muscle in one week—no matter what you eat or how hard you train—you can still get the weight gain ball rolling and get a few pounds on the scoreboard.

Why Do Great Results Take Much Longer Than a Week?

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While you can stimulate muscle growth by lifting weights and consuming protein, you need to wait for these mini stimulations of muscle protein synthesis to add up into actual muscle growth.

Muscle mass doesn’t just appear overnight after a hard workout or a disciplined day of eating. 

However, your consistency in the gym and your nutritional discipline will absolutely pay dividends over the coming weeks and months, at which point you’ll look back and realise just how important your patience was.

Your 1 month mass gainer results will be a lot more noticeable than your 1 week mass gainer results, so make sure to give it enough time before you evaluate your progress and make any changes.

Be Realistic: Your body is highly adaptable, but it's not magic. You won't get noticeably bigger in 7 days. But in a month? Progress is definitely possible.

As you get stronger in the gym and lift heavier weights, your muscles will naturally respond by growing bigger so that they’re better able to cope with the increasing loads.

So, although hypertrophy and strength are technically different adaptations, they’re very similar goals, and you can be confident that, when you increase the weight, you’ll be building muscle mass as well.

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What To Do During Your First Week of Mass Gainer Usage

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During week one of your mass gainer usage, you need to get your body in a calorie surplus. You know that you’re in a calorie surplus when your body weight begins to increase.

So, if you currently have 3 meals per day, adding a mass gainer into your nutritional regime will likely be enough to trigger weight gain.

But since novice lifters often have a lot of muscle mass to gain, you may wish to increase the calorie content (or, at least, the protein content) of your wholefood meals as well.

The trick is to not get too infatuated by weight gainers and take them too often as a result. While it’s fine and actually recommended to drink your mass gainer every day, you don’t want to have a mass gainer in replacement of your meals because this would mean missing out on important vitamins and minerals.

So, ultimately, in the first week, you need to be patient and establish good nutritional habits rather than worrying about gaining weight. Over time, as long as you’re consuming enough calories and training hard, the results come!

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In Conclusion

Overall, your one week mass gainer results won’t be astounding because appreciable muscle growth takes time. This is actually a good thing because if building muscle were an overnight process, everyone would do it, and you wouldn’t stand out at all!

While it’s definitely possible to gain weight in a week, you don’t want to try and gain as much weight as possible by stuffing your face or drinking too much mass gainer—doing so will just lead to bloatedness and, eventually, fat gain.

Gaining some fat is perfectly acceptable when you’re bulking, but you also want to keep the body fat accumulation within reason so that you can develop a physique that actually looks aesthetic.

A picture of Best Mass Gainer UK founder, personal trainer Andy Williams
Andy Williams
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